Last Updated: August 17, 2017
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Men's Division
Mixed Division
Women's Division
Women's Division TeamsManager
Crazy Pitches Sonya Bird
Diamond Divas Bev Atkin
Die Hards Wanda Kruschel
Drink N'Run Melissa Gauthier
GlOrioles Brittany Jonatanson
Howland Hooters Tracey Schwark
Pitch Perfect Teressa Bortoluzzi
Rusty Pipes Leanne Papineau
Tropicanas Melissa Morgan
Twisted Sisters Lori Richter

Women's Division Information
All single games will have their choice of playing 7 or 9 innings. Mercy rule of 15 after 5 innings.

Double header games will be 5 innings in length with no new inning starting after 7:35 in the first game. Mercy rule of 15 after 3 innings.