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Lance Bauer
San Lorenzo Ca
December 11, 2011
4:39:48 PM

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Hi I'am Lance Bauer I am Happy to hear my Grand Son Has signed up for his first year Playing Little League Baseball. I'm a former player, Coach, Manager, President, Vice President and Umpire of the League and District in the area at which my wife and I live(District 45)I looking forward to coming and seeing his games.
mark mullins
boulder creek
July 11, 2009
5:22:52 PM

Entry ID: 1659139
i remember rich letting me sit in his car when i got thrown out of a 10 yr old all star game 10 yrs ago. he even let me honk his horn when we scored. for the last 14 years rich and i communicated several time a year, we shared a lot of little league experiences and he knew everyone of my boy's names and all about them. rich and i had a moments also but we worked them out immediately. rich i will do everything i can to keep my promise i made you. my sons and i will miss you forever. thanks for everything you taught me.
Anita Stoddart
Boulder Creek
July 8, 2009
3:39:43 PM

Entry ID: 1657708
Rich will be missed by all. He had a great love of little league and the players. Altought some may not have always liked the choices he made, people did know he did the best for the kids. He lived up to what little league is all about the kids!!! Not coaches, managers and parents. His knowledge of the rules was great. As a past player agent it was nice to know someone in little league put the kids first as that is why we are all out there. I wish his family the best and hope they know how much we all will miss him. If there is anything the family needs all they have to do is ask. Rest in Peace Rich!!!
Michael Paynter
Boulder Creek
July 5, 2009
10:35:14 AM

Entry ID: 1656105
I am sad to hear of Rich's passing, but happy to remember fond memories of our interactions. As a past player agent for SLVLL, Rich was an invaluable resource and support. I still smile when I think of how passionate and irritated he would get if he learned of any coaches trying to pull a fast one around the rules. As others have said, he clearly had a "kids first" perspective. This viewpoint, coupled with his tremendous experience made him a keystone to District 39 Little League! I send my best wishes and prayers to his family and loved ones.
Sue Sutherlin
Ben Lomond, CA
July 2, 2009
8:03:15 PM

Entry ID: 1655319
I only had the privilege of meeting Rich one time, this past season. I got so much out of that brief time. One, I was impressed that he continued to give so much to Little League, LONG after his own kids "aged out." His devotion to the organization was truly inspiring. Two, his dedication was almost contagious - it gave me a rewarding, satisfied feeling about giving of my time and talents to Little League. In that short exchange, I saw a kind, gentle, friendly leader and mentor who I'm sure had the capability to be hard-nosed when the situation required it. My condolences to his family and friends - he will truly be missed!
Linda Landers
Boulder Creek
July 2, 2009
12:02:29 PM

Entry ID: 1655154
I was very saddened to learn that Rich had died but I know he left us as better people for knowing him. As a past President of SLV Little League I had the great pleasure of working with Rich for many years and always enjoyed his smile and love for the game and the kids. I remember when he was taking his trip to Hawaii reminding him to try to forget about Little League and focus on family. I am sure that was hard (or maybe impossible) for him to do. To his wonderful family - I want to say thank you for sharing him with us. You may have shared him even more than you wanted to at times but please know that he touched so many lives by what he did that we owe you a ton of gratitude for letting him go so many hours of so many days, weeks, months and years. He was a wonderful person - the world needs more people like Rich!
Joe Primeau
July 2, 2009
10:51:30 AM

Entry ID: 1655121
District 39 Little League will go on, in part because of his guidence over the years, but Rich will be sorely missed. He cast a large shadow over the District and represented us well at the Region and National level with his devotion to the kids of this league. Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to his family. Rest in Peace Rich...
Guy Peabody
Ben Lomond, slv little league
July 2, 2009
10:24:03 AM

Entry ID: 1655106
I had the pleasure of interacting with Rich during last years TOC's, and I was extremely impressed with his giving attitude toward little league, and his passion for keeping a positive experience of baseball going for the kids. I hope we can all learn from Rich's example and model after him. He was a great man, and we will all miss seeing him out there on the field. Guy Peabody SLV Little League manager
The Brown Family
Boulder Creek
July 2, 2009
9:55:32 AM

Entry ID: 1655096
With hope that your friends and family will help you through this difficult time.Please know how much Rich was loved and appreciated by all of us in the Little League family.His legacy and memory will be kept alive by all our kids and families he helped throughout his life.
Greg and Kate Walker
July 2, 2009
9:45:32 AM

Entry ID: 1655091
We are so very sorry for your loss...and we wish the best for your family.
Marianne McIvor
July 2, 2009
9:43:44 AM

Entry ID: 1655088
I was so very sorry to learn of this generous man's passing. Please accept my condolences for your loss. Marianne McIvor
Red Sox Fan SLV LL
July 2, 2009
8:31:52 AM

Entry ID: 1655050
Any one person that has dedicated his time to so many little league kids and families deserves the best memories. We did not know Rich's personally but only through reputation and community feeling's. Thank you for being a part of all of us :)
Randy Gordon
Ben Lomond
July 1, 2009
9:24:58 PM

Entry ID: 1654921
I only knew Rich a few times of the year, those various playoff and tournament games that I've been to over the years. I would always run into Rich and have the opportunity to enjoy the game together for awhile. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to do just that at the last two Major TOC games. I admired his tireless efforts volunteering his experience and time for the youth of our community. His dedication definitely rubbed off on those people that he least it did on me, and I know we have a lot of other dedicated volunteers in our district as well. I'll miss you at those games, Rich. I hope you're watching us all playing on that field of dreams.
Boulder Creek
July 1, 2009
4:44:57 PM

Entry ID: 1654772
Rich Young was a good friend. He was a huge help to me when I was handed a position I knew nothing about. I will always remember his jolly smile. He always put me at ease with the decisions I had to make. He also told me to not let those managers try and push me around. He taught me the bottom line--this was for the kids! I will miss him dearly.
Ed Mello
Ben Lomond
July 1, 2009
3:12:15 PM

Entry ID: 1654749
I only recently met Rich at the Minor TOC games in San Juan Bautista during late June, and he and I would discuss the game as I stood next to him videotaping my grandson's team, the SLV Padres. He was very knowledgeable and very much for letting the kids play the game and the adults just coaching or cheering them on. He will be missed, that's for sure.
Christina Wise
Boulder Creek
July 1, 2009
12:35:59 PM

Entry ID: 1654658
Rich was a tremendous advocate for our kids, and all of his efforts and dedication were toward bettering their Little League experiences. He was passionate about baseball, kids and our communities, and he leaves a great legacy in his wake. Thank you, Rich, for all you did. You will be missed.

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