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2016 Molson Power Vac Cup Preview

December 9, 2016

Consistency is often overlooked when thinking of greatness. People often underestimate how hard it is to keep a good thing going. The Canada Cup and World Cup combined, have only pulled off eight total events. Eight championships over a span of 40 years (1976-2016). Organizers have had (on average) 4 full years to prepare for these events. This fact alone, shows just how difficult it is to keep consistent. The organizers of the [Molson] Power Vac Cup, however, do not give in to difficult situations. They continue to put off the annual tournament with little-to-no budget, volunteers, or support services. What fuels their passion? Is it the intense hockey we see year in year out, or is it the hundreds of fans (mostly women in their 20's) that keep this group working hard around the clock? Maybe it's the bottomless supply of liquor following the tournament's finale. Whatever the case may be, they keep the Power Vac Cup alive. And now, in 2016, the Christmas Classic is closing in on its 10th annual competition (and maybe it’s last). The journey to this point has been nothing short of a war for the five contending teams. All but one team, the Southeast Prowlers, have had their hands on the prestigious trophy. Could this be their year to do so? It would seem like a perfect ending. Or will it be another exciting Placentia-Dunville final? Time will soon tell. 

This year, we’ve decided to take a different approach on the Power Vac Cup preview. Instead of making any predictions (as unsuccessful as they were), we will breakdown each SPDHL team and give you an idea of what to expect on December 26.  It seems appropriate to wait and let history tell the tale of the 10th annual 2016 Molson Power Vac Cup. 


Dunville Grinders

Est: 2007

2015 Finish: Champions

PVC Titles: 3 – 2007,2009,2015

Captain: Vince Kerrivan

Colours: Blue & Gold

Home Court: St. Anne’s Parking Lot

Manager: Wes Higdon


Projected Lineup: G- Brent Hatfield, D- Wes Higdon, D- Jamie Traverse, F-Vince Kerrivan, F-Jordan Blanche, F- Jake Blanche, F- Adam Mandville


The Dunville Grinders enjoyed early success in the SPDHL, winning 2 of the first 3 titles. Last year they were able to regain control of the PVC, after several years of up and down finishes. Import sophomore Brent Hatfield is expected to man the crease for the Grinders in 2016. The Grinders play a gritty, tight defensive game, but developed an offensive powerhouse through the Traverse, [Jake] Blanche, Mandville line over the past few tournaments. The typical Grinder style is brought out in the team’s grind line consisting of Higdon, Kerrivan and [Jordan] Blanche.


Freshwater Falcons

Est: 2011

2015 Finish: Semi-Final Loss

PVC Titles: 1 -2013

Captain: Evan Green

Colours: Black & Red

Home Court: Freshwater Basketball Court

Manager: Devan McGrath


Projected Lineup: G-Brad Mcgrath, D-Evan Green, D-Stephen McGrath, F-Devan McGrath, F-Jeremy O’Reilly, F-Freddie Mills, F-Ryan Whittle, F-Nick Pittman


The Freshwater Falcons are the youngest of the SPDHL franchises, but cannot be taken lightly. They had the taste of victory back in 2013 but haven’t reached the final since. The Falcons have a well-balanced lineup led by sniper Devan McGrath and strong two-way forwards Freddie Mills and Nick Pittman. They have some size and finish in Jeremy O’Reilly and pure finesse in Ryan Whittle. We expect to see veterans Evan Green and Stephen McGrath on the back end, with Brad McGrath in goal. Defence and goaltending were key in the 2013 Championship and the Falcons will need much of the same to get back there in 2016.


Jerseyside Jets

Est: 2010

2015 Finish: Semi-Final Loss

PVC Titles: 1 – 2012

Captain: Mitch Whelan

Colours: Green & White

Home Court: Coal Yard

Manager: John Rose


Projected Lineup: G-Jordy Dray, D- Chris Healey, D- Ricky Healey, F-John Rose, F-Devin Whelan, F-Brad Budden


The Jerseyside Jets will be without captain, Mitch Whelan and Defenceman Gerard Dray at the 10th Annual PVC. Although these are big losses for the Jets, do not rule them out. Traditionally known as a strong defensive team, the Jets have some firepower up front with Rose, Whelan and Budden. Whatever combinations of these forwards are used, it should provide ample production. The veteran Healey brothers won’t provide much offence from the blue line, but both are among the elite defencemen in the league. Goaltender Jordy Dray is a sure finalist for the Top Goalie award each year, and was near perfect in the Jets’ sole PVC Title in 2012.


Placentia Panthers

Est: 2007

2015 Finish: Runner-Up

PVC Titles: 4 – 2008,2010,2011,2014

Captain: Phonse Pomroy

Colours: Red & Gold

Home Court: Panther Place

Manager: Zack Greene


Projected Lineup: G-Troy Leonard, D-Michael Mulrooney, D-Colby Murphy, F-Zack Greene, F-Eddie Hefferan, F-Scott Greene, F-Andrew Kelly


The Placentia Panthers will also be without their Captain at the Christmas Classic. Pomroy will miss his second straight PVC.  To fill the void, the Panthers signed Andrew Kelly to an entry level deal. He will join an already potent offense, and most likely line up with Zack Greene on the Panthers top line. Eddie Hefferan will lead the second forward line with veteran grinder Scott Greene. Placentia’s strength is highlighted in the league’s best 1-2 punch on D, in Michael Mulrooney and Colby Murphy. Troy Leonard will be between the pipes for the Panthers, as he looks to backstop Placentia to their 5th PVC Title.


Southeast Prowlers

Est: 2007

2015 Finish: 5th Place

PVC Titles: 0

Captain: Marcus Greene

Colours: Green, Black & White

Home Court: Power Vac Place

Manager: Eric King


Projected Lineup: G- Nick Duke, D-Marcus Greene, D-Ryan Follett, D-Tristan Mcgrath, F-Eric King, F-Will Cochrane, F-Tyler Whittle, F-Steve Brewer, F-Brent Payne



The Southeast Prowlers had a disappointing 2015 PVC after making the 2014 PVC final against Placentia. They will be looking to rebound this year, with all weapons on board. Steve Brewer will be back for Southeast after a two-year absence. He will join veteran scorers Will Cochrane and Brent Payne up front, as well as Prowlers’ top threat, Tyler Whittle. Long-time Prowler Eric King will produce while playing both forward and D. We expect to see the same from Prowlers’ anchor, Tristan McGrath. Southeast hosts an experienced blue line with captain, Marcus Greene and the always-dangerous Ryan Follett. Nick Duke will man the Prowlers’ goal. Duke will lay it all on the line in the 10th annual PVC, as he just recently announced that this will be his last SPDHL tournament. The Prowlers would love to finish the netminder’s storied career with a PVC Title.


There you have it. The five teams who will battle it out for the 10th Annual Power Vac Cup. There's no debating it, this year will be special. This year will be the tournament that all will remember for years to come. For the majority of the league, it will be memories filled with regret, players wishing they could have done more to help their team win. But for one team, it will be a recollection of success and accomplishment, for they will always remember the year they won the 2016 Power Vac Cup.

You can take over now, History, tell us your story.


Prowlers Goalie With Big Announcement

December 6, 2016

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016 current goalie of the Southeast Prowlers, Nick Duke, has made the announcement of his plans to retire after this upcoming Power Vac Cup (PVC). As Everyone knows, this is the 10th PVC which is the league’s biggest milestone to date. Duke has been with the Prowlers from day one so it only seems fitting after 10 seasons of many ups and downs that he has decided to hang up the pads after what should be, the greatest PVC yet.

As this announcement sends shock waves through the league, it makes you wonder if Duke will be the only member to take this retirement path. With the SPDHL having many original members and with lots of upcoming talent that seem to be added yearly, it’s hard not to shake the idea that some members could possibly be thinking the same way.

Whether other members decide to take the same path or not, one thing that’s for certain is that the Southeast Prowlers will not have to look far for motivation. Being one of the 3 original teams and currently the only team in the league to not win the legendary PVC trophy; you can be sure the prowlers will be as hungry as ever to finally take home gold for their fellow teammate’s final tournament.


Don Bradshaw

NTV News