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Scott Herman Memorial Tournament

25th Annual Windmill Tournament Team List




****12U & 14U divisions are filled. You can still register to be placed on the waiting list. 


Team Name                                       Division               Class

HH Roadwarriors                                  10U                        B

Southwest Outlaws                               10U                        C

Valley Storm                                          10U                        C

Cincy Shock                                          10U                        C

Miami Valley Lady Prospects                10U                        B

Miami Valley Express-Cooper               10U                        B

EMPTY                                                  10U

EMPTY                                                  10U


Team Name                                       Division               Class

Cincy Shock                                         12U                      B

Ohio Edge                                            12U                      B

Valley Storm                                         12U                      B

OGC SHOCK                                       12U                      B

DC Flyers                                             12U                      B

Miami Valley Express-07                      12U                      B

Miami Valley Express-Coffey                12U                      B

South West Outlaws-Machado             12U                      B


Team Name                                       Division               Class

Cincy Rockets                                    14U                      C

Springfield Heat                                 14U                      B

Cannons-BK                                      14U                      B

Ohio Edge                                          14U                      C

Ohio Fury                                           14U                      B

OGC SHOCK                                     14U                      B

Springfield Steal                                 14U                      B

Cincy Magic-Black                              14U                      B


Team Name                                       Division               Class

Mont. County Hammers                       16U                        B

Southwest Outlaws                              16U                        B

Valley Storm                                         16U                        B

Cannons                                               16U                        B

Ohio Fury                                              16U                        B

EMPTY                                                 16U

EMPTY                                                 16U

EMPTY                                                 16U

Welcome to Ohio Game Changers

The purpose of Ohio Game Changers shall be to promote youth mentoring programs via multiple sports and to further promote the development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, discipline and athletic ability, and to nurture youth fitness, volunteerism, a lifelong love of sports and shall serve as the central feeder system to the local schools in which multiple teams are formed.

The Vision of Ohio Game Changer is to create a sports program that utilizes an evidence-based curriculum mentoring every player to become better students, leaders, athletes, citizens, and career professionals. Ohio Game Changer will provide internships for students teaching business management, coaching, training, advertising, marketing, and sales. They are also being taught about relationship building, how to communicate with adults, deadlines, work ethic, responsibility, and accountability.

Ohio Game Changer’s structure meets the Mission and Vision of Jobseekers Network. Jobseekers Network programs include creating Job Training and Internships for High School Students in 10th-12th grade and College Students. 

The Jobseekers Network Internship Programs and Ohio Game Changers Program contains one-on-one mentoring sessions (utilizing an evidence-based curriculum) that help Elementary, Middle and High School students learn who they are, what they want to do and how to get there. We also help them identify a career path whether they attend college or not. Once benchmarks are reached, Jobseekers Network helps them find internships with local businesses in the industry that fits the student’s leadership style discovered in the mentoring program.  These students will intern with Jobseekers Network and learn various industry specific skills and assist in operating all aspects of Ohio Game Changers Sports Mentoring Program.


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