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Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Amy Grady, Anthony Marusco, Jason Hickman, Dan Campbell, Rebecca Farrell, Bob Weeks, Jim Buggy, Fran Miles, Jason Farrell, Joe Hart, Lisa Jennings, Vicki Hittle, John Howe, Denny Anastasia,  

Paul Miazza, Bernie Seasock, Mike McDermott

Called to Order:




Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Fundraising 100.23

Capital 4354.99

Regular account 19,189.82


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Amy  Grady

Second:Jim Buggy





Teeners-John Howe

No report.

Question from Joe Hart- Speakers that Penn Delco took down do we have them?  Horn looking speakers.  Their PA system is out and the microphone is missing.  We (Aston Valley Baseball League) did not take it.  Joe Hart cleaned up the scoreboard case.  


Majors-Bernie Seasock

One thing,  I do not see a large contingency of majors parents here, but we would like any parents that are interested in coaching please email, call, or text Bernie.  All potential coaches need to be at the January meeting.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

Quote Majors.  





Teeball- Vicki Hittle

No report.   


Equipment Manager-Jason Hickman

Little bit of rules, little bit of equipment.  New bats, we have to buy them.  They are available for $30-40 dollars.  


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

Snack bar is buttoned up for winter and we are waiting for the new season.  


Facilities-Dan Campbell

WAter is turned off.  Fields are locked up.  We are in desperate need of someone doing the cement work for the press box on the major field.  Hoping to do some improvements in the new year.  

Pricing for Sodding for the major fields. And parts of the rookie field.  


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Registrations are live 11-24.  Midnight...


Rules- Michael Grady

Not present.  



Secretary- Amy Grady

Nothing to report.


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Couple quick things.

Update on the fencing.  Fence and backstop will be $12,000.00 Township filed  a grant for 6,000.000 and township will pick up the rest.  After thanksgiving we will start on the lighting.  

We will most likely not going with Barksdale.  Looking for a new photographer.  

Cal Ripken site has all the bat regulations.  

Last month someone requested to put a committee together to talk about why kids were leaving out league.  

All Star Baseball League is offering a free clinic for 5-7 year olds on December 3, 2017.  

The board approved for 8 year olds to tryout to play up in the minors for this year.  If they go to tryouts and they are not deemed to be a good fit they will stay in the rookies.  

Starting the Bull-Pen again.  

Doing a Teams week with Modells from now until December 31, 2017.  Email coming out.  





Opened floor at 8:49.  What Modell’s are taking the coupons?  We think all of them are taking the coupons.  

New bats need to be broken in.  



Happy Thanksgiving!!   



Motion By:


8:54 PM

Bob Weeks

Vicki Hittle







Aston Valley Baseball

Board meeting Membership Meeting






Jason Hickman, Fran Miles, Vicki Hittle, Dan Campbell, Amy Grady, Mark Gauzza, Bernie Seasock, Anthony Marusco, Jim Buggy, John Howe, Laura Brooks, Lisa Jennings, Haunani Cabalo, Joe Hart,Rebecca Farrell, Jason Farrell, Jen Gauzza, Mark Korenkiewicz, Jim McKenna, Brian Morris,,Amanda Doyle, Vicki Lovecchio, Jake Garrity, Phillip Morelli, Walt Campbell, Craig Stokarski, John Dalton, Mike Cimabue,  Scott Sexton

Called to Order:

8:43 PM


On line

Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

General Account:4307.50


Capital Account :100.23

Fundraising Account: 19,839.04


Motion to approve: Fran

Second: Mark Gauzza





Teeners-John Howe

No report.


Majors-Bernie Seasock

Couple more weeks of fall ball.  Field Maintenance whomever wins if they could cut the grass.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

Not present.


Rookies-Dan Campbell

No report.


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

No report.


Equipment Manager-Jay Hickman

No report.


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

No report.





Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Registration will go live November 24, 2017.  


Rules- Mark Gauzza

The consensus among the board members was to enforce the new bat rules at the beginning of next season.  We also decided that we would purchase two differently weighted bats that both teams could share.  

Question from Craig Stokarski: Will the league send out information about the new bats?  When registration will open we will make sure to have flyers for sign ups.  

Mark put copies of bylaws and constitutions on the back table.  He stated that if a nonprofit organization all board positions can only run for one year.  Article 5 section A states current president if challenged by someone else then the current president cannot run.



Secretary-Amy Grady

No report.  


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco


We have only had one rainout.  Out of the five requests to make up we have already made up four of them.  Last year was a trifecta.  BYC, Tri-county, and Aston Valley.  It was nice to have two facilities.  Snack bar has been good, pizza is good, hotdogs are a little expensive.  If you see that it is raining out please come down and help get the fields ready.  

John Howe stated “Dan Campbell has done a great job with fall ball.”

Anthony asked Amanda Doyle for an update for sponsorship.  She updated the form and it will be placed on the website.  

As soon as fall ball is done we would like to fix the pitching mounds on minor and major leagues.  An email will come out.  Probably first weekend of November.  

John Howe is talking to the township about fencing, and lights at the field.  Township commissioners have a meeting next week to see what might happen.  


President:  Anthony Marusco

Teeners: John Howe

Majors: Bernie Seasock

Minors: Bob Weeks

Rookies: No nominations.

TeeBall: Vicki Hittle

Secretary: Amy Grady

Treasurer: Fran Miles- Accept

Parents Auxiliary:Rebecca Farrell

Rules:Mark Gauzza

Player Agent: Jim Buggy

Equipment: Jason Hickman-Declined

Facilities: Dan Campbell-Declined




The board has discussed our registration fees for the past two months.  

Teeball- $85.00



Family $165.00


Yes 26


Abstain 4

Calendar for 2018

11/24/17 - Online registrations open

12/31/17 - Discount period ends



In person registration at municipal building



In person at community center

02/24/18 - Player Evaluations

02/25/18 - Player draft

03/24/18 - Field maintenance day

04/07/18 - Opening Day

06/17/18 - Fall Ball registration opens

Sponsorship- Could we put the sponsors before the name of the team?  Good idea.  

Is there a committee to try to retain our kids?  Question from Craig Stokarski.  Can the kids play both districts? He thinks you take a chance with the kids that are so committed.  

Elections 2017:


President:  Anthony Marusco,  Mike Grady-Declined Yes-1

Teeners: John Howe  Yes-1

Majors: Bernie Seasock Yes-1

Minors: Bob Weeks Yes-1

Rookies: Mike Cimabue-declined,  Jon Dalton-declined, OPEN Yes-1

TeeBall: Vicki Hittle Yes-1

Secretary: Amy Grady, Mike Cimabue-declined Yes-1

Treasurer: Fran Miles, Craig Stokarski-declined Yes-1

Parents Auxiliary:Rebecca Farrell Yes-1

Rules:Mark Gauzza (Withdrawn) Mike Grady (accept) Yes-1

Player Agent: Jim Buggy  Yes-1

Equipment: Jason Hickman Yes-1

Facilities: Dan Campbell Yes-1

Fran Miles made a motion for the secretary to cast one vote for each board member.  Seconded by John Howe.  

Anthony thanked Laura Brooks for her two years of service to the board and all of her help down at the snack bar.


Thanks to Mark Gauzza for his time on the board.






Motion By:


9:36 PM

John Howe

Vicki Hittle


Beginning on August 1st, Aston Valley's Player Agent and Coach Jim Buggy will be offering individual pitching and hitting lessons at MapleZone Sports Institute in Boothwyn. You can schedule lessons online by visiting or by calling MSI directly at 610-358-5500. All ages are welcome. 

AVBL General Membership Meetings

AVBL General Membership meetings are held every third Monday of the month at 8:30PM. The meetings are held at the American Legion Post 926 at 3220 Concord Rd in Aston. We welcome you to come out to the meetings and see what is happening in the league, ask questions, voice concerns, get to know other league members, etc. Come on out and get involved! We would love to see you there!!!!!

AVBL Territory

Lots of questions around where our Aston Valley Baseball Leagues boundaries are.  While it is not simple, we are much larger than just Aston!  We are Aston Township and the PennDelco Schools within Aston.  For our Cal Ripken (ages 4-12) division, we also have part of zip code 19063.  We will post a map shortly but in the meantime here is a description of where our 19063 boundaries exist.  If you have specific questions, email our player agent at