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Boys Lacrosse 2017 Season - registration closed

Registration closed on 12/20/16. Unfortunately, we did not have enough players to field teams at any level. For those that registered, the recreation department will be issuing refunds shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Readington Recreation Coach of the Year

Readington Recreation has started honoring our volunteer coaches. Surveys are sent out to the parents asking for comments and feedback on the coaches that work with our kids. This year, 3 of our lacrosse coaches received awards for their outstanding service to the community.


Congratulations to our coaches and thank you for everything that you do to make a positive impression on the kids in our community. Not only teaching the necessary skills of the game to make every player better at lacrosse, but also teaching the kids to be better individuals in life. 

Steve Duryee - Boys Lacrosse

Dave Armstrong - Girls Lacrosse

Carolyn Ducoff - Field Hockey and girls assistant coach.


Thank you coaches for all you do to support our community. We have an excellent coaching staff on all of our teams that go over and above to help our kids. 




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Readington Boys Lacrosse Policies and Procedures

The Readington Recreation Committee approved an updated policies and procedures for the Boys Lacrosse program. All parents and players are required to read, sign and return a signed page at the back. In addition to this document, Readington Township Recreation has also passed its own Code of Conduct for all sports. This must be read, signed and returned to the coach at first practice as well.


Readington Boys Lacrosse Policies

Mens Lacrosse

The Mens lacrosse group is no longer playing at Powertime. We will be playing outside this spring/summer.  Its mostly coaches and parents from Readington and Flemington, however other people have started to join us. Its not the lacrosse you are used to watching the kids play.. We are old and not in the best of shape. Its still a lot of fun to get out, put some gear on, run around and get some exercise. We have guys that never picked up a lacrosse stick to guys that played in HS and college. If you are interested in joining us or want to talk about it, let me know. readingtonlax@gmail.com


Website Features

There have been a few new features added to the website to help everyone.

1. Forums - The coaches receive a lot of questions from people looking for used equipment, what camps boys are going to, etc. We as coaches don't always know these answers, so I set up a section on the website called forums, which allows you to post messages asking questions and to help arrange these types of things. You need to register with leaguelineup in order to post or reply to a message.

2. Schedules - If you look at your team schedule, there is a link to subscribe to that schedule. This will give you a link to import that schedule to your favorite calendar program, like Google calendar, Outlook, Ipad/Iphone and some RSS readers. By using this link, your calendar app will automatically update should any schedule change be done on the website. It takes a few hours to update, but it works. Most calendar apps will let you monitor multiple calendars, so after setting that up, I started looking into other schedules I need to keep track of, and I was able to do it for RMS, Central and even the Rutgers and Princeton schedules. 


Website Update

We are in the process of combining the boys and girls lacrosse websites into one site. Items that are specific to both programs or important news for either program will be posted on the main page. On the menu to the left, there will be specific boys and girls pages with information pertaining to their respective programs. 


If you haven't done it yet, take advantage of the new text messaging feature of the website. In the event of weather related issues, this will be the easiest way to spread the message quickly. Follow the link on the right to sign up.


In the near future, we will be adding some features like photo albums and coaches contact information on the website. This will be a members only access, so it will not be seen by the general public. To register, follow the login info on the left.

Major Website Update

October 9, 2012
Our website has been upgraded. We have a new feature that allows us to send text messages regarding weather cancellations, news updates or special events. There is no charge for signing up to use this system. To get started, click the link on the right and follow the directions.

US Lacrosse Membership

All kids playing on competitive teams must register with US lacrosse. The cost is $25/year for kids. The registration form can be found in the handout section in this site or on the website for US lacrosse - www.uslacrosse.org