• Next General Membership Meeting at American Legion on Monday, May 21 @ 8:30
  • Fields are closed due to weather.
  • Slugfest is moved to Community Hall at Neumann
  • Please see email from Parents Auxiliary for full details

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Welcome to the Home of the

Aston Valley Baseball League



Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Fran Miles, Amy Grady, Jim Buggy, Jon Dalton, Dan Campbell, Vicki Hittle, Bob Weeks, Bernie Seasock, Michael Grady, Amanda Doyle, Lisa Jennings, Vicki Lovecchio, Jason Michael, Walt Campbell, Joe Hart, Tony Dioriosio, Brian Morris, Jake Garrity, Henry Hittle, Michael Cimabue, Tom Wood, Denny Anastasia, John Manceilli, Scott Sexton, Ralph Papa, Phil Morelli, Jason Farrell

Called to Order:

8:42 PM


On line

Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Fundraising 1975.26-Golf

Capital 5127.21

Regular account 8,828.31


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Fran Miles

Second:Bernie Seasock





Teeners-Currently Vacant

14U are 2-0.  Couple rainouts.  16U is 2-0-1. Couple rainouts.  14u are playing in the Washington Township Tournament this weekend.  18U is in the Delco League starting this week. Anyone in the Majors we have a very competitive teener league now.  


Majors-Bernie Seasock

Both 11U and 12U teams have practiced a couple times.  They are playing this weekend in the Washington Township.  Starting playoffs on June 2nd and 3rd. June 16th for 12U start.  Jason Michael is the head coach. 11U districts are in Unionville.  Head Coach is Jim Buggy. Interleagues gave us extra games and it was competitive.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

Minors will be pulling seeding for playoffs.  9U and 10U are playing in Washington Township.  Thanks to Dan Campbell for having the fields ready.  Parents need to give the coaches the heads up if the kids are not going to be there.  Last 10U clinic will be this Wednesday. Fielding, throwing, balance and base running.  


Rookies-Jon Dalton

8U district team was chosen, we have had a practice.  They will be playing in the Washington Township Tournament. The 8U select team will be coached by Ralph Papa.  7U team will be coached by Steve Abate.


Tee Ball- Vicki Hittle

6U will run from June 16-23.  Looking for a head coach.


Equipment Manager-Jason Hickman

No Report.


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

WE had a great time on Saturday.  It was wonderful during the day with the kids and the parents had a ball on Saturday night.  Special thanks to Vicki Lovecchio, Lisa Jennings, Amanda Doyle and all the volunteers to make it so successful.  


Field Maintenance-Dan Campbell

My new toy is a 60 inch zero turn tractor.  We got a grant for the fence and backstop on the major field.  It will be done in July. Looking for free tools. This past Sunday we had a week of rain and a lot of rain.  We had three people show up to get the fields ready. We are a volunteer organization. We need help to get the fields ready.  

Coaches if you have a game please help the day of your games.  If you can not help please ask other parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Dan Campbell needs help. There seems to be 5-6 people doing a lot of work for the fields.  When it does rain, field dry is 25.00 a bag. Let’s use it wisely. Vacuum the water first, then rake it, let the air and sun get to it.  Leave it alone, Then throw some field dry on it. Let’s make our fields the best that they can.


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

8-12 year old binders give him some time.  Winter clinic 40 kids 21 made a district team.  We will repeat it in January 2019. We will group the 10’s with the 11’s and 12’s.  Maybe a Columbus Day clinic.


Rules- Michael Grady

No Report.

Ralph Papa- Each team needs to be within 1 player during playoffs.  Do we need to have call-ups?

Umpires- Had two or three games with no umpires.  



Secretary- Amy Grady

No arrows, people still parking illegally.  


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Thanks so much to the Vicki, Rebecca, Lisa, Amanda, Alicia, Stephanie and all the additional volunteers.  We could not have done it without you.

Thanks so much to John Mancinelli for donating the food for the beef and beer.

Golf Outing is postponed until the 31st.  1:00 PM Golf at Paxon Hollow and Dinner at Tom’s in Aston to follow after golfing.

Looking to host an 8U B tournament, machine pitch tournament.  

Playoff starting soon.  We are trying still teach and coach the kids.  They are still all kids and they are watching. Remember the kids are watching.  

8U district tournament will be hosted at Aston Valley.  Best of Luck to all the age brackets. 8-12U. We may put in a district team for teeners.  





314.60 from the Manbroso’s.

Minor Phillies won the pizza party for the most attendees.  

When do we need to have the fall ball sponsors.

Can we look into hiring an umpire service for next season?  Our young umpires have not been up to par. We need to find whether it is paid umpires or instructing our umpires, better.  

Fall Ball- Tom Wood will run the fall ball tee ball.  WE would like to include more age groups in fall ball.  We need to have people help us to run the divisions. We would like the teeners to be involved.  Trying to get kids playing baseball.

We talked about summer baseball.  It is exploratory. We have done it one year.  It was immensely popular. Perhaps pool play??





Motion By:


9:31 PM

Amy Grady

Jim Buggy








All --


Mother Nature sure doesn't want us to have slugfest this year.  Unfortunately even if it stops raining right now (which it is clearly not) the fields will not be playable by tomorrow.  With that said, we have decided to take the "slug" out of slugfest this year. Instead we will be having an amazing carnival themed festival at Neumann University!!  From 10:30 - 2:30 pm we will be at Community Hall at Neumann. There will be a selection of carnival games for the kids to play. We will also have pizza, pretzels, and hot dogs as well as water ice, cotton candy and popcorn not to mention a great selection of candy and drinks.  The raffle baskets will be on display as well as raffle tickets being sold. This is an important fundraiser for the organization and a great time for the kids. Please let your families know ASAP of the location change. This is a great opportunity to get the kids out of the house and let them run off some steam!!




For anyone who previously signed up to volunteer we still need all the help we can get.  If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. If you haven't gotten your basket in please have it to Neumann tomorrow by 10AM.  We will also have the thank you placards available to sign at the event. We will be busy getting ready for tomorrow so will not be able to be down at the snack bar tonight.




Thanks and hope to see everyone there!!




Rebecca Farrell

Parents Auxiliary




Thursday, May 17 (Rescheduled to Thursday, May 31)             

Paxon Hollow Golf Club

1 pm scramble format 

$125 entrance fee includes:

Golf – prizes – golf giveaway and golf balls

Buffet dinner and open bar 7-10 pm

All proceeds benefit Aston Valley Baseball League

Contact: Bob Weeks 484-432-4598




Sponsor Form





FOURSOME PACKAGE: $550 includes hole sponsorship

Hole Sponsor (company name)  ________________________________

Contact e-mail: _____________________________________________


I will attend the awards dinner only:  #attendees _____ X $30 = ______


Amount Due: ______

Checks payable to: AVBL. Credit cards or PayPal are accepted


Contact Bob Weeks at:  minors@avbl.org for more info.    


Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General  Membership Meeting






Amy Grady, Fran Miles, Jim Buggy, Bernie Seasock, Anthony Marusco, Jon Dalton, Vicki Hittle, Rebecca Farrell, Bob Weeks, Michael Grady, Dan Campbell, Jason Hickman, Jason Michael, Ivan Plachuta, Alex Jennings, John Mancinelli, Mark Natale, Ryan Smith, Jake Garrity, Tony Diorisio, Walt Campbell, Joe Hart, Scott Sexton, Ralph Carotenuto, John Howe, Ralph Papa, Denny Anastasia, Mike Cimabue, STeve Ouimette, Brian Morris Frank Miles, Chris Darpino, Bret Ostroff, Domenic Nardini, Amanda Doyle

Called to Order:

8:36 Pm



Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Fundraising 100.25

Capital 4536.44

Regular account 36,390.84


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Fran Miles

Second: Bernie Seasock





Teeners-Empty Resigned as of last month.  

We have 22 kids signed up for teeners.  Email went out to all signed up teeners.  Entering into a league playing other teams. Carrying 12-15 on each teener team.  . Closing registration this week. 2 teams will be placed in a tournament during the season.  Looking to play more competitive at the teeners.


Majors-Bernie Seasock

We got out on the fields this weekend.  We have 6 teams in the Majors still have a couple of openings.  4 teams have 11 and 2 have 10. 15-17 game schedule. We will have Sunday Clinics starting on April 8th.  This will be a four week clinic. Bernie spoke to Sun Valley Baseball Team to see if 5-6 of them will help out.  Field just opened today, but probably closed tomorrow. We will play 6 weeks with Brookhaven starting on the 11th and the teams will travel from one to the other.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

We were able to get on the field tonight as well tonight.  Field Maintenance this Saturday, the field looks great, but still work to do.  There are 72 players in the minors for this year. Working on call ups for the Minor  Bob would like clinics on Saturday and Sundays. Thinking to invite some 7 year olds. More time for the kids to practice.  

Question:  At what time do you call a kid up from Rookies?  Is it okay for us to play with 9? Is is more fun for the kids that have to play with the call-ups?

Bob: If we know ahead of time we will be able to call up kids.  We do not want 2 or three on each team. You can start with nine players.  

Anthony: It is a balancing act.  If head coach knows then you should be asking for a call up or two.  

Michael: It has not been a problem in the past.  I am wondering why it will be an issue this year.  

Chris Darpino:  When will the schedule be out?  


Rookies-Jon Dalton

WE finally got on the field yesterday and then it will be closed again tomorrow.  There are 6 teams. One has 12 everyone else has 11. We will be running clinics with the Commissioners.  Rookies will be working with Brookhaven. 8’s will play Brookhaven.

Ralph Papa: Any indoor facilities to use?


Tee Ball- Vicki Hittle

For tee ball we have 6 teams.  2 teams with 10 players each. 4 teams have 9 players each.  Each team has a head coach. 2 returning coaches 4 new coaches.  3 teams for Junior Rookies with 10 in each team. We have one coach for three teams.  We have 4 assistants for that team. No practice schedule yet, but it will be coming. She will not make schedule until after rookies are finished.  Schedule will be out early next week. All rules will be emailed to the coaches.


Equipment Manager-Jay Hickman

We did equipment pick up last week.  IF we didn’t hook up shoot him an email.  Bats were ordered for each division. Three bats for each division.  Jerseys are ordered. The away team will be in charge of picking up the bats.  Bats need to be returned at the end of every game.


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

We are pretty much all set up for Opening Day.  We will have a makeup day for Pictures on the 15.  

Parents want to know if there is an option to pay to work the stand.  The list will be out soon.


Facilities-Dan Campbell

This weekend is a huge weekend for his department.  We are starting at 9:00. Each commissioner has a to-do list.  Rookies is getting rocks off the fields. Minor field is in pretty good shape.  Majors field needs the most work. We felt it was better to resod the Major field in the fall.  We will need to pull people from other fields. IF you have a wheelbarrow please bring it. We are doing Weir park and Buggy Field.  John Howe will take the lead on the Teener field. If mother nature fights us we may need to push the field maintenance to Sunday.

The Hittle Family will hang the lights in the batting cages.  Hoping before the end of this month.

The fence is waiting for the grant for the Major Field.  They will take the existing fence down and then put up the new stuff.  

We are now using both double doors for all the equipment.  If you do not have those keys please see Dan Campbell.

We have purchased a shed for the rookie field.  We need to do some prep work. The township is going to do the prep work.  

If you rake the field and drag the field it makes it much easier for the next day a lot better.  

Please close the gates.  Weir park is a dog park. We do not want our kids playing with the dog poop.  

John Howe- Fence will not happen before opening day, but it will happen this year.  

We are allowed to put the dog signs up on the fields.  

Mr. Morelli- Are you taking care of the tree branch on the rookie field?  



Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Schedules will be out tomorrow or Wednesday for Minors and Rookies.  Bernie is doing his own schedule. All players have been assigned.

Pitch counts.  We are monitoring pitch counts.  All coaches monitor the pitch counts for all leagues.  Rookies are for innings. Jim will email the coaches the log in for the website.  


Rules- Michael Grady

Currently assembling all umpires for all divisions.  Doing really well for lower divisions. If you know any older kids that want to ump please contact Michael Grady.  Any problems questions please see Michael FIRST!!!




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Wanted to thank John Howe for the time.  We appreciate all of his time and dedication over the past years.  

Amanda Doyle handles our sponsorships.  We are looking for three more sponsors. The number is up from last year.  She has brought more sponsors this year.

Field Maintenance Day we will let you know either Friday night or Saturday morning at the latest.  

Received a donation from Bank of America thanks to Bernie Seasock

AED is malfunctioned at Buggy Field.  Joe Hart went to Moose Lodge and requested money.

CPR class is still being scheduled.  Dave Bucci is now scheduling it. We will inform you for the classes.  

One of our prior members, Neil Davis was diagnosed with cancer.  His wife broke her leg. We are donating to the beef and beer for his time and need.  

We donated to Aston Elementary for the Designer Bag Bingo.  

Opening Day is coming up.

Kids that were Champions last year

The kids will ride the fire trucks.

WAWA will be giving away coffee on opening day.  

If weather affects the parade we will not make a decision until late Friday night.  

Aston Valley Registration signs need to be collected.  

John Stokarski is helping to fix the press box..

Any head coaches that need raffle tickets for parents that signed up online.  Please see Anthony.

Indoor practices:

Parents will have to pay money….

Top Lumber

Ultimate Sports Academy


If you want to use the school district facilities you need to go through a specific board member.  

Background Checks

The board at one point decided to continue doing yearly checks.  As we continue we will continue to change we will let you know.

John Howe-Sun Valley baseball will be helping field maintenance and opening day.  






Fran Miles- Right now our CPA who was doing our taxes retired.  We are willing to pay, but we are looking a new person who is willing to do our taxes.  

This Thursday night, Mr. Jim Buggy will be inducted in to Aston Sports Hall of Fame.  

Do they call Balks in the MAjors??  





Motion By:


9:47 PM

Fran Miles

Bernie Seasock






Aston Valley Baseball League Important Dates for 2018

Registration dates and deadlines:

  1. In person registration at Aston Municipal Building 1/20/2018 from 9-3
  2. In person registration at Aston Municipal Building 1/27/2018 from 9-3
  3. In person registration at Aston Community Center 1/31/18 from 6-8 PM
  4. Late in person registration at Aston Community Center 2/7/18 from 6-8PM
  5. 02/24/18 - Player Evaluations at Chaos Training Facility times to be announced
  6. 02/25/18 - Player draft
  7. 03/24/18 - Field maintenance day
  8. 04/07/18 - Opening Day
  9. 04/14/18 - Picture Day
  10. 06/17/18 - Fall Ball registration opens

Now Batting - NEW BATS

The current bat performance standard – 1.15 BPF – has been in place for roughly 25 years. But times are changing in youth baseball, and just as the college and high school markets adopted a woodlike performance standard (known as BBCOR) a few years ago, USA Baseball and the six main youth baseball governing bodies – Little League, Pony, Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, American Amateur Baseball Congress and the AAU - have approved their own wood-like standard on youth bats. Commonly referred to as the new USA Baseball Standard, or USABat, the new standard becomes baseball law on January 1, 2018.  These bats are now being sold to the general public

Please Click Here For More Details


Attention Prospective Coaches, Managers, Team Parents, Assistants

                This Monday January 15 is our annual rules meeting.  This meeting is mandatory for all prospective coaches as we will be reviewing and voting on any submitted rule changes for the upcoming season.  Any individual who is interested in being a Manager, Assistant Coach or just helping out on the field must submit a coach’s application and a national background check.  No individual will be allowed on the field or in the dugout without completing both of these documents.  Once the Executive Board has received both documents, the application will be reviewed in order to be approved or denied.  All applications and background checks are due no later than January 31.  Any submissions after this date will be placed on a waiting list and will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.  Team Parents must submit the national background check only. 

                 In order to be compliant with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth, all national background checks must be submitted thru Protect Youth Sports on our website for 2018.  PA State Police checks and checks from other organizations will not be accepted.  Background checks for Aston Valley will be good for the calendar year of 2018.



Interested in lessons for your child?

 Beginning on August 1st, Aston Valley's Player Agent and Coach Jim Buggy will be offering individual pitching and hitting lessons at MapleZone Sports Institute in Boothwyn. You can schedule lessons online by visiting http://maplezonesportsinstitute.com/ or by calling MSI directly at 610-358-5500. All ages are welcome.  



At the conclusion of EVERY game the field should be raked and dugouts cleaned.  Please follow the directions below when raking the fields. This task is not solely the coaches responsibility. Any parent can assist with this task to maintain our fields. If it is done properly and consistently it will help maintain our fields better for the kids playing the games and will assist when we get rain as well. The fields should dugouts should be cleaned of all trash and equipment after every game as well. Please help with this as it is EVERYONE’S responsibility as members of AVBL.


By following these simple guidelines will only improve the field and complex conditions making them safer and more enjoyable for the players and parents.


·        Home plate and pitcher’s mound: rake all the dirt around back towards the holes and fill in the holes created during the game.

·        Base paths: do not rake across the path, but go up and down the baseline. Raking across the path can cause low spots and also build up on the grass cutouts.

·        Bases: pull the base and replace the plugs. Rake towards the holes bases once the plugs are installed and fill in any low spots created (from sliding).


Thank you for your support!

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Jun 19
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Jun 20
BYC @ Aston Valley Knights 16
Jun 23
Ridley Park - AJ @ Aston Valley Knights 14
Jun 25
Aston Valley Knights 16 @ Ridley Park
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