2018 RJF&C Pee Wees Are Super Bowl Champions & RHS Bulldogs Are N2 GII State Sect Champions !!!  

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Senior & Junior Bulldogs Shutout Wildcats

The Rutherford Senior Bulldogs (12 &13 year olds) prevail once again to defeat Carlstadt/ East Rutherford 18-0. With the aid of the wide-open lanes formed by the Bulldog's (7-0) offensive line, consisting of Owen Fernandez, David Rojas, Diego Gonzalez, and Nick Lora, Cole Goumas fills up the stat sheet for a second straight week. Cole ran the ball beyond the goal line twice for two Rutherford scores and over 100 total yards rushing in this campaign. Goumas stood out on defense as well, making critical plays alongside Nick Lora. Tyan Ward, Devin Burgos, David Rojas, and Owen Fernandez stepped up big in the trenches at defensive line, driving their team to a shutout. While Burgos played exceptional on the D-line. He can also wreak havoc with the ball in hand at Full Back. He managed to score on a 10-yard rush for the final touchdown of the game, placing Rutherford up by 18. Big win for Rutherford, as the Bulldogs continue to gain momentum entering the latter parts of the year. The RJF&C Juniors (10 & 11 year olds) improved their record to 5-1 with a 26-0 win over division rivals Carlstadt/East Rutherford. The Bulldogs set the tone on defense first as D-linemen Troy Waddell, Angelo Pizza, Andrew Ochojski, Nicholas Ford and Myles Balchan pressured the Wildcat backfield.Balchan ended the drive on fourth down with a sack. The Bulldogs came out and scored quickly on offense with Waddell, Pizza, Ford, Kellen Caughey, Ochojski, Vincent DeNunzio and Evan Diaz blocking the way. Balchan connected with DeNunzio for a 40 yard TD pass putting the Bulldogs up early. Dmitri Paskas split the uprights for the PAT making it 8-0 Rutherford. Paskas then recovered a Bulldog onside kick giving the offense the ball on the Wildcat 45 yard line. This time it was Brewton taking it to the house 45 yards for another Bulldog score making it 14-0 'Dogs. The Wildcats could not hold back the Bulldog defense as linebackers Emmett Carney, Paskas, and Bonagura attacked the backfield. D-backs Rusty Snyder, George Brewton, and Christopher Kasperan locked on to the Wildcat receivers. Brewton then took the rock 60 yards this time for another Bulldog score. After another defensive stand, the Bulldogs methodically made their way downfield with carries by Paskas, Bonagura, Carney, and DeNunzio. Brewton scampered in from 15 yards out for his third TD of the night giving the Bulldogs a 26-0 lead at halftime. The second half saw Nicholas Gremanis, Leo Forte, Rudy Garofalo, Avian Raspaldo, Jayden Arlauskas, Aidan Sarnowski, and Brandon Mercado ensuring the shutout. The Pee Wee Bulldogs (8 & 9 year olds) stepped outside of the conference to find an opponent on Saturday, facing the Bulldogs from Butler/Bloomingdale.  From the first play from scrimmage Jimmy Sinani, Chase Martini, and Logan Bohn opened a crease that Will Holman took sixty-five yards to start the onslaught.  Holman had two touchdowns on the day.  Quinn Weber found DJ Gregory on a flag route for a score on their next possession. Keelan Cannon and John Gioia opened a huge hole on the Bulldogs third possession that allowed Zach Snyder to race through for a fifty yard score.  Aiden Cunningham also had a big run as he showed his speed to get around the edge late in the fourth quarter. Defensively, the Bulldogs (6-1) were suffocating. Lead by DJ Gregory, Vincent Daly, and JoJo Marullo, the Butler squad couldn’t gain a single yard on the day. Interior lineman Martini, Gioia, and Vincent Urgola played superbly. This week the Rutherford Mighty Mites (6 & 7 year olds) hosted the Hawthorne Cubs. For the second straight game the Bulldogs allowed the opposing team to score on their opening possession. The Cubs scored on a long run down the left sideline for their only score of the day. The Bulldog defense tightened up after the first quarter and the offense followed suit. The defense was led by Robert Prince, Michael Pizza, Julian Decarlo, Michael Anglim, Mason Colon, Luke Barnes, Ryan Wilton, and Brendan O’Rourke.  Although Rutherford was held scoreless in the first half they came out ready to go in the third quarter. Tyler Griffin was able to find the end zone on a nice 20 yard run for his first of two touchdowns on the day. The offensive line was opening holes all afternoon thanks to Joey Urgola, Owen Byrne, Owen Burbank, Jake Barnes, Chris DeHaas, Chase Kuenzle, and Frankie Wilton. The Bulldogs were able to end the game when Brendan O’Rourke recovered a fumble in the end zone for their third and final score on the day. The Bulldog program will be on the road visiting the Lyndhurst Golden Bears Saturday October 19th.  

Seniors Dominant in NM Win!

The Rutherford Senior Bulldogs (12-13 year olds) came out booming in their 37-0 victory over the New Milford Knights. On the inaugural play, Devin Burgos rips the ball right from the hands of the New Milford running back. Right behind him was Ryan Ward, who scooped the ball up, taking it half the length of the field for a Bulldogs touchdown. Not two plays later, the defense prevailed again; Matt Scheibe picks the ball off, taking it down to the ten yard line setting the Bulldogs up to score once again. Cole Goumas splits the Knights defense and takes it to the end zone to put the Bulldogs up by two scores early on. However, this was only the beginning of Goumas' stellar performance. He also scored on a 50-yard run and a 5-yard run. Shortly after, Matt Schiebe tacks on to the Bulldogs lead from 10 yards out, ultimately shutting the door on New Milford. Ryan Ward, Devin Burgos, and Chris Lora stood out on defense, leading the team towards a shutout. On the other side of the ball, Chris Goya and Jack Daly commanded the offense at quarterback and led the Bulldogs to score their five offensive touchdowns. This feat couldn't have been accomplished without the help of Arthur Costan, dave Rojas, Owen Fernandez, Nick Lora, and Antonio Decarlo on the offensive line opening massive holes for their Backfield. With this win, the Rutherford Bulldog Seniors are rolling at 5-0. The Rutherford Mighty Mites (6-7 year olds) took on the New Milford Green Knights last Saturday in New Milford.  For the first time this season the Bulldogs weren’t able to score a touchdown on their opening drive.  New Milford forced Rutherford to punt it away.  The Green Knights came out and scored on their second play from scrimmage on a long run down the sideline.  Rutherford then received the ball and scored a touchdown of their own when Brendan O’Rourke took a handoff thirty yards for the score.  The Bulldogs were able to take Back momentum while on Defense.  The defense settled in and were led by Owen Burbank, Tyler Griffin, Michael Anglim, Mason Colon, Alejandro Samaniego, Julian DeCarlo, and Luke Barnes.  They held New Milford scoreless for the rest of the game.  Just before halftime, the Bulldogs were able to punch in another score when Ryan Wilton took a handoff and raced down the sideline for a forty yard touchdown run.  Wilton also led Rutherford on another scoring drive in the third quarter when he ripped off his second forty yard touchdown run of the day.  Opening the holes for the running backs were Joey Urgola, Owen Byrne, Owen Burbank, Michael Pizza, Jake Barnes, Chris DeHaas, and Chase Kuenzle.  The game ended on an interception by Rutherford’s Tyler Griffin.  The Bulldogs will take on Hawthorne next Saturday at home. The Pee Wee Bulldogs (8-9 year olds) started off slow against New Milford.  Big plays put the Bulldogs (4-1) on their backs, down 19-0 early in the first half.  The scoreboard didn’t play any part, as they fought back scoring four times, but fell short by one point in the 26-25 loss. The thriller was built around the hard work by Fynn Byrne and John Gioia making holes on the left side for Will Holman to exploit the defense for each of the Bulldog scores. On defense, the Pee Wees made adjustments and tightened up in the second half to eliminate the New Milford running game. JoJo Marullo moved into the linebacker position and showed he needs to stay there as the season progresses. The Pee Wee’s will be looking ahead to see this team again and avenge the only loss in their young football careers. The RJF&C Junior squad (4-1) suffered their first loss of the season 14-0 vs the New Milford Green Knights. Both squads came in undefeated and battled until the final whistle. Most of the game saw small chunks of yardage being gained on both sides. Bulldog running backs George Brewton, Dmitri Paskas, Matthew Bonagura, and Emmett Carney fought for every yard during the low scoring battle. On the defensive side, Linebackers Carney, Paskas, Bonagura , and Rudy Garofalo made it very difficult for the Green Knights to move the ball. New Milford was able to score on their first possession but were held to no more scores until late in the fourth quarter. The game went back and forth as both squads threatened to score at any given time. The Bulldogs defensive line of Troy Waddell, Angelo Pizza, Nicholas Ford, Andrew Ochojski, and Myles Balchan had some hiccups but then would stiffen up not allowing yards. Cornerback Rusty Snyder stopped a New Milford drive with an interception on the 10 yard line. The Bulldogs threatened the field with a long run by Brewton and Vincent DeNunzio but the score remained 7-0 at the half. The second half saw the third quarter being eaten up by a long drive for New Milford. The Bulldogs held them on fourth down and forced a turnover on downs on their own 20 yard line. With the fourth quarter starting, The Bulldogs started their own drive and fought their way down the field. Linemen Kellen Caughey, Pizza, Ford, DeNunzio, Snyder, Garofalo, Raspaldo, Arlauskas, Rodriguez, and Sarnowski helped with the push. Troy Waddell caught a 30-yard pass from Balchan putting the Bulldogs closer to the end zone on the New Milford 20. The Bulldogs were stopped on a fourth and short and turned the ball over. The Bulldogs will be home this weekend versus the Carlstadt/East Rutherford program. The Mites will be playing Hawthorne at 4:00 pm while the Pee Wee’s take on the Butler Bulldogs.

Juniors Southern Division Leaders!

This week the Rutherford Might Mites (7 year olds) played the Vikings in a rematch from week one. Both teams came out playing tough and it was a stalemate throughout the entire first quarter. The Bulldogs (4-0) finally broke through with four minutes to play in the first half when Ryan Wilton blasted his way for a forty yard touchdown run.  Opening the holes for the running backs were Joey Urgola, Owen Byrne, Owen Burbank, Chris DeHaas, Michael Pizza, Frankie Wilton, and Chase Kuenzle.  In the second half, Rutherford was able to move the ball and score on two long touchdown runs by quarterback Tyler Griffin.  The Bulldog defense once again came ready to play. This week’s defense was led was led by Robert Prince, Alejandro Samaniego, Michael Anglim, Luke Barnes, and Jake Barnes.  Ryan Wilton capped off the scoring on the day when he intercepted a pass and took it thirty yards for the touchdown. The Pee Wee Bulldogs (8-9 year olds) improved to 4-0 with a 34-0 blowout over the North Arlington. Will Holman and Zach Snyder showed their speed as Holman raced in for three scores, while Snyder torched the defense for two more. The offensive line was exceptional as Logan Bohn, Keelan Cannon, Chase Martini, John Gioia, and Ayden Rivera didn’t allow one play go for a loss.  As good as these boys have been offense, the defense is where the Bulldogs really have shown the dominance frustrating opposing coaches. They shut down their opponent in the shut out with Vinny Urgola at nose tackle, Damian Gregory at MLB, and Quinn Weber at defensive end.  Aiden Cunningham and Vincent Daly locked down the corners, as Ethan DeCarlo had his first career interception. After the rout in North Arlington, the Pee Wee JV squad traveled to Hawthorne on Sunday for an out of conference game. The Bulldogs fought a hard game that finished in a 0-0 tie. Fynn Byrne, Manny Arguello, Jimmy Sinani, and Chase Martini refused to allow their opponent to score.  Linebackers JoJo Marullo, and Vincent Daly made tackles that echoed all the way back to Rutherford. Tommy DePascale, Tony Pizza, Devon Magai, and Julian Kay eliminated any chance of a pass against the Bulldogs defense. Young Owen Byrne and Joey Urgola we’re called up in their Pee Wee football debut, showing no fear as they lined up against the older opponents. The RJF&C Juniors (10 & 11 yr olds) went to 4-0 with a 29-0 victory over the North Arlington Vikings. The defense settled in early as The Vikings were able to gain some yards on their first drive but were forced to eventually punt. Defensive linemen Troy Waddell, Angelo Pizza, Nicholas Ford, Andrew Ochojski, Rudy Garofalo and Myles Balchan put a lot of pressure in the backfield and made numerous tackles. Linebackers Dmitri Paskas, Emmett Carney and Matthew Bonagura swarmed to the ball wreaking havoc for the Vikings. On the offensive side of the ball, George Brewton carried the rock the entire 80-yard drive as the Bulldogs punched in their first score of the night. QB Balchan led the offense systematically downfield as linemen Waddell, Pizza, Brandon Jacobus, Kellen Caughey, Ochojski, Ford and Vincent DeNunzio split the defense for lanes. The Vikings tried to put another drive together but Linebacker Carney had different plans as he stripped the ball carrier and recovered the fumble. A few plays later Bonagura punched it in and after the PAT The Bulldogs led 14-0. Carney ended the Vikings drive again as he sacked the quarterback. The Bulldogs had the ball on The Vikings 20 yard line right before halftime. Myles Balchan then rolled out and hit DeNunzio for a TD pass giving The Bulldogs a 21-0 lead at halftime. Brewton took another carry for 60 yards for his second TD of the night at the beginning of the second half. Dmitri Paskas split the uprights on the PAT making it 29-0 Bulldogs. The Vikings broke a long run and threatened the end zone but the Bulldogs held them on the 10 yard line for seven plays as Waddell, Carney, Ford, Paskas, and Bonagura added to their stat line with sacks and backfield tackles. A strip-sack and fumble recovery by Paskas ended the goal-line stance. The Bulldogs ended the game methodically driving downfield with Christopher Kasperan handing the rock to Garofalo, Rusty Snyder, and Leo Forte. Avian Raspaldo, Jayden Arlauskas, Nicholas Rodriguez, Aiden Sarnowski, and Nicholas Gremanis continued the solid blocking ending the game.The Rutherford Senior Bulldogs (12-13) year olds kept their winning streak going with a 38-0 win over the North Arlington Vikings. The Bulldogs offensive line, David Rojas and Arthur Costan opened up huge holes that allowed running back Cole Goumas to rush for four touch downs and over 200 yards rushing. Matt Scheibe added another rushing touchdown while Marchello Fernandez finished the scoring with a 25 yard touchdown run.  The Bulldogs defense that was led by, Chris Lora, Owen Fernandez, Diego Gonzalez, and Ryan Ward once again held their opponent scoreless. The Bulldogs are on the road in New Milford next Saturday 4:00 pm in a cross over match. 



RJF&C Bulldogs Remain Unscathed!

The Rutherford Senior Bulldogs (12-13) year olds third game of the season was another win, 38-6 against the Harrison Blue Tide. The Bulldogs  (3-0) defense was a strong front led by Antonio Decarlo and The Smash Brothers Chris and Nick Lora. Matt Scheibe made many key plays for the Bulldogs including a fumble recovery. The Bulldogs offensive line was led by Arthur Costan and David Rojas who allowed Cole Goumas to rush for two touchdowns of 40 yards and 15 yards each. Scheibe added to the running game with a ten yard touchdown. Tight end Ryan Ward had a 65 yard touchdown reception from quarterback Jack Daly and a 20 yard touchdown reception from quarterback Chris Gioia. Drew Carney rounding out the scoring for the Bulldogs with three extra-point kicks. The RJF&C Junior Bulldogs (10-11) year olds, extended their record to 3-0 defeating the Harrison Blue Tide 25-0. The opening kickoff was Vincent DeNunzio kicking an onside kick allowing the Bulldogs to recover. The Offensive line of Kellen Caughey, Angelo Pizza, Nicholas Ford, Andrew Ochojski, Evan Diaz, Troy Waddell, and DeNunzio took the field. They opened holes for George Brewton to gain chunks of yardage moving the ball downfield. Dmitri Paskas then took the handoff from Myles Balchan and followed Emmett Carney for a gain of 25 yards before getting shoelaced at the three yard line. Paskas punched it in for the score on the next play. The defense played strong forcing a turnover on downs as Ochojski, Ford, and Pizza pressured the middle. Linebackers Rudy Garofalo, Carney and Paskas flowed to the ball while Rusty Snyder and DeNunzio locked down on the receivers. The next offensive series Brewton took it down the sideline for a 40-yard run to punch in the second score for the Bulldogs. The second half saw the Bulldogs receiving and after a deep kick found themselves on their own 20-yard line. Brewton swept outside again for a 30 yard gain followed by Paskas for another 30 yard gain. Brewton scampered into the endzone a couple plays later behind the blocking of Carney. After another defensive stop by the Bulldogs, Paskas took the ball 40 yards for his second touchdown of the night. The defense finished the game strong as Nicholas Gremanis, Christopher Kasperan, Xander Rodriguez, Avian Raspaldo, Jayden Arlauskas, Brandon Mercado and Aiden Sarnowski kept the pressure in the backfield. The Pee Wee team (8-9) year olds looked strong against Harrison Blue Tide, winning 35-0.  The Bulldog offense (3-0) was efficient but defense lead the way.  Vinny Urgola, Fynn Byrne, Keenan Cannon, and Chase Martini locked down the interior line, while Quinn Weber and Will Holman kept the Blue Tide between the tackles.  Jojo Marullo, Julian Kay, Devin Magai all made noteworthy plays in the victory.   On offense, the line made huge holes for the backfield to navigate through.  Anchored by John Gioia, Ethan DeCarlo, Logan Bohn, and Tommy DePascale, the team started the contest off by allowing Weber to connect with Damian Gregory for a long score.  Aiden Cunningham, and Holman both punched in scores from the left side, behind Jojo Marullo, while Zach Snyder found the goal line twice on the day. The Rutherford Mighty Mites (6-7) year olds continued their strong play this week against the Harrison Blue Tide. The Bulldogs (3-0) started the game on offense for the third straight game and marched down the field for the opening touchdown. Brendan O’Rourke took a handoff thirty yards and scored the games first touchdown. The defense then held the Blue Tide scoreless after forcing a turnover on downs. On the next possession, the Bulldogs’ Ryan Wilton raced around the right side and scored on a thirty yard touchdown run.  After halftime, the Bulldogs defense was bending but didn’t break. They forced a turnover as Robert Prince recovered a fumble. On the next play, Ryan Wilton hooked up with Chase Kuenzle for a pretty twenty yard pass and catch.  The Bulldogs were able to punch in their last score of the day when O’Rourke dove for the corner pylon.  The offensive line did a great job and we’re led by Joey Urgola, Owen Burbank, Owen Byrne, Chris Dehaas, Alejandro Samaniego, and Jake Barnes. The defense also came ready to play.  They were led by Michael Pizza, Luke Barnes, Mason Colon, Michael Anglim, Julian DeCarlo and Frankie Wilton.  Jake Barnes was on fire and made a ton of touchdown saving tackles all over the field. The Rutherford program will be on the road in North Arlington Saturday 9/28 4:00 pm.


RJF&C Bulldogs Sweep WoodRidge!!!

Senior Dogs Rise to Occasion

The Rutherford Senior Bulldogs (12-13) year olds had another shut out 20-0 for the second week of the season against the Wood Ridge Blue Devils. The Bulldogs (2-0) first possession ended with a 40 yard pass from Cole Goumas to Ryan Ward for the first score of the game. The offensive line was led by Arthur Costan and Louis Morella which allowed Gomas and Matt Scheibe to each score for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs defense was led by The Smash Brothers, Nick and Chris Lora who could be found all over the field dominating the Blue Devils offense. Goumas and Ward worked together again on defense when Ward kicked on onside kick that Goumas reovered. This solidified the win for the Bulldogs. The RJF&C Junior Bulldogs (10-11 yr olds) went to 2-0 as they defeated the Wood-Ridge Blue Devils 26-0. With an opening onside kick-off recovery by George Brewton, the Bulldogs (2-0) offense took the field. Linemen Troy Waddell, Nicholas Ford, Kellen Caughey , and Evan Diaz on the left side of the offense pushed their way down the field allowing the backfield of Emmett Carney, Dmitri Paskas and Brewton to gain yardage in chunks. Brewton finished the drive scampering 15 yards for the first of two TD's he would post for the night. The defensive side for the Bulldogs swarmed to the ball and left the Blue Devils without many options. The D-Line of Myles Balchan, Andrew Ochojski, Ford, Angelo Pizza, and Waddell pressured the backfield and made a wall. Linebackers Rudy Garofalo, Carney, and Paskas were left free to make numerous tackles. The right side of the offense took their turn as linemen Evan Diaz, Pizza, and Vincent DeNunzio allowed the backfield to consistently gain yards. Dmitri Paskas followed their blocking to score the first of his two touchdowns of the night. The Bulldog defense held strong for the entire night as The Blue Devils tried to advance through the air later in the game. Cornerbacks Rusty Snyder, DeNunzio and Christopher Kasperan locked down and blanketed the receivers. With a comfortable lead, The Bulldogs offense looked to control the clock as Kasperan fed the rock to Leo Forte, Garofalo, and Snyder. O-linemen Avian Raspaldo, Jayden Arlauskas, Nicholas Rodriguez, Nick Gremanis and Aiden Sarnowski controlled the line of scrimmage with holes opening for the backfield. The Pee Wee Bulldogs (8-9) year olds wanted the ball to start the game, and it showed as the first play from scrimmage finished with Will Holman sprinting fifty yards behind Jojo Marullo to the goal line. They never looked back enroute to a 24-7 Bulldog (2-0) victory over Wood Ridge. Quinn Weber punched the next score in and later connected with Damian Gregory for a final score of the game.  Zach Snyder added another long TD behind his patented straight arm.  The offensive line was stellar, with Fynn Byrne, Logan Bohn, Ayden Rivera, John Gioia, and Chase Martini firing out as Coach Vinćenzo Urgola preached all season. The defense was lead by Vinny Urgola who made his 2019 season debut after suffering from a broken scale in week 1.  Aiden Cunningham, Manny Arguello, and Vincent Daly all got a lot of work as Wood Ridge challenged the edge all game.  Ethan DeCarlo was monstrous at the safety position saving numerous fourth down tries.  The Rutherford Might Mites (6-7) year olds played their second game of the season last Saturday against the Falcons of Manchester.  Rutherford (2-0) won the coin toss and started the game on offense.  After a few short runs, Brendan O’Rourke broke loose for a long touchdown run of fifty yards.  This was his first of two touchdown on the afternoon.  Rutherford scored once again right before the half when Ryan Wilton raced forty yards for a touchdown.  Tyler Griffin capped off the scoring for the Bulldogs in the third quarter with a thirty yard run down the left sideline.  The Bulldogs were once again anchored by their offense line.  Key contributors were Frankie Wilton, Owen Byrne, Owen Burbank, Joey Urgola, Chris DeHaas, Jake Barnes, and Chase Kuenzle.  The Bulldogs defense came to play once again.  They were led by Robert Prince, Mason Colon, Michael Pizza, Alejandro Samaniego, Michael Anglim, Julian DeCarlo, and Luke Barnes. The Rutherford program is back home Saturday 9/21 vs Harrison BlueTide. For up to date information, please go to 

Bulldogs Sweep Wallington Panthers

The Rutherford Senior Bulldogs (12-13) year olds started their season off with a 38-0 shut-out against the Wallington Panthers. The Bulldogs (1-0) offensive line was led by Arthur Costan who opened up huge holes, allowing Cole Goumas, Matt Scheibe, Devin Burgos and Matteo Corallo to score. Quarterbacks Jack Daly, Chris Gioia, and Marchello Fernandez were spot on with their hand offs and passes. The Bulldogs defense was led by Diego Gonzalez, Burgos, Chris and Nick Lora who controlled the Panthers offensive line by not allowing them to score.  Louis Morella had a quarterback sack to add the Bulldogs defensive domination. The 2019 RJF&C Bulldogs Junior squad (10-11)year olds opened their season with a 28-0 win over the Wallington Panthers. The Bulldogs scored in all three parts of the game as they logged touchdowns on offense, defense, and special teams. Wallington started the game on the offensive side of the ball and the Bulldogs set the tone with a strong defensive start. The defensive line of Nicholas Ford, Angelo Pizza, Andrew Ochojski, Troy Waddell and Myles Balchan made a wall and put the pressure on. Linebackers Dmitri Paskas, Emmett Carney and Matthew Bonagura filled the gaps and allowed no yards gained. With Wallington turning it over on downs, the Bulldog Offense took over. Quarterback Myles Balchan fed the rock to George Brewton behind the blocking of backs Carney and Bonagura. Linemen Evan Diaz, Ochojski, Waddell, Pizza, and Ford then parted the seas for Bonagura as he scrambled down to the five yard line and punching it in on his next carry for the Bulldog score. The PAT was good making it 7-0 'Dogs. Cornerback Vincent DeNunzio logged the next Bulldog score with an interception and running it back 50 yards. The Rutherford defense held strong again with numerous tackles by Carney, Rusty Snyder and Brewtron forcing Wallington to punt it away. The Bulldogs then systematically ground their way down the field with Brewton, Paskas, and Carney carrying the rock. Paskas punched in the goal line run making it 21-0 Bulldogs at the half. The second half kickoff saw Wallington booming one deep. George Brewton fielded it cleanly and then took advantage of the room as he zipped his way 70 yards for a touchdown. The second half saw defensive plays by Brandon Mercado, Aiden Sarnowski, Jaycub Decarlo, Kellen Caughey, Nicholas Gremanis, Jayden Arlauskas, and Avian Raspaldo holding the Panthers scoreless. The 2019 Rutherford Pee Wee (8-9) year olds football picked up right where they left off last year, finding the end zone on nearly every snap of the ball during its 35-0 victory in Wallington.  The offensive line led by Chase Martini, Aiden Rivera, Fynn Byrne, John Gioia, and Ethan DeCarlo we’re so dominating that the Bulldogs (1-0) were only tackled twice during the game.  They enabled scores by Will Holman, Zach Snyder, JoJo Marullo, Aiden Cunningham, and Quinn Weber.  Weber also found Damian Gregory the the air for another score.  The offense wasn’t the only side of the ball the bulldogs dominated.  The defense held their opponent to negative yardage on the day.  Logan Bohn, Vincent Daly, Julian Kay, Devin Magai, and Manny Arguello all made plays to help assert their team’s dominance.  Vinny Urgola, Anthony Pizza, and Tommy DePascale all are eager to keep the fire burning as they show the league they are the team to beat. The Rutherford Mighty Mites (6-7) year olds opened up their 2019 season on Saturday in North Arlington. The Bulldogs (1-0) started the game on offense and marched down the field behind the blocking of Joey Urgola, Owen Byrne, Owen Burbank, Alejandro Samaniego, Jake Barnes, Frankie Wilton, and Chase Kuenzle. After three straight stellar runs by Ryan Wilton, the Bulldogs were on the two yard line.  Brendan O'Rourke capped off the drive with a plunge into the end zone for the first of his three touchdowns on the afternoon. The Bulldogs defense also came ready to play.  They forced a turnover on downs on the first possession and recovered a fumble on the second.  This set the tone for the rest of the game. The defense was led by Tyler Griffin, Robert Prince, Mason Colon, Michael Anglim, Julian DeCarlo, Michael Pizza, Chris DeHaas, and Luke Barnes. The Bulldogs will look to keep it going next week in their home opener against WoodRidge Saturday night starting at 4:00 pm.

RJF&C All Rainbows & Unicorns!!!

2019 Pee Wees Chillin @ Pep Rally Thur Nite.......

Seniors Wearing New Guardian Caps!!!

Thanks to a donation by Mr Doren, our 2019 Senior players will be donning the protection for safety.

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RJF&C Schedule of Events 2019

110219                  MFL Playoffs in Rutherford

110919                  MFL Semis in Wallington

111619                  MFL Super Bowl in Rutherford

RJF&C Bulldogs Hosting 2019 MFL Super Bowl

It has been (11) years........we need all three levels playing this day (11/16/19)!!

Our 2019 RJF&C Board & Head Coaches

President Tracy Paskas
Vice President Anthony Pisciotta
Secretary Sabrina Pisciotta
Treasurer Mike Micek
Flag Coordinator Vin Urgola
Booster Coordinator Veronica Bonagura
Kitchen Coordinator by level

Player Rep John Fernandez 

Cheer Coordinator Mike Paskas

Trustees Dennis Davis, Andrew Godsil & Glenn Gardner 

Senior Boys Head Coach Glenn Gardner
Senior Girls Head Coach Aly Costan & Amaya Paskas

Junior Boys Head Coach Mike Micek
Junior Girls Head Coach Lisa Ernst & Lauren Siciliano

Pee Wee Boys Head Coach Russ Snyder
Pee Wee Girls Head Coach Sabrina Pisciotta 

Mites Head Coach Steve Kuenzle
Minis Head Coach Stef DiMeola

Parade of Champions II Pee Wees & RHS !!!



RJF&C at St Pat's Parade March 4th 2018

RJF&C Champions ride in float donated by Rick Doren for the St Pat's Parade!!!

NJSIAA NII Group II State Champions!!!

 Rutherford Bulldogs 21 Hackettstown Tigers 13

Their football careers started in Giants Stadium & MFL Pee Wee Champions in 2009 and then

finished as NJSIAA State Champions in MetLife in 2017!!!


Kearny Bank Supports RJF&C With New Cheering Uniforms !!!

Kearny Bank Senior Vice President Vince Micco poses for picture with the Pee Wee Cheerleaders, who received new uniforms for 2016, compliments of the bank donation.


BCB Bank & RJF&C Donate $1,000 To Rutherford First Aid Ambulance Corp

Frank Nunziato, Jim Rizzo, Jim Ahearn, Anthony Pisciotta & Mike Paskas. Picture by Andrew Godsil

Thank You to the Rutherford PBA for their donation !!!!

Former RJF&C Cheerleaders in RHS !!!

Rutherford High School competition team takes second place

Congratulations to Rutherford High School’s Competition Team for clinching second place at the 3rd Annual Barrons X-Treme Spirit Challenge held at Woodbridge High School on Sunday, Jan. 25. Pictured in back row, left to right: Florencia Coccoz, Lavinia Eugine, Sabrina Maestra, Deena Oltar, Natalie Else, and Aaliyah Jordan.

Front row left to right: Kayla Barnes, Julia McNeily, Hayley Waldron, Colleen Foley, Madison Van Der Laak, and Bryana McCourt.


Former RJF&C Players Participate In The 2013 HS All Star Game

#24 Pat Landrigan, #65 Nick Riccardi and #88 AJ Godsil

RJF&C Competition Team Reprimanded for Flashing Gang Signs!!!

Former RJF&C Player Drafted in the NFL

Apr24th Bears select Defensive End Corey Wootton in 4th round
The Bears have selected Northwestern University defensive end Corey Wootton with their fourth round selection, #109 overall. Here’s his profile from
Corey is an outstanding combination of size and strength for the position. His production is down from previous seasons and much of that can be attributed to a knee injury sustained in the Alamo Bowl at the end of last season. He is a decent athlete but not an explosive player off the edge. His lateral agility and change of direction hinders his playmaking ability in space. Corey does defend the run well and can anchor effectively to hold the point. He utilizes quick hands and long arms to control blockers but needs to expand his pass rush package to be effective at the next level. Wootton’s measurables, instincts and toughness makes him an interesting prospect for most defensive fronts. He wasn’t nearly as effective as previous seasons and knee concerns will be closely scrutinized going into the 2010 Draft.

Where are they now? Former RJF Player Stan Walters

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Where are they now? Former RJF Player Craig Paskas

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Former RJF Player Named Record Athlete of the Week

RHS QB Bryan Gaschke Athlete of the Week - Alumni of the 2001, 2004, 2005 & 2006 RJF Super Bowl teams.

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Former RJF&C Player & Super Bowl Champion Named Athlete of the Week!!

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Former RJF Player Named Record Athlete of the Week

Bill Finn named Record Athlete of the Week - Click on Bulldog to go to article - 120717       



Donation To Rutherford Police Programs

Rutherford Junior Football makes one of their annual donations to the Rutherford Police Department at Fourth of July Event. Captain Egbert accepted the donation for support of the youth programs ran by the RPD. Pictured left to right are: Recreation Director Denise Brennan, Mayor Hipp, Captain Egbert, RJF Board Members Mike Paskas, Glen Gardner, Annie Ohanian, Tracy Paskas & Andrew Godsil.

RJF Donation to National Night Out




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