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Little League District Tournament



HOST: Summerlin South Little League     DATES: July 7th - July 14th, 2018     LOCATION: Mesa Park




 League President: Rob McCoy   District Administrator: Mike Aker   Tournament Director: Dave Lawrence 

July 15th

Mountain Ridge 12, Summerlin South 2 (4 innings)



July 14th

Mountain Ridge 10, Summerlin South 7

"If" game suspended in the top of the first due to weather

"if" game to resumed Sunday July 15th, 5:00 pm field 1


July 13th

Mountain Ridge 12, Lone Mountain 10 (Lone Mountain Eliminated)


July 12th

Summerlin South 8,Lone Mountain 6

Mountain Ridge 9, Summerlin North 2 (Summerlin North eliminated)


July 11th

Mountain Ridge 18, Peccole 0 (3 innings, Peccole eliminated)

Summerlin North 6, Spring Valley 0 (Spring Valley eliminated)


July 10th

Mountain Ridge 11, Cheyenne 1 (Cheyenne eliminated, 5 innings)

Summerlin North 23, Western 8 (Western eliminated, 5 innings)

Lone Mountain 18, Spring Valley 8 (4 innings)

Summerlin South 15, Peccole 0 (3 innings)


July 9th

Summerlin South 12, Summerlin North 0

Cheyenne  12, P-Town 0 (P-Town eliminated)


July 7th

Summerlin North 7, Cheyenne 4

Lone Mountain 15, P-Town 5 (5 innings)

Spring Valley 3, Mountain Ridge 2

Peccole 9, Western 0


Juniors District Tournament



HOST: Mountain Ridge Little League     DATES: July 6th - July 11th, 2018     LOCATION: Mountain Ridge Park




 League President: Mike Scott   District Administrator: Mike Aker   Tournament Director: Brian Cripps


July 11

P-Town 9, Summerlin North 8



July 10th

 Summerlin North 8, P-Town 6 

July 9th

Summerlin North 12, Mountain Ridge 10 (Mountain Ridge eliminated, suspended game completed July 10th)

July 7th

P-Town 9, Summerlin North 8

July 6th

Summerlin North 6, Mountain Ridge 5


Vice President of Mountain Ridge passes away


 Mountain Ridge mourns with the loss of longtime volunteer and Vice President, Damon Cochran. He had been recently hospitalized with an illness for a short time. This past weekend his illness returned and was hospitalized again but sadly did not make it.

Damon was dedicated to the game of baseball and the youth who enjoyed playing this great game. He was originally from Chicago and was a lifelong Cubs fan. He spent the last 8 years, Spring and Fall as a dedicated manager, coach and volunteer logging countless hours on the fields at tryouts, practices and games, both regular and post season. Damon was part of last years State Championship team in the 9-11 division and was looking forward to help coach the Little League tournament team this year at Mountain Ridge. He had his eyes set on the possibility of another, District and State title in hopes of making it to the Western Regionals in San Bernardino, CA.

Damon will be remembered as a beloved husband, father, brother, son, friend, coach and volunteer for Little League. He was an example what we should all strive in by teaching our players sportsmanship, character, and life lessons. He is survived by his wife of 15 years, Bridget, son Brayden, daughter Kylie and many friends and family members.

A GoFundMe account has been established in Damon's name and is listed below. Please consider helping the family during this difficult time.


8-10's District Tournament



HOST: Mountain Ridge  DATES: June 16th - June 25th, 2018   LOCATION: Mountain Ridge Park





League President: Mike Scott   District Administrator: Mike Aker   Tournament Director: Brian Cripps 

June 25th

Mountain Ridge 8, Spring Valley 0



June 23rd

Mountain Ridge 11, Spring Valley 0 (4 innings)


June 22nd

Mountain Ridge 8, Summerlin South 0 (Summerlin South eliminated)


June 21st

Spring Valley 3, Summerlin South 2

Mountain Ridge 8, Summerlin North 6 (Summerlin North eliminated)


June 20th

Summerlin North 14, Cheyenne 0 (4 innings, Cheyenne eliminated)

Mountain Ridge 13, Peccole 9 (Peccole eliminated)


June 19th

Summerlin North 10, Lone Mountain 4 (Lone Mountain eliminated)

Peccole 18, P-Town 0 (3 innings, P-Town eliminated)

Summerlin South 3, Mountain Ridge 0

Spring Valley 13, Cheyenne 4


June 18th

Mountain Ridge 12, Summerlin North 2 (4 innings)

Spring Valley 7, P-Town 1

Lone Mountain 12, Red Rock 2 ( 4 innings - Red Rock eliminated)

Peccole 20, Western 4 (4 innings - Western eliminated)


June 16th

Summerlin North 16, Peccole 14

P-Town 12, Lone Mountain 4

Summerlin South 12, Red Rock 2 (4 innings)

Cheyenne 13, Western 12

9-11's District Tournament



HOST: Mountain Ridge    DATES: June 16th - June 25th, 2018    LOCATION: Mountain Ridge Park





League President: Mike Scott  District Administrator: Mike Aker  Tournament Director: Ben Sprague 

June 25th

Mountain Ridge 3, Peccole 2



June 23rd

Peccole 9, Mountain Ridge 3


June 22nd

Peccole 7, Summerlin South 1 (Summerlin South eliminated)


June 21st

Mountain Ridge 4, Summerlin South 3

Peccole 9, Lone Mountain 3 (Lone Mountain eliminated)


June 20th

Lone Mountain 10, Cheyenne 0 (5 innings, Cheyenne eliminated)

Peccole 11, Spring Valley 1 (4 innings, Spring Valley eliminated)


June 19th

Lone Mountain 14, Summerlin North 4 (5 innings, Summerlin North eliminated)

Peccole 14, P-Town 2 (4 innings, P-Town eliminated)

Summerlin South 20, Spring Valley 3 (4 innings)

Mountain Ridge 16, Cheyenne 4 (5 innings)


June 18th

Cheyenne 13, Peccole 11

Summerlin North 16, Western 13 (Western eliminated)


June 16th

Cheyenne 17,vWestern 2 (4 innings)

Spring Valley10, Summerlin North 5

Summerlin South 18, Lone Mountain 3 (3 innings)

P-Town vs. Mountain Ridge 13, P-Town 0 (4 innings)

Senior District Tournament


2018 Championship Banner

HOST: Mountain Ridge   DATES: June 11th - June 13th, 2018   LOCATION: Mountain Ridge Park 





League President: Mike Scott   District Administrator: Mike Aker  Tournament Director: District Staff

 June 11th

Mountain Ridge 7, Lone Mountain 3

June 12th

Mountain Ridge 5, Lone Mountain 4

Congratulations Mountain Ridge!



   Tournament of Champions  Red Ridge Park   Peccole    Tuesday, May 29
   Seniors  Mountain Ridge Park    Mountain Ridge  Monday, June 11
   8-10's  Mountain Ridge Park   Mountain Ridge  Saturday, June 16
   9-11's  Mountain Ridge Park   Mountain Ridge  Saturday, June 16
   Little League  Mesa Park   Summerlin South  Saturday, July 7
   Juniors  Mountain Ridge Park    Mountain Ridge  Friday, July 6
   STATE TOURNAMENT  NEVADA DISTRICT 1   Carson City    Wednesday, July 18



   Little League   Al Houghton Stadium    San Bernardino, CA  Western Region   August 5 - August 11
   Intermediate   Fleischer Park    Nogales, AZ  AZ District 8   July 18 - July 26
   Juniors   Cambrian Park LL    San Jose, CA  CA District 12   July 28 - August 4 
   Seniors   American River College    Sacramento, CA  CA District 5   July 19 - July 24



   Little League   Howard J. Lamade Stadium    Williamsport, PA 1947   August 16 - August 26
   Intermediate   Max Baer Park    Livermore, CA 2013 July 29 - August 5
   Juniors   World Series Field    Taylor, MI 1981  August 12 - August 19 
   Seniors   Easley Recreation Complex    Easley, SC 1961  July 28 - August 4


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