• W E L C O M E ---- to all Soccer Goalies
  • G O A L I E training starting .....
  • JUNE 21 (wed) @ 4 pm at WEST Elementary School
  • sessions weekly through August 2nd
  • Cassie G, Abe S, Max J, Maddie K, Rachel S, Osiee D, Maddie L, Heather F .....
June 21, 2017 – 09:00 PM

     Today started the 2017 Soccer Goalie Summer Camp.  It was a good showing of all the goalies that initially committed to be at the camp.  Benchmark levels were recorded and it will be interesting to see how much improvement there will be by the end of the camp on July 26 (Wednesday).  Everyone was eager to get started and a major drill was recorded on video and will be be analyzed over the next 2 days by Coach Sam Jaeger.

     It is anticipated that the next practice session will prove to be more educational now that the administrative portion and the benchmark testing is completed.

     It will be important that everyone brings back their "Disclaimer" form so that they will be able to continue practicing and participating in the upcoming drills.

     There is one thing for sure, Goalies prove to be a very dedicated group!!!  The upcoming focus for sessions will be dedicated to the following:



               When to "Come Out"


               Punting with power & accuracy (punting strategies)


               Speed, agility, and reflex response

               Weakness realization and how to compensate

               Ball punching and legging

               The 1 v 1 scenario (a Goalie's nightmare)