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Aston Valley Baseball League


All coaches, both head and assistant coaches, need to have their background checks completed by the start of the playoffs! This is mandatory as per our Cal Ripken charter. You can go on the Coaches Documents tab on the lower left hand side of this page and you will find the link there.

Any coach that does does not adhere to this will not be perrmitted in or near the dugouts. If you have any questions, please contact Jim McKenna at 610-731-7215.

Thank you!

Congratulations to the AVBL Tourney Teams!

Congrats to the 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U teams that participated in the Delran and Cal Ripken tournments over the Memorial Day weekend! Each team played hard, well and made us all proud of their efforts and results!

Thank you to the players, coaches and parents for their support!!!!

Aston Valley Baseball - Summer Tournaments for 6U and 7U Players

Hey everyone, Aston Valley will be hosting two tournaments for 6U and 7U at Weir Park this  year.  The 6U tournament will start on June 13 and our 7U tournament will be on June 22.  The forms for other leagues that are interested are under Handouts to the left of our website.  


For 7U - contact Mike Grady at avgrady15@yahoo.com

For 6U contact Vicky Hittle at tball@avbl.org



This year marks the 15th consecutive year that we have hosted Baseball camp at Weir Park, home of Aston Valley Baseball.

Registration is now open for kids 7-12 years of age. There are 60 spots available for both weeks of camp. Our Camp consists of baserunning, throwing, hitting, and defensive stations each day along with a controlled game and the end of each day. As in years past Thursday is set for our annual skills day competitions.

In honor of our 15th Year, the 15th Paid Registration form submitted will win a free week of camp.
The dates for this years camps are:
Week 1: Monday June 15 to Thursday June 18
Week 2: Monday June 22 to Thursday June 25
Please register as soon as possible. Our registration committment helps us ensure our needed staff. If you have any questions feel free to call or email me.
The registration form is attached under the 'Handouts' section of the website.
Thank you for your interest in our camp.

Contact Bill wright with any questions.
Bill Wright


At the conclusion of EVERY game the field should be raked and dugouts cleaned.  Please follow the directions below when raking the fields. This task is not solely the coaches responsibility. Any parent can assist with this task to maintain our fields. If it is done properly and consistently it will help maintain our fields better for the kids playing the games and will assist when we get rain as well. The fields should dugouts should be cleaned of all trash and equipment after every game as well. Please help with this as it is EVERYONE’S responsibility as members of AVBL.


By following these simple guidelines will only improve the field and complex conditions making them safer and more enjoyable for the players and parents.


·        Home plate and pitcher’s mound: rake all the dirt around back towards the holes and fill in the holes created during the game.

·        Base paths: do not rake across the path, but go up and down the baseline. Raking across the path can cause low spots and also build up on the grass cutouts.

·        Bases: pull the base and replace the plugs. Rake towards the holes bases once the plugs are installed and fill in any low spots created (from sliding).


Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  May 27
Minor League
Angels @ Dodgers 5:45pm Weir Park - Minor Field
Rookie League
Red Sox @ Phillies 5:45pm Weir Park - Rookie Field
Thursday,  May 28
Minor League
Rays @ A's 5:45pm Weir Park - Minor Field
Rookie League
Rockies @ Cubs 5:45pm Weir Park - Rookie Field
Friday,  May 29
Rookie League
Cardinals @ Red Sox 5:45pm Weir Park - Minor Field
Saturday,  May 30
Minor League
Dodgers @ D'Backs 9:30am Weir Park - Minor Field
Tigers @ Angels 12:00pm Weir Park - Minor Field
Rookie League
Blue Jays @ Phillies 9:30am Weir Park - Rookie Field
Cubs @ Pirates 12:00pm Weir Park - Rookie Field
Cardinals @ Red Sox 2:30pm Weir Park - Rookie Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Jun 8
AVBL Executive Board Meeting 8:30pm
Monday,  Jul 13
AVBL Executive Board Meeting 8:30pm
Monday,  Aug 10
AVBL Executive Board Meeting 8:30pm
Monday,  Sep 14
AVBL Executive Board Meeting 8:30pm
Monday,  Oct 12
AVBL Executive Board Meeting 8:30pm
Monday,  Nov 9
AVBL Executive Board Meeting 8:30pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!