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  • All Star Game next week
  • Bears have a stunning first half (6-0)
  • Spinners win against the Drifters
  • Drifters drop their first

BEARS: Right now the Bears are on fire with Michael Sands leading them to a first half 6-0 record. They look good, and are in first place for the AL.

SPINNERS: Currently the Spinners are 5-2, Paul Snowman pitching in all seven of those games. The Spinners have three players going to the all star game, but do they have what it takes to win the world series.

WAVES: The Waves recently swept the Sharks, with two of their star players leading the way. Do the Waves have it in them to beat the Drifters and win the title.

DRIFTERS: The Drifters are currently 3-1, Jared Atkinson hot as ever on the mound. Do the Drifters have the ability to win the NL, and possibly clinch the title?

The 2018 Mid-Season Classic (All Star Game) will be taking place next week, and the rosters were announced just yesterday. Playing for the American League will be Paul Snowman of the Central Spinners, Michael Sands of the Eastern Bears, Tristan Kennedy of the Central Spinners, and Jacob Petrucci of the Central Spinners. Playing for the NL will be Connor Caprio of the Pacific Sharks, Christian Snowman of the Western Waves, DJ Lee of the Midwest Drifters, and Jared Atkinson of the Midwest Drifters. All Star Weekend will be on youtube live, although it will also be edited and published on youtube.

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