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S2 Majors Baseball
S2 Rookie Baseball
WI District 2 Baseball 10-12
WI District 2 Softball 10-12
Appleton Series Baseball 11-12
WI District 2 Baseball 9-11
Appleton Series Baseball 10-11
WI District 2 Baseball 8-10
WI District 2 Softball 8-10
Appleton Cup Baseball 9U
BB Majors American
BB Majors National
Softball Majors
BB Minors American
BB Minors National
Softball Minors
BB Rookie American
BB Rookie National
Softball Rookie
BB TB Adv. American
BB TB Adv. National
Softball Tee Ball
BB TB Beg. American
BB TB Beg. National
2015 Baseball Major American
2015 Baseball Minor National
2015 Baseball Rookie National
2014 BB Major-Lions
2014 BB Major-Telulah
2014 BB Minor-Einstein
2014 BB Rookie-North
BB Majors American TeamsManager
Appleton Police Kevin Wettig
Cooney's Embroidery Don Harp
JD's Drive In Ryan Weyers
McCarty Law Tyler Blob
Play It Again Sports Chris Apriesnig
Timber Rattlers Jason Kohl

BB Majors American Information

Teams south of the Fox River (formerly Lions & Telulah divisions). Ages 10-12. Home games played at Lions Park, Hoover Park, Telulah Park, and Tipton Field.