Spring 2020 Season Cancelled

It is with regret PA West Soccer is cancelling our spring competitions.

Due to the nature of the “Stay At Home” directive and the unknown length of time it may take for social distancing requirements to permit gatherings that would allow us to return to play the Youth Board voted to cancel league play, the State Cup, the Presidents Cup, and the Open Tournament. 

In addition to the concern over requirements and limitations set forth by the various governmental agencies, the availability of fields once return to play is permitted will likely be limited.  Many member clubs rely on school district and/or municipal fields and facilities that are currently closed for the foreseeable future.  The prospect of not having readily available field space was also a consideration in the decision-making process.

We appreciate all of your patience and support as we faced this very tough decision. Please continue to look for future emails or go to our Facebook page and website for future updates. In addition, we are currently working on some activities for over the summer. Once the restrictions are lifted, I’ll be in touch with you with those opportunities.


Once again, we thank you for your interest in playing with YYSA. We hope your families are all doing well and hope to see you in the Fall season.


Email any questions to 

Red=Closed, Green=Open
Lowber Soccer Fields (U6/U8/U10)
Yough HS Field (U11-U19)