Information regarding upcoming Giants Fantasy Camp:

March 22 thru 29th 2020 at Scottsdale Stadium

* Marriott Suites will be the Host Hotel for your stay, single suite!
* Scottsdale Stadium will be used for the locker room and use of fields
* Breakfast and Lunch each day, Camp Dinners on scheduled nights
* Baseball every day Monday-Friday
* Championship games will be played on Saturday
* San Francisco Giants give-aways...
* Open to Men and Women over 25 years of age,
* Full Uniform: 2 jerseys, pants, belt, sleeves, socks, t-shirt, hat
* 96 spots available .... this camp is already 1/2 full
* Much, much, more ...
* $6000.00 and will accept small groups!!
* Don't delay Sign up Today!!

NO airfare is included in  Fantasy Camp


Happy Holidays to everyone.

Congratulations to the Cabot/Calloway team on a fantastic season.  The Mello/Davies team battled them all year and the season was not decided until the final game.  We also had many successful tournament weekends during the year after lots of hard work and effort of many people.

Thanks to Ray Mialovich, Mike Miller, Rob Lanterman, Matt Schmuck, John Haines, Rich Thomas, Mike Weir, Dave Hansen, Keith DaCosta, Dave Vigil and Doug Rusch for their efforts to get us moving toward the start of the season.  

Information regarding our 20th season in 2020 will be available soon.


 The statistics are unofficial as provided by each team's Managers.  All league stats are recorded by game, season and career.

Please access the official league site for all league information, schedules, and field directions.


 Please see the Standings icon, then the dropdown for Career and then the batting leaders. The listed stats are for League only. Categories are sortable. Team Stats are available under the team icon.  Individual game stats are available back to 2007.  2001 through 2006 will be entered soon.

West Coast Fantasy Baseball Career Leaders (league and tournaments):

700 Hit Members   Mark Gemello  Michael Simon

500 Hit Members  John Haines    Ray Mialovich  Doug Rusch

400 Hit Member   Carl Vargas   Frank Weishaar   Matt Schmuck

                          Dave Chilcote, Rob Weber  Jim Realini

300 Hit Members  JC Penney  Dave Montellato   Scott Lueders
Rich Thomas Greg Terra  Mike Shaffer   Steve Conroy   John Riley
Terry Lee     Kieith DaCosta   Mike Miller

200 Hit Members    Gordon Simmons  Angie Simon
Mike Weir  Heath Keller  Dave DeCruz  Rob Lanterman  Dave Hansen  Dennis Azevedo

John Metras  Lorne Johnson  Doug Meyer   Craig Alexander  Lynn Harkrider  Bob Ford

 Randy Wallace Steve Bennett  Tom San Filippo Chris Justen   Mark Bruzzone

Dave Vigil, Guy Peabody, Bill Pederson, Scott May, Jeff Jones  Chuck Arthur   Mike Hughey