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Handing off the Torch

Over the past 12 years, I have learned many things. I've learned how to be a better coach teaching the fundamentals of baseball in a manner of making it fun. Listening and respecting every single one my players and earning their attention and respect in return. You must show the players respect in order to earn theirs.

Ive learned how to build a successful program. RJJB/S joined Sr. League in 2009, started the Railsplitter Tourney back in 2012 and of course Fall ball around 2013.  The annual golf tournament that has been going on for 16yrmears now.  We instituted mini camps prior to the Spring seasons start so that coaches and players could all come together and learn ways to better themselves at baseball.

We hosted the Cal Ripken district tournament twice.  I learned how to prep a field so that it looks like a mini MLB field.  I also have done the normal size MLB field too, once or twice. I've learned over the years to never answer my phone around 550pm on a week day! I knew that it's either no help in the concession stand or "Hey Maynard, we got an ump?" 

I learned to coach at many levels of the game. I was an 8U rookie coach all the way up to a 17U MCBR coach. I've gone undefeated a few times but have also been defeated a few times as well. Baseball is always the same, no matter what age its played. There may be a small difference in rules to speed up the game but the game is the same.  

I've learned how to spell some interesting last names. Uniform orders I will not miss! All the people and surely the kids smiles I will.

The most important thing that RJJB/S has given me is simply an extended childhood. As Cal Ripken Jr once put it, "You can be a kid as long as you want when you play baseball." I've spent more than half my life on a baseball field, playing or coaching,  and I can honestly say that it was all fun.

After discussing for the past few months, my wife Kathy and I have decided to sell our house and move out of the district. I am stepping down as President and will just be an advisor with no decision making abilities. VP Matt Hegarty will be the interim President to finish out the year. He will do a wonderful job.  

Thank you to everyone who has worked with me through all of these years. Thanks to my wife and kids too.There isnt one person that I wouldnt have wanted to meet over these past 12 years. It was a good run!


Keep RJJB/S going strong and always remember, they are just kids,

Brian Williams (Maynard)

2019 Fall Ball Update

Due to lack of interest or no other teams to play, there will not be Fall ball this year for RJJB. See you all in the Spring!

Regular Season Schedule
Saturday, October 19, 2019
12U Fall Ball
Ontario @ Sodus
Honoye @ Newark
Walworth @ Lyons
Sodus @ Waterloo
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