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Averie Doughty’s had one incredible week.

The Souderton sophomore forward scored the last four goals of the season for her team, all in the span of three state playoff games. All were vital, but each one was also more important that the last. So, it stands to reason that none were more important that the goal she scored Saturday night.

Doughty’s overtime tally lifted the Indians to a 1-0 win over rival Pennridge in the PIAA 4A girls’ soccer state title match at HersheyPark Stadium, ending a dream season for the Indians and sending the Rams home heartbroken.

“We haven’t beaten them in a really long time, so this feels really nice,” Doughty said minutes after the goal, a state medal draped around her neck. “I don’t even know what happened. The ball came to me and I just kind of hit it. The goalie was down, it kind of curved, hit the post and went in.”

Last Saturday, Doughty scored a second half-equalizer then hit the shootout winning spot kick to send Souderton past Seneca Valley. On Tuesday in the semifinals, she scored with 11 seconds left to tie the game, then buried the game-winner in overtime to send Peters Township home.

After spending much of Saturday’s title match isolated along with the rest of the forward unit, Doughty came up clutch once again as the Indians (17-3-6) beat Pennridge for the first time since the 2015 season. Pennridge (21-4-1) dominated regulation, but another valiant effort by Souderton’s defensive unit ensured that for the second straight game, the two sides would play extra.

Late in the second half, Souderton had Dougthy swap out of the middle of the field and over to the left flank.

“We talked about hitting Averie a lot on the left and sending the ball that way,” Indians coach Lindsy Jones said. “It was a problem we’d been having and having kind of consistently this season of connecting the midfield with our top three. We kept pushing forward and I believe in the overtime, they were working harder than we’d seen the whole game.”

Pennridge had an early chance when senior Abby Groff rang the crossbar six minutes in. The first 15 minutes really belonged to the Rams as Groff kept working for a chance, only to have one shot blocked, another go wide and a third well-saved by the Indians’ Lindsey Pazdziorko at the post.

Souderton’s first shot on goal didn’t come until there was 11:58 left in the first half and the number of chances the Indians had during the 80 minutes of regulation were limited. But that’s not been uncommon for Souderton all season and they’ve been able to fall back on the constant that is their defensive unit.

Pazdziorko said it’s the unit’s connection and ability to know what’s going on at every moment that’s fueled their level of play.

“When one girl went down (injured), we all reconvened and talked to each other,” Pazdziorko said. “We said ‘we know what we have to do, we’re not doing it right now and let’s fix it. Let’s make this our game.’ After that we started possessing better and really bringing it home.”

Pennridge kept knocking in the second half, but Pazdziorko was able to handle everything sent her way, making seven saves. Her best stop came with about 10 minutes left in the second half, after a nice build-up by Pennridge between Holly Harbeck, Groff and Ashley Groeber that had Groeber send one in only for Pazdziorko to hop up and grab it mid-air.

Once the game got to overtime, the Indians put a little turbo charge into their intensity. Erin O’Keefe put a shot on goal almost off the opening tap of extra time and suddenly an Indians offense that had been quiet for most of the game was suddenly roaring.

“Everybody wanted to end the game as quickly as possible so I think there were a lot of direct balls being played which isn’t our style,” Rams coach Audrey Anderson said. “We have a lot of speed so we try and use it. I honestly don’t know what it came down to, we played such good soccer for the better part of the game and it’s a shame we couldn’t put that one chance away.”

Souderton drew a foul with about nine minutes left , giving senior Campbell Power the opportunity to create a chance. Her free kick into the box would set off the eventual sequence leading to the goal.

“After the last few games, I know who’s going to get on the end of the ball, I know where to place it,” Power said. “With so many extra games playing together, I know where to get it in and I was just trying to get it to goal.”

The initial ball, played about 40 yards out, was headed away but Sara Readinger recovered and played it back to Darby Kramer for a second ball in. Tayloy Yoder flicked that ball down to Doughty who was able to weave it past the rushing keeper and the post and into the net.

“It really is,” Doughty said when asked if it was the best week of her life. “We knew we had to fight for it, we really wanted to beat them and win this game so we brought our all.”

What started as a surreal day, one where Padziorko said she kept pinching herself and Power waited to wake up from the dream ended almost the same way.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet we won but it’s crazy, everyone worked as hard as they could,” Readinger said. “That we made it this far, I don’t know, I can’t put it into words.

“We know we can play any level of soccer. We can handle whatever is given to us, we came out energetic and excited but we handled it in a composed way.”

(Article by Andrew Robinson from PAPrepLive)

Souderton Makes It to State Quarterfinals

November 6, 2018 - Souderton and Easton met under a dense fog at Upper Perkiomen High School Tuesday evening for the first round of state playoffs. 

Easton got off on the front foot early, unleashing a shot from just outside the 18 that missed the net, which provided the warning Souderton needed to get into the game. Over the first 15 minutes the two teams shared possession, but Souderton slowly created more and more chances, with a shot from sophomore Taylor Yoder deflecting wide of the net. Shortly after, senior Campbell Power unleashed a free kick through the fog and just wide of the top corner of the net.


With 25 minutes left in the half, senior goalkeeper Lindsey Pazdziorko was called into action when an Easton free kick was hit towards the top corner of her net. Pazdziorko was able to tip the ball over the bar and out for a corner. Souderton was able to defend the corner and retain possession. As the ball worked upfield, Power sent a searching ball in behind the Easton defense to the onrushing sophomore Hannah Alderfer, who beat both the defender and goalkeeper to put Souderton up 1-0. 


Souderton grew more comfortable with the lead and began to take control of possession. Power was on the ball again with 10 minutes left; as she picked up her head from about 35 yards out and spotted the Easton keeper well off her line. Power went for the long distance chip which found the top corner of the net, but the goal was called back. The referee had blown the whistle before allowing advantage, awarding Souderton a free kick rather than the goal. Souderton was unable to capitalize on the set piece, but looked dangerous for the remainder of the half.


Souderton looked hungry at the start of the second half; after the disallowed goal the Indian's sensed they were getting closer to extending their lead. With 34 left in the second half, Yoder got on the end of a cross from sophomore Averie Doughty, but her shot was deflected wide. 


With 18 minutes left, Alderfer, who was finding more and more space down the left wing, was able to turn her defender and send in a dangerous cross through the 6 yard box. A frantic mix of attacking and defending players saw the ball stopped on the line, but the ball went out for a corner. Souderton was able to continue the pressure by winning 3 consecutive corners, but still lacked a finishing touch for their second goal. 


The Indian's finally broke free with 14 minutes left, as Yoder sent in a cross to Alderfer who was able to knock home a looping one-time finish over the goalkeeper. Despite extending their lead, Souderton continued to press for the remainder of the match, as Yoder forced Easton's keeper into another tough save and senior Sarah Readinger struck the crossbar from distance. 


In the end the Indian's won 2-0, advancing to the state quarter finals.

OCTOBER 2 -A repeat scoreline from the teams first meeting of the season, but a game in which Souderton looked much more in control of the match over CB West. Souderton started on the front foot and showed strong possession in the midfield earl one. Souderton's high pressure forced West to send the ball long with only a small number of chances getting behind Souderton's defense.

There were very limited goal scoring opportunities in the first half until sophomore Averie Doughty entered the match. In the final ten minutes of the half senior Sarah Readinger found Doughty with a long ball over the top of the defense. Doughty beat West's last defender with pace to go in on net 1-on-1 with the keeper and placed the ball in the back of the net to put her team up 1-0.



At the start of the second half, Souderton looked to be on the front foot again and Doughty was on the end of a flurry of chances in the first 15 minutes and was a bit unlucky not to grab her second goal of the match. With about 13 minutes left in the half CB West had a quality chance to tie the game with a corner kick that was nodded just over the bar from close range.

That was all it took for Souderton to press even harder. With 11 minutes left, senior Erin O'Keefe found herself in some space on the wing and hit a cross towards the back post for the onrushing Souderton attack. The cross was over-hit and found its way into the far corner of the net for Souderton's second goal. Two minutes later Souderton was able to build up from the back as the defense played a ball to sophomore Taylor Yoder on the wing, who was able to make a smart turn on her defender and advance the ball further upfield. Yoder's ball down the line found senior Campbell Power, who took the dribbled to the endline and slotted a nice low cross to O'Keefe for her second goal of the match.

With the third goal Souderton closed out a convincing victory against a tough opponent at home.

(Written by Ian Smith)

Article by Andrew Robinson on Suburban One Sports

June 2018- I'd like to welcome our new coaches to the Souderton Girls Soccer program.  Dave McDonough will be our new Junior Varsity Coach.  He is a Souderton alumni soccer player, currently coaches in our local communities, and also coaches track in the Spring.  Ian Smith will be our new Varsity Assistant Coach.  He is also a Souderton alumni soccer player and is currently studying to be a teacher.  I look forward to the contributions both Ian and Dave will bring to this program!

May 2018 - As the new Head Coach of SAHS Girls Soccer, I am very excited to be leading a team of talented and hard-working players this coming Fall.  I have been the JV Coach at SAHS since 2015 where I coached each of the girls currently in the program and each year has resulted in a strong and successful record. I will continue the high standard that has been set by former Head Coach Chris Felber, Assistant Coach Lexi Shumat, and Manager Todd Andrade and am ready to step up to Head Coach and bring out the best in each player so we can reach our fullest potential. I am supported by returning Manager, Andrade, and JV Coach, Dave McDonough, who are invaluable assets to the program and share in my desire to make this one of the best seasons for SAHS Girls Soccer.  I am proud that Sara Readinger and Campbell Power, our 2018 Captains, will be helping us in this effort and am confident their examples will set a positive and motivating tone for the upcoming season. They will be flanked by our other strong incoming seniors and a roster filled with impactful underclassmen. I have seen a large and talented group of incoming freshman at our off-season practices and am excited for their forthcoming contributions to the program.  HERE WE COME-Go Indians!  

    -Head Coach Lindsy Jones

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