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Westfield Girls Lacrosse Scholarships

NEW!!!  Westfield Girls 2018 Lacrosse Scholarships

Great news!  Westfield Girls Lacrosse (WGL) is once again pleased to offer scholarships to up to two noteworthy graduating high school seniors.  One scholarship - the Gary O’Grady Scholarship - is named in honor of Mr. O’Grady, a respected founder, board member, coach and long-time supporter of Westfield Girls Lacrosse.  The second scholarship - the Bob Stoops Scholarship – is named in honor of Mr. Stoops, a big-time supporter of Westfield Girls Lacrosse as well as a long-time board member and coach.

Details on – and qualifications for - both scholarships are provided in the accompanying documentation.  Note that an applicant for the Bob Stoops Scholarship is automatically considered for the Gary O’Grady Scholarship.  Also note than a scholarship applicant will be awarded no more than one of the two scholarships.  The award amount for each scholarship is the same:  $750.00.

Application forms are included in the accompanying documentation.  All completed applications postmarked by May 1, 2018 will be considered.

To View these documents, please click on each.  The documents should also be accessible at the guidance and or athletic department offices at St. Mary's High School and Westfield High School.

An Overview

The Application

The Decision Process

2018 Registration

Registration for this Season is CLOSED

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