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2017 15u Knights crowned NY Travel, Manhattan RBI, Queens Sandlott Champs!

Congratulations to the 2017 15u Knights who won 3 championships this year!  They won spring Brooklyn NY Travel, summer back-to-back in Manhattan RBI and summer Queens Sandlott.  

2016 14u Knights are crowned the Manhattan RBI Champions!

Congratulations to the 14u Knights who beat their downtown rivals, the Giants, in Central Park to take the Championship in two games!

Knights 16u take the Championship games to 3

The 2014 16u Knights take the Queens Sandlott, RBI Championship and NY Travel Memorial Day Tournament to 3 games but come up a little short to be subchamps.  It's not what they hoped for but they battled to stay in the game and make it close.  We're very proud of our boys!

Knights 18u win Manhattan's RBI championship!

Knights 18u win 2013 Harlem RBI Championship against the Harlem RBI team.  Congratulations as the Knights add another championship to their success!!

Knights 16u earn 2013 Tournament bid and are headed to their fourth championship in four years!

Knights 16u earn another Parade Grounds League Tournament bid in 2013 having played against SAYO Grays, Youth Service and the Bonnies. Let's go Knights.

16u Knights win back-to-back RBI Championship and a PGL tournament bid in 2012.

On the road to the Championship we beat the MYB Aguilas in the semi-final game to face the HYBA All Star/Alpine in the Championship game. We won both games easily.

16u Knights are crowned RBI Champions!

It was a hard fought battle but we beat the Monarchs 1-0 to become the 2011 RBI Champions.

The Knights 18u win 2009 RBI Championship decisively over the Tides! Game one by 10-run mercy and game two by 5 runs! Let's go KNIGHTS!!!!

2008 Knights 18u win Brooklyn's PGL Championship over the Gauchos!

Knights 16u win their 4th straight Championship: in 2007 - RBI, in 2006 - PPBA, RBI, Diamond Pros!

Knights 16u win unprecedented 3 Championships in 2006 Season: PPBA, RBI, Diamond Pros!


November 11, 2006
The OLS Knights pulled it together one more time to win their third championship of the year. Led by Wilfredo Romero, who pitched a complete game and struck out 15 batters, the Knights defeated Elmjack 6-5. Teams such as Youth Service and the Williamsburg Giants played in the tournament.


August 20, 2006
The OLS Knights take the 2006 Manhattan RBI Championship beating the South Harlem Reds for their second Championship this summer.


June 30, 2006
The OLS Knights come up big and take the PPBA championship 2 games to one over the Parkville Eagles in dramatic fashion.