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Report to Council Re Shorter Ice Season

To answer questions with the decision to have ice season shortened, the following is the report that went to council March 21st 2018 and was presented to Minor Hockey at there March Meeting.

2018-19 Ice Season Usage Options & Proposal

The Southgate Recreation Department will consider not putting ice in the arena until October 9th 2018 to reduce operating costs. The rational for this decision is the declining trends in ice usage. If trends remain the same going forward, the Municipality will have to look at options to improve the budget. This generally means increased rates, shortened season or increased usage. Increased usage would be the desired option, but we are not sure if this is foreseeable. The option most likely would be shorten the season. This would mean ice would not be ready until October 9th, 2018 (Tuesday after Thanksgiving). If we started October 9th, 2018, Minor Hockey’s ice season would be 3 weeks shorter (approximately 85 hours in ice rental). If the 85 hours could be added into the shortened season as 1 1/2 hour practices, this would greatly help the arena budget and would keep the ice cost from having a major increase. The current Arena budget is set for $104,300. To achieve this number, with the ice over 28 weeks (current season September 17th, 2017 to March 31st, 2018), the average weekly rentals need to be 38 hours. In the 2017-18 season the Arena averaged 34 hours per week, which works out to approximately $11,200 shortage in revenue. For the 2018-19 season by starting October 9th, 2018 the season would be shortened by 3 weeks. This would save over $7,000 in hydro cost, which could lower the necessary revenues to balance the budget. To achieve $97,300 in revenue over 25 weeks, the Arena would need 38 hours of rentals per week. With the current trends to achieve 38 hours per week in 2018-19 we would need the following use: • Minor Hockey 27 hours • Semi Pro 3 hours • Private rentals 8 hours Dundalk Minor Hockey in January and February 2018 averaged 22 hours per week. To get minor hockey up to 27 per week, if number of teams remain the same, it would require 5 more hours per week. (October to November 2017 was 25 hours per week)

Option #1 – Shorter Season Take the 85 hours unused by starting October 9th, 2018, this time if used during the shortened season would increase practice times to 1 ½ hours and increasing their ice usage to 26 hours per week. This would equate to no cost increase to minor hockey or decrease in usage.

Option #2 – Increase Fees Operate within current parameters of 28 weeks of Minor Hockey using 22 hours per week. To cover the costs, ice rates will continue to increase to cover the budget at an exponential rate. To achieve the budget, ice rates would need to increase to $114 per hour, going up over $10 per hour and costing Minor Hockey an estimated $7000 more per season.


If anyone requires more information please contact the Facilities Manager. Would prefer you to have the correct information than be misled by non informed Facebook Post.

Kevin Green Facilities Manager


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