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  • V02Max 2nd Annual Invitational Medals (Year 2017)
  • QV02Max Logo Designers
    Xavier Wajid (left) Jamal Sharpe (right). Year 2015
  • Youngest members of the V02 Max Track Club (Year 2016)
  • 4x800m-Champions! (Year 2016)

Helping Hand Initiative

gofundme - Helping Hand Initiative


It is with great pleasure to announce a new venture V02MAX Track Club will take part in a pilot program known as V02MAX Helping Hand Initiative aka V02MAX HHI. What is HHI you ask? Helping Hand Initiative, it is our primary goal to help provide opportunities for the less fortunate to compete in the sport of track and field in the NYC and surrounding areas.

There is so much talent and time wasted with our youth today & V02max TC wants to take a step to change that. We wish to provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn about and train in the sport of track and field, not just locally but out of state as well. As a requirement for our program, our student athletes must maintain academic excellence as well.    There are various expenses that are incurred with competitive track and field performance. Uniforms, shoes, monthly dues, competition fees, etc., these expenses do add up. However, we believe with the help of our generous members of our community we can make this possible.

There are not many things that can compare to the feeling of lending a helping hand to our less fortunate youth.  Together we can create an atmosphere that produces the next generation of Olympians!