San Gabriel Valley Jr. All American Football Conference




We support student-athletes in the San Gabriel Valley with a Football and Cheerleading program that stresses academic success and sportsmanship as our foundation.


We are proud to have 21 Franchises across the San Gabriel Valley, over 3000 student-athletes, and hundreds of volunteers that help support our efforts.


Our Conditioning week kicks off July 23rd. 

Accepting ages 5-14

Come and join us for an exciting Season.


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Franchises Boards, Volunteers, and Parents,

The year 2020 has brought forth unexpected, new, and challenging times that have become significant disruptions to our daily lives; whether it be work furloughs or job layoffs, our children having to spend the last several months of the school year with online based learning, or the simple pleasures we have come to enjoy such as youth sports, social gatherings with family and friends, restaurant dining, or personal care all abruptly taken from our normal routines. For some, they have unexpectedly lost loved ones whom months ago were vital parts of their lives. These unprecedented times have affected all of us. 

I am sure many of you have questions and even concerns about our status for 2020. 

• Will there be 2020 Season for SGVJAA Football and Cheer? Our Conference is actively planning a 2020 Season. Our initial targeted start date of early July is currently affected and being moved to early August. This remains a fluid situation as we are regularly monitoring State, County, Local, School, and Municipality guidelines.

• Will starting later impact anything? We are unsure at this time. What I can share with you is a group of Franchise Presidents and myself will be discussing several scenarios and contingency plans for the months ahead should regulations force us to start later that August 1st. We remain positive that our Conference will have a 2020 Season. Our goal is for it to be as traditional as possible, but we will also have plans in place for a modified season.

• What is the biggest challenge? Our biggest challenge we face right now is the uncertainty of field availability for practice and games as many facilities (Schools and Parks) have been shuttered for several months. Once their permit departments open again, they will help us better understand any facility challenges that could further impact our targeted start dates. Our Franchises have been asked to continue to work with their respective entities.

• When will you know more information? Conference will have regular cadence meetings with all Franchises every 2 weeks, possibly more frequently, to get the most up to date information for everyone. This information will be disseminated by the Franchises to their respective volunteers and parents.

• What about safety? Conference is currently working to draft guidelines using information provided by the CDC and others to establish these guidelines. When it comes to games, we are going to look at what the high school level is doing in regard to the number of fans, proper distancing, etc. As for practices, depending on the size of the facility, Franchises may need to do staggered times or days. Conference will then work with each Franchise to ensure they have plans and protocols in place.

On behalf of Conference, we are committed to getting our youth active again and giving them something to be excited about. I ask that you remain in contact with your respective franchises for regular updates.


Brian Duffield

Conference President 

San Gabriel Valley Jr. All American Football Conference, Inc.

The mission of the San Gabriel Valley Junior All-American Football Conference is to prepare student-athletes to practice ethical behavior including fair play, integrity, and adherence to rules. All S.G.V.J.A.A.F.C. athletic contests will represent in perception and practice, the appreciation for athletic excellence and the shared educational experience of competition. All individuals associated with athletic activities will be aware of and responsible for their influence on the behavior of others and be models of good sportsmanship.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Southern California whose mission is to provide a supervised youth program for the flag and tackle football players as well as cheerleaders ages 5-14. The league is designed to teach the fundamentals of the game while stressing the importance of sportsmanship and fair play.

Our Conference is made up of 20 franchised cities that participate in Jr. All American Football. The goal of our executive board and coaching staff is to teach the values of teamwork, commitment, discipline, self-confidence, and fair play through football and cheerleading. Academics are stressed as part of this program with all participants required to maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Granted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Incorporated in the State of California on August 22, 1968, Federal I.D. #95-6225422, State I.D. #D-0551756, Charitable Trust #CT-112168
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