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New Website is Now Open: siorioles.com


 At this time we are proud to announce that our new website, siorioles.com , is now open to the public.
While our original website served it's purpose, it has become outdated. We truly appreciate the fact that over a quarter of a million views took place there, but it is time to move on. We will continue to update the schedule portion of both the old and new websites until the end of the 2016 season to help make the transition for our players and parents easier.
The new website is easier to navigate and will allow us to promote our players on a wider scale via blogs and videos. It also contains live feeds to our social media pages on Instagram and Twitter. With a large following of college coaches this enables us to give our players an improved platform for recruiting.
Each team will have their own page as well as individual schedules/calendars.

Our New Master Calendar Can Be Found Here 

The new website also contains an online store where you will be able to buy current items as well as some items that are from previous years at a discount.
The store will also allow you to make payments for the season. Obviously all this can be done via credit/debit card. For your convenience, all major cards will be accepted.
We hope you enjoy the new website. If you have any questions concerning the new site, please email us at:
Best Wishes,
The Staten Island Orioles Staff