Congrats to the following players for making the Tri-County Rangers Core Teams

18U Core Team

Riley Adamson-Simms         Cameron Brushett

Jeremy Clarke                        Nick Curtis

Ryan Dewolfe                        Chris Fleming

Tristan Giddens                      Ben Guenette

Connor Hill                             Rees Hines

Zach Jenkins                          Matt Johnston

Noah Kuehner                        Jack Langley

Kieren MacPherson               Marcus Conrad

Julian Ponee                          Peter Reid

Josh Sears                             Brandon Snair

Adam Soucy                          Brogan Walsh

Rylan Walsh                           Eric Woodman


15U Core Team

Derek Apa                             Angus Berry

Xander Brown                       Theo Conrad

Quinn Fox                             Nick Hiltz

Xavier Kays                          Nolan Kennedy

Nathan Kuehner                   Jaxon Lee

Dylan MacLean                    Ryder MacLean

Cameron Peters                   David Plotsky

Caiden Rhodes                    Caden Ryder

Sam Song                            Lucas Taylor

Grant Thomander                Colin Thomas

Olivier Truax                        Ashton Trueman

Aidan Webb                         Parker White

Adam Woodman


13U Core Team

Nate Boudreau                    Ben Carlin

Michael Colosimo                Myles Conrad

Cael Copeland                     Ethan Dort

William Elliot                        Rory Fox

Lucas Hart                           Connor Henry

Tucker Johnson                   Angus Knowles

Zack Lenihan                       Ian Lovett

Nolan MacKinnon                Maddex Marmulak

Michael Penney                   Owen Pitcher

Alex Plotsky                         Tucker Potter

Jonathan Roberts                Ryder Scallion

Tyler Schmeisser                 Jacob Snair

Joel Verge                        Sebastien Villeneuve

11U Core Team

Nate Bollivar                    Maddox Burke

Seth Carroll                      London Gillis

Padraig Goudrey             Holden Kogon

Nathan Kydd                   Carter Lenihan

Levi MacDonald             Phenwick MacLean

Alistair MacPhee            Jacob MacPherson

Luke Maidment                Logan Neale

Zachary Olmstead          Xavier Pineo

Marshall Potter               James Schmeisser

Aaron Shewchuk       Alexander Slaunwhite

Jared Sorhaindo              Brady Tovell

Olivia Warford                  Carter Williams



18U Tryout Schedule 

Sunday, June 21st - MacDonald Sports Park, Waverley

12:00 - 2:00 - Julian Ponee, Cameron Brushett, Adam Soucy, Riley Adamson-Simms, Peter Reid, Rees Hines, Zach Jenkins, Brandon Snair, Noah Kuehner, Nick Curtis, Ben Guenette, Matt Johnston

2:30-4:30 - Jeremy Clarke, Mitchell Lloyd, Connor Hill, Marcus Conrad, Eric Woodman, Jack Langley, Ryan Dewolfe, Joshua Sears, Brogan Walsh, Rylan Walsh, Chris Fleming,  Kieran MacPherson, Tristan Giddens


Sunday, July 5th - MacDonald Sports Park, Waverley

10:00 - 12:00 - Rees Hines, Mitchell Lloyd, Jack Langley, Ben Guenette, Noah Kuehner, Adam Soucy, Zach Jenkins, Julian Ponee, Ryan Dewolfe, Cameron Brushett, Connor Hill, Brogan Walsh, Rylan Walsh

12:30 - 2:30 - Matt Johnston, Peter Reid, Riley Adamson-Simms, Chris Flemming, Jeremy Clarke, Tristan Giddens, Marcus Conrad, Brandon Snair, Nick Curtis, Josh Sears, Eric Woodman, Kieren MacPherson


15U Tryout Schedule

Saturday, June 20th - MacDonald Sports Park, Waverley

9:00 - 11:00 Derek Apa, Xavier Kays, David Plotsky, Cameron Peters, Hayden MacAvoy, Michael Baker, Aidan Webb, Adam Woodman, Ashton Trueman, Dylan MacLean, Ryder MacLean, Samuel Song, Olivier Truax, Chris Bennett, Parker White, Jaxon Lee, Grant Thomander

11:30 - 1:30 - Lucas TaylorColin Thomas, Blake McEwen-Adams, Theo Conrad, Xander Brown, Caiden Rhodes, Nathan Kuehner, Gabe Woolaver, Elliot Jollymore, Nolan Kennedy, Angus Berry, Caden Ryder, Jake Foster, Rylan Young, Nicholas Hiltz, Quinn Fox


Saturday, June 27th - MacDonald Sports Park, Waverley

9:00 - 11:00 - Dylan MacLean, Ryder MacLean, Elliot Jollymore, Michael Baker, Jake Foster, Blake McEwen-Adams, Cameron Peters, Rylan Young, Chris Bennett, Grant Thomander, Hayden MacAvoy, Jaxon Lee, Nolan Kennedy, Gabe Woolaver, Nathan Kuehner

11:30 - 1:30 - Xander Brown, Adam Woodman, Lucas Taylor, Parker White, Nick Hiltz, Olivier Truax, Angus Berry, Caiden Rhodes, Derek Apa, Caden Ryder, Xavier Kays, Quinn Fox, Aidan Webb, Ashton Trueman, Theo Conrad, David Plotsky, Sam Song, Colin Thomas



13U Tryout Schedule

Saturday, June 20th - Windsor Junction Community Center, Windsor Junction

 9:00 - 11:00 - Maddex Marmulak, Zack Lenihan, Rory Fox, Ian Lovett, Jack Adams, Maddox Payne, Brayden Watson, Connor Henry, Tucker Potter, Alex Plotsky, Matthew McGinn, Trent Peveril, Nate Boudreau, Jack Beaver, Ben Carlin, Nolan MacKinnon, Tyler Schmeisser, William Elliot

11:30 - 1:30 Owen Pitcher, Angus Knowles, Jack Robichaud, Joel Verge, Ethan Dort, Sebastien Villeneuve, Jonathan Roberts, Michael Colosimo, Michael Penney, Zack Morris, Tucker Johnson, Myles Conrad, Cael Copeland, Lucas Hart, Shane Brown, Ryder Scallion, Liam Kays, Jacob Snair


Saturday, June 27th - Windsor Junction Community Center, Windsor Junction

9:00 - 11:00 - Cael Copeland, Connor Henry, Rory Fox, Myles Conrad, Michael Penney, Owen Pitcher, Jack Adams, Jack Robichaud, Tyler Schmeisser, Brayden Watson, Shane Brown, Zack Morris, Liam Kays, Nate Boudreau, Matthew McGinn, Trent Peveril, Jack Beaver

11:30 - 1:30 - Alex Plotsky, Jonathan Roberts, Michael Colosimo, Zack Lenihan, Ethan Dort, Ben Carlin, Sebastien Villeneuve, Angus Knowles, Lucas Hart, Ryder Scallion, Tucker Johnson, Jacob Snair, Tucker Potter, Joel Verge, Nolan MacKinnon, Ian Lovett, William Elliot, Maddex Marmulak


11U Tryout Schedule

Sunday, June 21st - Windsor Junction Community Center, Windsor Junction

9:00 - 11:00- Xavier Pineo, Carter Lenihan, Maddox Burke, Emmett Chen, London Gillis, Reid Sutherland, Jack Bardsley, Nate Bollivar, Olivia Warford, Chase Bowden, Padraig Goudey, Aaron Shewchuk, Phenwick MacLean, James Schmeisser, Marshall Potter, Seth Carroll, Carter Williams,

11:30-1:30 Ali Hammoud, Zachary Olmstead, Rowyn Peart, Logan Neale, Tanner Greenough, Brady Tovell, Jaxon Carmichael, Drew Kogon, Holden Kogon, Alistair MacPhee, Luke Maidment, Jared Sorhaindo, Alexander Slaunwhite, Liam MacPherson, Jacob MacPherson, Nathan Kydd, Levi MacDonald


Wednesday, July 1st - Windsor Junction Community Center, Windsor Junction

9:00 - 11:00 - Alistair MacPhee, Zachary Olmstead, Jared Sorhaindo, Aaron Shewchuk, Holden Kogon, Logan Neale, Olivia Warford, Carter Lenihan, Luke Maidment, James Schmeisser, Seth Carroll, Brady Tovell, Jacob MacPherson, Xavier Pineo, Alexander Slaunwhite, Nathan Kydd, Phenwick MacLean

11:30 - 1:30 - Maddox Burke, Padraig Goudrey, Nate Bollivar, Tanner Greenough, Levi MacDonald, London Gillis, Carter Williams, Marshall Potter, Drew Kogon, Reid Sutherland, Chase Bowden, Ali Hammoud, Jaxon Carmichael, Liam MacPherson, Emmett Chen, Jack Bardsley, Rowyn Peart


2020 Tri-County Coaching Lineup

Tri-County Rangers are pleased to announce the coaches for the upcoming 2020 competitive season. 
11U AAA -  Scott Pineo
11U AA - 
13U AAA - Troy Marmulak
13U AA - 
15U AAA - Phil Apa
15U AA - Dean Lee
18U AAA- Kris Dewolfe
18U AA -  Chris Giddens

COVID 19 UPDATE - April 2, 2020

The Baseball Nova Scotia Board of Directors held a conference call on March 30th to determine the next steps for the organization in addressing the issues with the COVID-19 virus. In line with the decision by the Provincial Government to further delay the reopening of schools, Baseball Nova Scotia is extending its cancellation of all in-person activities until May 4th, 2020. This includes all tryouts that we had scheduled in March.  Please see the following link for the full BNS update:

Baseball Nova Scotia COVID-19 Update

*********IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR 2020 COACHES***********

Sackville, Bedford and LWF met concerning TC coaching for the 2020 season.  It has been decided everyone interested in a head coach position must go through the interview process instead of coaches automatically getting a team back from the previous year.

We are hoping to have teams in AAA, AA and A divisions for the 2020 season.

Once the interview process is over only coaches for the AAA teams will be announced. After the first round of tryouts are completed then AA and A coaches will be announced depending on where the remaining players place during tryouts.

Anyone interested in a coaching position must attend tryouts to help evaluate players in their division. They also must attend tryouts for a different division to help with evaluations.

Anyone interested in a head coach position for 2020 please email me and let me know which division and level you are applying for.







High-Performance Baseball Training Camp



  • The camp will begin on November 17 and run through to March.
  • Each athlete will attend two camp sessions per week on Sunday and Monday evenings.


Age Groups: Based on the 2020 Baseball Season


  • AA, AAA and Provincia Level Athletes
  • Age 12-14: (PeeWee and First-Year Bantam) - 7 to 8 pm
  • Age 15 and Up: (Second Year Bantam and Above) - 8 to 9 pm
  • Maximum 10 athletes per session




  • Training will take place at 20 Mount Hope Avenue at Falck Safety Systems.




  • Jeff Reeves, Mike Reeves, Chris Thibideau and Phil Appa


Program Description: 


  • The goal of the camp is to develop athlete strength in combination with baseball skills.
  • This is a three-phase program that includes strength and conditioning, power and flexibility, and a progressive throwing program to increase velocity. 
  • The camp will also include a hitting component that will strive to increase bat speed, power, work on launch angles and exit velocity.
  • Each athlete will receive a personalized program in which they are required to follow in between camp sessions.  


Camp Fee:


  • The camp cost is $500 per athlete (Approx.. $17.50 per session)
  • Payment plans can be established




Tri-County 2019 Success

Congratulations to the 11U AA Mosquito Rangers for winning the Atlantic Championships!  The Rangers went 5-0 for the weekend and won the gold medal game by a score of 13-3.  Awesome job guys!


Congratulations to the 11U AAA Mosquito Rangers for winning Provincial Gold!  The Rangers took the championship game with an 8-1 win to secure the gold.  Good luck in Atlantics!





Congratulations to the 11U Mosquito AA Rangers for winning Provincial Gold on August 25th in Halifax!  The Rangers won all 5 games in their provincial tournament including beating Halifax in the semi-finals.  They beat the league leading Stellarton Albions in a very close and exciting 3-1 game to bring home the championship. 






Congratulations to the Tri-County 11U AAA team on winning the 40th annual Bob Donahue tournament in Riverview.  TC went 4-1 in the tournament including a 6-4 extra inning win over Mid Isle in the championship game!




Congrats to Tri-County 11U AA Rangers for the silver medal in Summerside, PEI.  They had a close 2-1 lose in the championship game vs. Stellarton. 

Tri-County Rangers Representing Team NS


Congratulations to Aiden Webb and Maddex Marmulak from the Rangers AAA Peewee team for being a part of team NS at the 13U Canadian National Championships in Montreal last week. 

2019 Tri-County Rangers Final Rosters



 18U - Midget


   18U AAA               18U AA  

Michael Gray        Aidan Beaulieu

Jack Jensen         Nicholas Curtis

Noah Kuehner      Ryan Dewolfe

Jack Lake             Chris Fleming

Andrew Miller       Ethan Fudge

Alex Oullette        Rees Hines

Julian Ponee         Liam Johnston

Peter Reid            Kieren MacPherson

Joshua Sears        Garrett O'Hearn

Brandon Snair       Adam Soucy

Noah Wilson         Blake Whebby

Brogan Walsh       Carson Whitford

Kyle Sampson

Evan Fox 


15U - Bantam


  15U AAA                 15U AA

Brayden Boutilier   Cameron Brushett 

Xander Brown       Carter Hale

Jeremy Clarke       Nick Hiltz

Connor Hill            Xavier Kays

Zach Jenkins         Keith Lynch

Matt Johnston       Dylan MacLean

Jacob Smith          Sam MacLennan

Jordan Smith         Cameron Peters

Lucas Taylor           Samuel Song

Ashton Trueman     Colin Thomas

Molly White            Rylan Walsh

Adam Woodman     Rylan Young


13U - Peewee


13U AAA                  13U AA 

 Derek Apa            Kane Clark

Angus Berry          Ethan Dort

Theo Conrad         Jevon Gaudett

Ben Fraser            Tucker Johnson

Jaxon Lee             Nolan Kennedy

Ryder MacLean      Rylan Leclaire

Maddex Marmulak  Jonathan Roberts

Ryan Miller            Jacob Snair

David Plotsky        Grant Thomander      

Caiden Rhodes   Sebastian Villeneuve

Olivier Truax          Parker White

Aidan Webb           Gabe Woolaver


11U - Mosquito


11U AAA                  11U AA 

Myles Conrad         Seth Carroll

Will Elliott               Cael Copeland

Hayden Kelderman  Jacob Darling

Zack Lenihan          Rory Fox 

Ian Lovett               Lucas Hart

Nolan MacKinnon    Connor Henry

Ryder MacQueen   Jacob McPherson

Alex Plotsky            Zack Morris

Tucker Potter        Alex Munroe  

Ryder Scallion        Xavier Pineo 

Alexander Slaunwhite  Owen Pitcher

Joel Verge               Jack Robichaud

                                  Tyler Schmeisser 




2018 Tri-County Rangers Final Rosters



             11U AAA

Colosimo Mikey
Conrad Myles
Dort Ethan
Elliott William
Kelderman Hayden
LeClaire Rylan
Lovett Ian
Marmulak Maddex
Penney Michael
Roberts Jonathan
Snair Jacob
Verge Joel


              11U AA 

Brown Shane
Carlin Ben
Copeland Cael
Hart Lucas
Johnson Tucker
Potter Tucker
Lenihan Zack
MacKinnon Nolan
MacQueen Ryder
Plotsky Alex
Scallion Ryder
Slaunwhite Alexander
Villeneuve Sebastien



    13U - PEEWEE

            13U AAA

Boutilier Brayden
Brown Xander
Conrad Theo
DeCoffe Colby
Doucette Carter
Peters Cameron
Plotsky David
Rhodes Caiden
Taylor Lucas
Truax Olivier
Trueman Ashton
Woodman Adam


                13U AA

Apa Derek
Bennett Christopher
Berry Angus
Copeland Leah
Fraser Ben
Hiltz Nicholas
Kays Xavier
MacLean Dylan
MacLean Ryder
Ryder Caden
White Parker
Young Rylan


                 13U A

Baker Michael
Foster Jake
Gaudett Jevon
Jollymore Elliot
Kennedy Nolan
Kuehner Nathan
McKenzie Braeden
Lee Jaxon
Miller Ryan
Song Samuel
Thomander Grant
Thomas Colin


       15U - BANTAM

            15U AAA

Clarke Jeremy
Cowan Shane
Crowell Nash
Fox Evan
Jenkins Zachary
Johnston Matthew
Kuehner Noah
Miller Andrew
Riesgo Camilo
Sampson Brayden
Sampson Kyle
Song Kiwean


           15U AA

Brushett Cameron
Giddens Tristan
Hill Connor
MacLennan Sam
MacPherson Kieren
Murphy Jarren
Ponee Julian
Sears Joshua
Smith Jacob
Smith Jordan
Soucy Adam
White Molly




          18U MIDGET

            18U AAA

Carpentier Phillipe
Deir Luke
Gray Michael
Hartlen Logan
Harrison Kyle
Jensen Jack
Lake Jack
Ouellette Alex
Reid Peter
Samson Jake
Snair Brandon
Trueman Blake
Walsh Brogan


            18U AA

Adamson-Simm Riley
Beaulieu Aidan
Curtis Nick
DeWolfe Ryan
Fudge Ethan
Johnston Liam
Mosher Chris
O'Hearn Garrett
Watson Ethan
Whebby Blake
Whitford Carson
Wilson Noah



MANAGERS - Reporting Bluenose League Scores


Information on how to register and report scores for your BNS Bluenose League games click here


Tri-County Rangers Baseball - General Information

If you are interested in trying out for one of the Tri-County Rangers Rep teams, you must first register through one of our member associations: Sackville Minor Baseball, Bedford Minor Baseball, or LWF Minor Baseball.  Please indicate on the registration form that you wish to attend tryouts.


Coaching Evaluation Survey

We want to hear what you have to say! Your input is valued and appreciated in our continued efforts to deliver the best baseball experience possible.

This survey is anonymous unless you would like to include your name in the comments section.

Please note that you must complete a separate survey for each coach that you wish to evaluate.

Thank you for your support!