July 1, 2019


As the results of the 2019 Tournaments come in, they will be posted here. Special thanks to all of the host towns this year. It is a lot of hard work to put on a tournament. Very much appreciated!


8U Girls at Heyworth

1st Place: Lexington 1


2nd Place: Tri Valley 3


3rd Place: Gibson City 1


10U Girls at Farmer City

1st Place: Tri Valley 1


2nd Place: Tri Valley 2


3rd Place: Heyworth 2


12U Girls at Lexington

1st Place: Pontiac 1,


2nd Place: Prairie Central 1,


3rd Place: Heyworth 1


14U Girls at GCMS

1st Place: GCMS 1


2nd Place: Ridgeview 1


3rd Place: Lexington 1



8U Boys at GCMS

1st Place: Gibson City 2


2nd Place: Lexington 2


3rd Place: Tri Valley 3


4th Place: Heyworth 1


10U Boys at Ridgeview

1st Place: Ridgeview 2


2nd Place: Ridgeview 1


3rd Place: Tri Valley 2


4th Place: Lexington 2


12U Boys at El Paso

1st Place: Heyworth 1


2nd Place: Lexington 1


3rd Place: GCMS 1


14U Boys at Pontiac

1st Place: El Paso-Gridley


2nd Place: Prairie Central


3rd Place: Lexington


May 30, 2019

The Tournament Brackets will be on the website by the end of the week. Tournament games will not start prior to June 25th and have to be completed by end of the day July 3rd. 

Here are your 2019 Tournament Hosts


Heyworth: 8U Girls

Farmer City: 10U Girls

Lexington: 12U Girls

GCMS: 14U Girls



GCMS: 8U Boys 

Ridgeview: 10U Boys

El Paso: 12U Boys

Pontiac: 14U Boys

The Season Starts!!

May 6, 2019

Thank you all for visiting the SEMCL Webpage. The  2019 season officially starts May 11th!! All of the schedules have been uploaded.

All of the coaching contact info that the SEMCL Board has received has been uploaded. If you do not see a particular coaches contact information, please contact your local board president and they can provide that information to you.

Have a great season!

Adam Elder

SEMCL Commissioner   

January 23, 2019


Welcome to the home site of the Southeast McLean County Travel League. This site contains the master schedule for the league.

For the 2019 & 2020 seasons, Gibson City will be hosting the duties of League Commissioner. Adam Elder is the contact person for the league and can be reached at

Important Dates:

League Scheduling Meeting: March 10th 2019 from 1pm-5pm in Gibson City. Location TBD.