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SHAQ Schedule:  

Week of Dec. 3 - Jan. 5, 2020

  • 3 - Tues:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 4 - Wed:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 5 - Thur:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 6 - Fri:  No SHAQ Practice 
  • 7, 8 - Sat, Sun:  SFAC Slower than BB-Mini Invite
  • 9 - Mon:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 10 - Tue:  No SHAQ Practice - HS Home Meet
  • 11 - Wed:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 12 - Thur;  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 13 - Fri:  No SHAQ Practice
  • 14, 15 - Sat, Sun:  No SHAQ Invites
  • 16 - Mon:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 17 - Tue:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 18 - Wed:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 19 - Thur:  SHAQ Practice - Team Christmas Party
  • 20 - Fri:  No SHAQ Practice
  • 21, 22 - Sat, Sun:  No SHAQ Invites
  • December 23, 2019 - January 1, 2020 - No SHAQ Practice - Christmas Break
  • 2 - Thur:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 3 - Fri:  SHAQ Practice - All Groups
  • 4, 5 - Sat, Sun - No SHAQ Invites

Fall Registration19/20 Registration is underway and ongoing!        

Short Course Reg Forms under Pages tab.



AMS:  Registration for New Members and renewals are underway.

Meet sign-ups:  Check at Front Table. Check the AMS Invite tab to the left.

Click here for AMS Swim Invite Link 

Fundraising:  USA Swim-A-Thon - January, 2020 - Details coming soon!, SHAQ Lottery Raffle - February

Mock Meet:  Date coming soon. - All swimmers are to attend at 5pm

SHAQ Invite for 2019-2020 Season, SHAQ will be hosting the following:  

Fall Slower than BB, Nov. 9-10, 2019 

SHAQ is looking to expand its' coaching staff.  If you know of anyone interested in being part of our program, please have them contact us!!


Forms and info. are located by clicking the tabs in the tool bar to the left!!  


Help Desk:  Monday from 5:30pm to 6:00pm 

Please email me with any questions.

SHAQ GEAR:  If your interested, stop at the Help Desk for future orders!




"Why I Succeed?"  Open the Tab!  Give it a read! 
Why do you succeed??

Registration is ongoing!!

Please stop in for a swimmer evaluation and see what our program has to offer.

Contact southhillsaquatics@gmail for additional information.







AMS Meet Information

AMS Meet Info, Meet Announcements and Due dates

can be found under the Meet Event Info tab to the left


 SHAQ Text Alerts

We are encouraging all SHAQ families to signup for Text Alerts (found in the box below the site counter on the lower left side of the site). There is no cost involved in signing up.
By signing up for the website you will be able to receive emergency text alerts and additional e-mail communication from   the site. It takes a few minutes to register and you will need to verify your e-mail and cell phone number. Once you have     setup the text alerts you can join the "SHAQ PARENTS" group. This method of communication will be used for informative purposes, emergencies and last minute changes. The site will allow you to cancel your membership at any time. 
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