July 27, 2020


Congratulations to Brian Cripps for being elected District 4's second District Administrator. After growing up playing Little League in the Las Vegas Valley, Brian started volunteering for local Leagues in 2003 when he coached his son's tee-ball team. After managing and coaching for 4 years, he began serving on the Western Little League Board of Directors as President, Vice President and Umpire in Chief. In 2013 Brian joined the District 4 Staff as a Assistant District Administrator for Mike Aker. Brian has attended many Little League training sessions including the 2017 Little League Congress, several regional roundtables and many rules clinics. 

Congratulations Brian, you'll do amazing. 










On June 10, 2020 Governor Sisolak opened up youth sports to practice only. Below are links to the State's press release and specific requirements for baseball and softball. However, our leagues have suspended their game seasons until this fall. Please check with your local league for specifics on how they are proceeding with their program. 

Youth Sports Practice Only Opening - Press Release

Baseball and Softball Practice Only - Requirements


Little League has cancelled all World Series and Regional tournaments. Other Districts in Nevada have also either suspended or cancelled their seasons. Therefore, the State tournament has also been cancelled.

As part of the resumed season this fall, the District will conduct all-star tournaments in all divisions similar to the traditional spring tournaments. The tournaments will be held after the regular season and conclude prior to Thanksgiving.


As information continues to become available regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the reopening of Nevada, we wanted to provide our leagues with additional guidance on the implementation of the Little League® program.

Little League International operates more than 6,500 programs in more than 84 countries, and therefore, has recommend that our leagues exercise an abundance of caution. Little League has developed extensive information on how to resume play once it is safe to do so. Please visit the links below to access this information.  

For all the latest coronavirus information, please visit 

Season Resumption Guide - Information on resuming the season safely

Best Practices - Best practices on how to organizing, playing and watching Little League once it is safe to continue 

Coronavirus FAQ's - Little League FAQ's
Financial Guidance - Information for leagues on navigating league finances during the delayed 2020 season

Nevada Health Response - Guidelines set forth by the State of NV

Little League Pep Talks - Please share these Pep Talks to your leagues social media outlets


   Tournament of Champions
 Trails Park
 Children's Memorial 
 October 26-29 (tentative)
 Children's Memorial
 November 2-7 (Tentative)
 Mountain Ridge Park
 November 9-20
 Mountain Ridge Park
 November 9-20
   Little League
 Mountain Ridge Park 
 November 9-20
   STATE TOURNAMENT (Winnemucca, NV)
 Nevada District 3
 Nevada District 3



   Little League Baseball
Al Houghton Stadium
 San Bernardino, CA
 Western Region
  August 9-15 Cancelled
   Little League Softball
Al Houghton Stadium
San Bernardino, CA
Western Region
  July 25-31 Cancelled
   Intermediate 50/70
Fleischer Park
Nogales, AZ
 AZ District 8
  July 21-30 Cancelled
Vince Genna Stadium
Bend, OR
OR District 5
  August 5-12 Cancelled
Laney College
Oakland, CA
 CA District 4
  July 21-29 Cancelled



   Little League Baseball   Howard J. Lamade Stadium Williamsport, PA 1947   August 20-30 Cancelled
   Little League Softball   Stallings Stadium Greenville, NC 1972   August 12-19 Cancelled
   Intermediate   Max Baer Park Livermore, CA 2013   August 2-9 Cancelled
   Juniors   World Series Field Taylor, MI 1981    August 16-23 Cancelled
   Seniors   Easley Recreation Complex Easley, SC 1961   August 1-8 Cancelled


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2014 United States World Series Champions