Last Updated: August 17, 2017
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Men's Division
Mixed Division
Women's Division
Mixed Division TeamsManager
All Buds, none the Weiser Wanda Kruschel
Hit For Brains Darryl Compton
Nice Hits Dale Demarco
Softballs Mackenzie Hiebert
Strike 3 Danielle Erickson
Weekend Legends Allison Boxshell
Wii Not Fit Jake Gorski

Mixed Division Information
All single games will be 9 innings in length with a mercy rule of 15 runs after 7 innings.

All double header games will be 6 innings in length with a mercy rule of 10 after 4 innings.

The first game of a double header will be limited based on time. No new innings will start after 7:35 pm. Be ready to play fast in the first game.