• Wolfpack All In 2020
  • One Team, One Goal, One Pack!
  • For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack!

Welcome to the Den

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  • Leader of the Pack...Clifton Davis Apr. 20th
    WR c/o 2022
  • Leader of the Pack...Chris Morley Apr. 28th
    Center, L/R Guard c/o 2022
  • Leader of the Pack...Thomas Putman May 5th
    LB/RB c/o 2023
  • Leader of the Pack...Jaxon Hickson May 11th
    DE/OLB c/o 2023
  • Leader of the Pack...Evan Jackson May 18th
    QB/DB c/o 2021

2020 Wolfpack Football Gridiron News and Information



Welcome to the Den, the website of the Woodland High School Wolfpack Football Team. Please visit our site often for up-to-date information on your favorite team. 



Updated Payment Schedule

*************Updated Payment Information*************


3rd Payment due July 17th

Final Payment due Aug. 7th (payment plans only)

All Player Fees Due Aug. 1st (No extensions for player packs)


Virtual Workouts every Tuesday and Thursday starting May 26th!

Important Dates


Dates to Remember
TBD- Picture Day 
July 6th- Deadline for player ads in the Media Guide 
July 25th- Woodland Football Annual Tailgate
Aug. 3rd- 1st Day of School
Aug. 7th- 1st Game of Double header in Griffin
Sept 11th- Homecoming in the Den



Meet our Coaches



Head Coach

Antonio Andrews


Offensive Coordinator/Asst Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach

Bryan Bailey


Defensive Coordinator/Strength Coach/DB Coach

Amos Myles


Pass Game Coordinator/QB Coach/Speed & Agility Coordinator

Arth Pedro Holiday


Defensive Consultant/LB Coach

Dominic Calloway


Special Teams Coordinator/WR Coach

Roy Johnson


JV head coach/Director of Football Operations/Quality Control Coach/Asst Offensive Line Coach

Calvin Gulsby


RB Coach/ 9th Grade Head Coach

Curtis Lindsay


Defensive Line Coach/9th Grade Defensive Coordinator

Marlon Quinn





Wolfpack vs Spalding
Friday, August 7, 2020   7:30 PM