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November 30, 2011
1:56:19 PM

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My son has played baseball since he was 4 years old. With a tee only one year then on to the pitching machine, where he LEARNED how to judge the whereabouts of the ball, when to hit, when to wait. If kids still hit off a tee at the age of 5 & 6, they're not learning they're judgement in the timeframe needed to move up to the next division. My son is now 14 and would have it no other way than to play Dixie Baseball. We tried LCP&R for a couple of years but it didn't compare to the knowledge & experience he gained from Dixie. Competition is tougher in Dixie & that makes them work harder at the game. In all his years of playing for Dixie, he only made All-Stars twice. Parents, you see how well your child plays ball...but coaches see it a different way. Unfortunately. I've had to bite my tongue a few times, but in the end, my son was glad I did. Like all other sports, politics is everywhere but when your child is a tough cookie & wants to play ball no matter what, he'll get the experience he needs to further his baseball career. And that is what we want more than anything. Thank you so much, LDB, for giving my son the drive it takes to play good baseball! Rock on!
Kap Snipes
June 30, 2011
10:54:44 AM

Entry ID: 1896257
Lancaster Dixie Youth Baseball is one of the best organization in the state. It was an honor for me to have been involved with this program for 28 years. Good luck to the 2011 All-Stars. Great job coaches and board members.. Kap Snipes
Renee Hall
Moncks Corner SC
June 11, 2011
4:06:46 PM

Entry ID: 1892426
thank you for having this site I was excited to see my sons name listed. I just found out about it. I work out of town so I cant make it to his games,I try to keep u with his progress,and this site will make a difference.thanks again!GO ERIC!
Ronald Belk
February 27, 2011
3:48:35 PM

Entry ID: 1869291
David Belk is ready to play ball!!! He wants to know who his coach is,and the team he will be playing number 283-6897.And really like for Steven Hough to be on his team,because they are best friends.
Philip Neal
Heath Springs
January 14, 2008
2:48:34 PM

Entry ID: 1304379
Website looks great!
Wayne Cauthen
January 14, 2008
9:59:08 AM

Entry ID: 1304134
Great Idea!
Amy Taylor
January 14, 2008
9:58:20 AM

Entry ID: 1304133
The site is looking great. What a great tool for communication!!
Tina Davis
January 14, 2008
8:51:23 AM

Entry ID: 1304089
This is a great idea!
Chris and Glenda White
January 13, 2008
7:56:14 PM

Entry ID: 1303878
This will help alot; especially when games are cancelled.
Tammy Miles
Lancaster, SC
January 13, 2008
5:53:57 PM

Entry ID: 1303820
Great idea that should be a great tool for all coaches, players and board members.
Hope Rollings
January 13, 2008
3:08:47 PM

Entry ID: 1303739
This is a great idea! It will be helpful for us that live out of town to get information on rain delays and meetings instead of us driving into town.
Todd Knight
Lancaster, SC
January 12, 2008
9:37:17 PM

Entry ID: 1303372
This website will eventually become a major means of communication with each other in the different leagues not to mention an excellant way for players and parents to get their pics on the web.
Amanda Sistare
December 3, 2007
10:52:54 PM

Entry ID: 1276300
The site is starting to take shape! Great way of keeping everyone updated!! As a Boardmemeber, I hope that everyone takes the time to look at the site and enjoy! Looking forward to a great 2008!!

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