Our First Team Meeting Will Be Held Sunday February 9th 6pm

at First Baptist Church 5055 Governor Drive San Diego 92122.


2017 Hawaii World Series Champions

                 July 18 U.S. 12 - North Shore Bulldogs 2

                 July 19 U.S. 3 - Hawaii Prospects 0

                 July 20 U.S. 7 - Windward Knights 2

                 July 21 U.S. 8 - Cincinnati, Ohio Titans 6

                 July 22 Playoffs....U.S. 9 - North Shore 1

                 July 23 Championship Game....U.S. 8 - Castle H.S. 2


World Boys Tournament Schedule is Posted on Handouts Page

( See Handouts Tab on Left )

*This summer, we will fly to Honolulu Hawaii to play in the

Hawaii World Series July 16 - 24

*Then August 5 -13 we will go to Alameda / San Francisco area to play in the

36th World Boys International Baseball Tournament

Participating Teams

 Italy - Japan - Korea - Australia - Germany

Mexico Rojo - Hawaii - San Diego - Fresno - Alameda






Tournament Champions June 25th 


Team Fundraising Raffle

Please help our players earn money to go to Sydney Australia for this summer...We are now selling raffle tickets with over 20 prizes to be won....Please see the prize list on the Handouts Tab on the left. Any questions on how to get your tickets, you can send us a email at THANK YOU !

2017 Hawaii World Series - Les Murakami Stadium


Please, We Need Sponsors ! ! !
We are looking for help this summer by way of SPONSORS for our players.
Planning is under way to make the trip to the 37th Annual World Boys Baseball Tournament in Sydney Australia. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. We have a Tax I.D. number so you will be able to write off any donation that you give to help our team. No donation is too big or too small !

Please send your check to:
San Diego International Baseball
c/o Mark Wilson
1145 E. Barham Dr. #170
San Marcos, CA 92078
Thank You,
Coach Mark Wilson
Team San Diego International

Must See This....Japanese High School Baseball Video.... Go To Links Tab

Why does everybody stand up and sing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' when they're already there?

"Son, what kind of pitch would you like to miss."

" People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.
I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring"
--Rogers Hornsby, 1926

Our History

The​ Team San Diego International is a non-profit independent organization. Founded by AL Alvarado, each year, players between the ages of 14 and 15, are selected from San Diego County to compete in the International World Boys League Tournament. This year's tournament will hopefully be one of the biggest and best ever.This summer, in July, we will depart San Diego by bus to Los Angeles where we will fly to Australia for the 37th World Boys Baseball Tournament. We will land in Sydney and see the sites while also playing approximately 4-5 games and enhance our players and families cultural experience for an unforgettable trip which will be educational on many levels for all of us. Plus, the opportunity to compete against teams from the world over.

The games began in 1977, when the first team was invited to play in a Goodwill Friendship game with the Japan Boys League team in San Diego. In 1979, a team from Tijuana, Mexico was also invited to participate. In 1980, San Diego was invited to play Goodwill Friendship games in Osaka, Japan for the first time. Then in 1981, San Diego hosted the last Goodwill Friendship games.​

In 1982, the first International Tournament was held in Osaka, Japan. San Diego has participated in all of these tournaments and have hosted the tournament 4 times, 1983, 1987, 1998 and 2004.

After it was suggested other countries may want to participate in this tournament, teams from Brasil, Chinese Taipei, China, Canada, Argentina, Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico, Peru and Italy joined Japan, Alameda, Fresno and San Diego in this tournament.

Many of the young men who have played for Team San Diego International World Baseball have had outstanding high school careers and many have gone on to compete at the college and professional level.

THANK YOU, Al Alvarado, for helping then and now to make this all possible for every young man who has participated in our organization, to maybe realize his dream to play for their country. You have touched so many lives during your leadership of Team San Diego International.

Results From The Previous 38 Years Of The World Boys Tournament



1982------------------Osaka, Japan--------------Japan

1983------------------San Diego-------------------San Diego

1984-----------------Fukuoka, Japan------------Japan

1985------------------Fresno-----------------------San Diego

1986-----------------Osaka, Japan---------------Alameda/Fresno

1987-----------------San Diego-------------------San Diego

1988------------------Mexico City----------------Japan

1989-----------------Nagoya, Japan-------------San Diego


1991-----------------San Diego-------------------Japan

1992------------------Tokyo, Japan--------------Taiwan

1993-----------------Mexico City------------------Mexico City


1995--------N. Biwako Lake, Japan-----------Kansai, Japan


1997-----------------San Diego------------------Japan


1999----------------Osaka, Japan---------------Japan

2000------------------Fresno--------------------East Bay USA


2002-----------------Osaka, Japan--------------Mexico Verde


2004---------------San Diego--------------Mexico Rojo


2006--------------Osaka, Japan-----------Japan

2007----------------Culiacan, Mexico------------Japan
2009--------------------Italy---------------Mexico Verde
2010------------Mazatlan, Mexico--------Mexico Verde
2011--------------Fukuoka, Japan-------------Japan
2012--------------Sydney, Australia------------Japan
2014------------San Diego in Hawaii-----------Japan
2015----------------Nagoya Japan-------------------Japan
2016--------------Seoul Korea----------------Korea
2018-------------Sydney Australia-------------Korea