Changes to Tick Racing Team

<:> Good evening to all of our friends, fans, and supporters out there. JT here with a team update. We are making a couple changes to the team, which started on August 1, 2017. As everyone knows, the team has been struggling with finances for the past couple years. After redesigning the budget for the team, we have a new plan in place. ( I am not at liberty do discuss that on the page )

<:> The good news is that the plan is so far working well, and we are slowly moving forward in that area. Granted the month just started, and it is very early to tell the long term benefit of the new budget, but if it continues to work well, as it is so far, by golly we are going to be in great shape.

<:> While trying to find a new team, I had to think harder, and despite it making it a bit more difficult, we as a team need to focus on what is best for the team, and the team's future. What is best for the team's future is to build up a solid financial department that will allow for us to compete in more events, and become the top tier team that we were at one time. I believe that with this new plan, not only are we going to be as great as we were in the past, but we are going to be even better.

<:> I know this is not exactly the news that all of our supporters were checking the site for, but I had to share this on the page, because we race for you, our fans. You are the ones that support us, and cheer for us, and maybe even come to the track to see us on the track in action. We do not let that go unnoticed. We will continue to move forward, and continue to make this team what it was in the past, but better. We will rise to the top again with hard work, and some dedication.

<:> If you have any comments about this, or anything else related to our operation, please feel free to contact myself, or the team owner, ( Holly Lynn Tyler ) via social media. We try very hard to move the team forward, but hey, feedback and other people's ideas are always a plus. Thanks for stopping by to check out our site, and we look greatly forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at the track in the near future.

 ~ JT ~

Tick Racing driver Justin Tyler not racing in Wisconsin State Qualifier this week

<:> Tick Racing assistant manager, and driver Justin Tyler has announced that he, and the team will not be racing in the Wisconsin State Qualifier this weekend, July 15, 2017. This is due to a very busy work schedule, damage to the bike from last weeks accident, and lack of funding for this event. ( cost is higher for the bigger events ) We do hope to get on the track still in 2017, and we are looking into ways of gaining more funding for this to happen.

<:> Keep in mind, we are currently seeking sponsorship for upcoming events. The total cost for the rest of 2017, provided someone wants a full sponsorship can be discussed by contacting Justin, or Holly. ( Sign our guestbook if you are having a difficult time reaching them, and one of them will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible )

<:> Stay tuned for further updates, as we will be updating the site as often as we are able to do so. Thank you so much to our fans, sponsors, and supporters for your continued support of Tick Racing Team.

Update from Tick Racing

<:> This news is NOT FINAL at this point, but it is something that I'm considering. I am thinking about rebuilding the Haro race bike, and RENTING it out for weekends during the 2017 racing season. The reason for this is due to financial issues with the team, along with taking time off for me to heal all the way from my last crash, and lastly, because I am wanting to have much more family time to spend with my wife. Things have been rather crazy in the department the past couple weeks, and being nearly 37 years old, I'm getting wore out with everything going on at one time.

<:> I do want to make some starts this season, however they will be bigger events, which will be much later in the season than I had planned. We will be talking more about this at the shop, and I will be sure to update with any and all further updates. Thanks for stopping by to check out the site.

~ JT ~

May 18, 2017 – 05:41 AM

<:> Good morning to all of my fans and supporters. I have not been able to update the site as often as I would like, however I am very restless tonight, so got some time to do it now.

<:> I'm sure most of you already know, I was involved in a violent crash on May 6, 2017 during a test session, in which I sustained a broken collar bone. The bike also sustained heavy damage. Due to injuries, I will be off the track for some time, but right now, I do not have a exact time frame. ( I would like to be back for the first points race ) We have been working on the bike to get it ready to go as soon as I am, and I am hopeful to have it completed by mid to late June. It will have a new look when completed, as We are going to paint it blue. ( the color I ran for most of my career ) I'm excited about that.

<:> I would like to take a minute to thank each and every sponsor, and fan, along with everyone who is a supporter of myself, and our racing operation. You are all amazing.

<:> I will try to update more often. This is a challenge for me with the crazy busy schedule that I have with working on our racing operation, sponsor obligations, along with my job. It is a rare thing for me to have a day off, as I normally work 7 days a week, and we work at all hours. ( on call 24 hours a day ) Thank you for checking the site out, and I will talk to you all again in the near future.

~ JT ~

Welcome to Tick Racing 2017

April 19, 2017 – 01:00 PM

<:> Welcome to Tick Racing Team, and the 2017 racing season. We are super pumped up about the new season, and trying some new tracks. We are still working on our new schedule, but we hope to have that all scheduled up in the near future. We are proud to have some new sponsors / supporters in the new season as well, however we are still looking for more, as the cost of running at the level we have reached continues to get higher and higher.

<:> Keep in mind, you can keep up further with the team driver, Justin Tyler, but following him on facebook. We tend to update that on a very regular basis.

<:> Be sure to check back often, as we plan to update much more often to this page, and keep our fans updated with the latest news. We hope to see you at the track.


Dans Compitition, St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, Make A Wish Foundation, Haro Bikes, and Frisch Signs.

*A huge thank you to Frisch Signs for the great new look for the new season. Be sure to talk to them for all you sign needs. They are clearly the best in the business, at very reasonable prices*