Minutes from our Monthly General Membership Meetings in the Handouts


Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

July 2016 General Membership Meeting






Todd Kirk, Michael Grady, Vicki Hittle, John Howe, Joe Hart, Fran Miles. Amy Grady, Bob Weeks

Late: Jim Buggy, Bernie Seasock

Absent: Anthony Marusco, Laura Brooks.  

Dan Campbell, Brian Morris, Henry Hittle, Steve Chapman

Called to Order:

8:32 p.m.


On Website

Motion to approve:Fran


Joe Hart

Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

General Account has 1391.33 as of 7/09/2016

Total 101.07 in other account


New Business: None

Motion to approve:John Howe

Second: Bob Weeks






Teeners-John Howe

No report

16 year old EDCO season is now over.  17 year olds are still playing.  


Majors-Bernie Seasock

11 yr old team is in Newtown Edgmont.  Won a game in districts and Brookhaven.  

12 year olds won a Norwood Tournament.  Did very well.  In the midst of the Drexel Hill tournament.  They are 1-1.

12u select team  won the first tournament.  0-2 in Medford.  Playing in Chichester now.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

Both teams are in last tournaments as of right now.  


Rookies-Michael Grady

No report.  


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

6 yr old tournament finished.  Work on bringing out field in.


Equipment Manager-Todd Kirk

No report


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

Not present


Field Maintenance-Cory Sheridan

Not present


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

No report


Rules- Joe Hart

No report




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco


Not having fall ball this upcoming season.  

Minor field needs to be repaired.  

The fields need to rest.  

Looking into getting them fixed.  Need to have more bids and get them fixed.  

Questioned as to why we are not having the fall ball league.  









Motion By:


8:42 p.m.

John Howe

Fran Miles



Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Fran Miles. Bernie Seasock, Vicki Hittle, Bob Weeks, Cory Sheridan, Laura Brooks, Amy Grady, Mike Grady,  Jim Johnston, Steve Chapman, Jason Farrell, Vicki Lovecchio, Dan Campbell, Mike McDermott, Mark Gauzza, Walt Campbell, John Marantino, Kara Cimabue, Mike Cimabue

Called to Order:

8:35 pm



Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Capital Fund 2076.42

Fundraising 101.08

New Business: None

Motion to approve:  Fran Miles

Second: Joe Hart





Teeners-John Howe

No report


Majors-Bernie Seasock

12’s and 12 select.  Played tons of baseball.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

Not too much going on.  No one faired great in districts.  10’s lost in semi’s in tournnament ball.  9’s got it together at Aston Middletown and played in playoffs.

Minor field needs work done.  Need done and let it set.


Rookies-Michael Grady

No report.  Finally done, John Howe won the championship


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

6 year old tournament went well.  Fall ball email went out today to let teams know.


Equipment Manager-Todd Kirk

No report.


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

No report


Field Maintenance-Cory Sheridan

2 bids made phone calls to have the fields redone.  Should be done this year.  


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

No report.  Black Friday signups.  Get your discount.  


Rules- Joe Hart

Remind everyone to get their three meetings in to vote.




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco


Venue is up in the air.  September 24 is the Designer Bag Bingo.  Hoping to have it at Aston Beechwood Fire House.  

Fall Ball will be run by Mark Gauzza and Dan Campbell.  Email went out today, and individuals will be allowed to sign up.  Ages 6-11.  $40.00 a player.  

Discussion about having other organizations sharing the Fall Ball responsibilities.  




Fall Ball

12 Select team.  They did well, the kids had fun.  

Aston Community Day October 1, 2016.  Raindate Octoeb





Motion By:


8:55 pm

Joe Hart

Fran Miles



Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Amy Grady, Fran Miles, Joe Hart, Vicki Hittle, Laura Brooks, Anthony Marusco, Bernie Seasock, Jim Buggy, Michael Grady, John Howe, Ron Corrento, Jason Farrell, Scott Sexton, Vicki Lovecchio, Mark Korenkiewcz, Amanda Doyle, Mark Gauzza, Jen Gauzza, Jason Hickman, Steve Chapman, Mike Cimabue,

Called to Order:

8:31 pm


Are on line

Motion to approve:Fran


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Capital Account 2121.59

Fundraising: 101.08

Regular Account: 3479.93


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Fran

Second:Joe Hart





Teeners-John Howe

No Report


Majors-Bernie Seasock

No report


Minors- Bob Weeks

Not here.  No report


Rookies-Michael Grady

No Report.


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

No report


Equipment Manager-Todd Kirk


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

Giving old candy to booster club to sell.


Field Maintenance-Cory Sheridan

Not here. No report.


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

No Report.


Rules- Joe Hart

No report




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco


Fall Ball this weekend- BYC, CountyWide Fall Ball, are involved with both.  3 teams showed up to play at one field.  CountyWide did not want to play at 3:00 on the fields on Sunday.  It went okay.  We had a team from Ridley show up. We let them practice on our Tee ball field.  

One Minor.

One Major.

2 Rookies.

Designer bag bingo this Saturday at Aston Beechwood.  52 Tickets sold as of tonight.    We might sell out.  Can the board be there at 5:00?

Sue is giving us a basket for raffle.  Can we give a voucher for a free player?  Yes the board agrees.  

Thanks for running both of these ventures.  





President:Anthony Marusco

Teeners:John Howe, Mark Gauzza

Majors:Bernie Seasock,

Minors:Bob Weeks

Rookies:Steve Chapman,Dan Campbell

Tee Ball:Vicki Hittle,

Parents Auxiliary:Laura Brooks

Rules: Open

Secretary:Amy Grady,

Treasurer:Fran Miles


Equipment: Todd Kirk,

Player Agent: Jim Buggy,

Nominations are open for the rest of the month.  In order to vote you must have been present at three meeting throughout the year.  

Reminder for the parade:

Aston Community Day

Parents and Kids usually walk.  The more representation the better.  Please





Motion By:


8:54 pm


Vicki Hittle

October General Membership Meeting 2016

Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting




October 17, 2016


Fran Miles, Anthony Marusco, Joe Hart, Vicki Hittle, Bob Weeks, Bernie Seasock, Amy Grady, Jim Buggy, John Howe, Todd Kirk, Laura Brooks, Brian Morris, Mark Korenkiewicz, Scott Sexton, Cliff Thompson, Mike McDermott, Jennifer Gauza, Sue Ashton, Ron Sorrento, Alex Jennings, Steve Chapman, Chris Darwin, Jason Hickman, Mark Gauza, Mike Cimabue, Jason Farrell, Dan Campbell, Vicki Lovecchio,

Called to Order:

8:34 pm


Posted online

Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Fundraising Account 101.09

Capital Fund Account 2172.47

Regular Account 5629.08


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Fran

Second:John Howe





Teeners-John Howe

No Report


Majors-Bernie Seasock

Fall Ball at the Majors.  Mark Gauzza and Dan Campbell .  Thanks for all of your help for fall Ball.


Minors- Bob Weeks

No present


Rookies-Michael Grady

No present


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

No present


Equipment Manager-Todd Kirk

No report.


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

We are going to close up the stand on November 5.  Give it a good scrub down.  All the candy can go to the Boosters club.  


Field Maintenance-Cory Sheridan

Not present.


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Opening registrations in early December.  


Rules- Joe Hart

Thanked everyone. For being in the club for 25 years. Push volunteerism.  Gather your friends to come help out.




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Last month we had designer bag bingo.  It was very successful event.  All tickets were sold.  Captured $2500.00.  

Fall Ball Update: Makeup rainouts.  We would like to play the games on Saturdays. Difficult to play when kids are on the football teams and soccer.  Lots of compromising.  Umpires have been fine.  One coach has been difficult during games.  

CPR- looking for an early spring session.  Board and coaches.  Feb/March Timeframe.  

Babe Ruth have started in 2018.  It will be a wood type bat.  A list will be put out relatively soon.  Bat may only be allowed for this upcoming season.  Think about the bat before buying them.  

Looking to correct our Minor field.  Met with the Blue rocks maintenance guy.  Looking to get the fields leveled.  



Thank Michael, Todd, Joe and Cory for their time and hard work.  Anthony wishes you the best.





Results of the 2016 Election

President   Anthony Marusco
Teeners     John Howe
Majors     Bernie Seasock
Minors    Bob Weeks
Rookies  Dan Campbell   
Teeball   Vicki Hittle
Rules   Mark Gauzza
Facilities -Open
Equipment- Open
Parents Auxiliary   Laura Brooks
Player Agent   Jim Buggy
Treasurer    Fran Miles
Secretary   Amy Grady





Motion By:


9:15 p.m.

John Howe

Fran Miles




Aston Valley Baseball

Board meeting Membership Meeting






Amy Grady, Michael Grady, Benjamin Grady, Laura Brooks, Lisa Jennings, Anthony Marusco, Scott Sexton, John Howe, Haunani Cabalo, Bernie Seasock, Vicki Hittle, Mark Gauzza, Jim McKenna, Fran Miles, Kara Cimabue, Michael Cimabue, Jason Hickman

Called to Order:

8:32 PM


On line

Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

General Account: 17,236.09

Capital Account :4216.79

Fundraising Account 100.22


New Business: Jim McKenna asked if the capital money is allocated for something specific.  We get an anonymous $45.00 a month

Motion to approve: Amy Grady

Second:Fran Miles





Teeners-John Howe

 Aston Intermediate EDCO won the championship this year.  Fabulous article about the game and the story about GiGi.  

Is the batting cage staying up during the winter?  Yes and anyone can use it.  


Majors-Bernie Seasock


No report


Minors- Bob Weeks

No report/ not present.  


Rookies-Dan Campbell

Not present.  


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

No report.  


Equipment Manager-Jay Hickman

No report.


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

No report





Player Agent- Jim Buggy

No report on vacation


Rules- Mark Gauzza

Fall ball umpires.  If you were 12 you are eligible to ump rookies.  New bat restrictions go into effect in January 2018.  




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco


Dan Campbell for fall ball.  We are not doing teeners.  Only one person signed up.  BYC said they will let them play for BYC.  Three divisions.  5 teams for each division.  

This Thursday from 5-? There will be clean up at the fields.  

Spring Bingo.  





What time will the fall ball games be?






Motion By:



Bernie Seasock

Vicki Hittle



Aston Valley Baseball

Board meeting Membership Meeting






Jason Hickman, Vicki Hittle, Bob Weeks, Dan Campbell, Amy Grady, Michael Grady, Lisa Jennings, Anthony Marusco, Haunani Cabalo, Bernie Seasock,Joe Hart,Rebecca Farrell, Jason Farrell,  Mark Gauzza, Jen Gauzza, Mike McDermott, Jake Garrity, Mark Korenkiewicz, Jim McKenna, Fran Miles, Brian Morris, Sue Ashton, Jim Buggy, Amanda Doyle, Vicki Lovecchio  Late: Billy Wright

Called to Order:

8:33 PM


On line

Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

General Account: 22, 969.33

Capital Account :4262.15

Fundraising Account 100.22

In the last couple minutes we received a check from Billy Wright for his camp this summer.  Billy thanked us “Aston Valley Baseball League” for letting him use our facilities for two weeks every summer.  


Motion to approve: Vicki Hittle

Second: Dan Campbell





Teeners-John Howe

 Not present.


Majors-Bernie Seasock

Going pretty well.  There are 2 AV teams. Both are undefeated.  3-0.  Two Nether teams and two BYC teams.  REally competitive.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

No report.


Rookies-Dan Campbell

No report.


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

No report.


Equipment Manager-Jay Hickman

No report


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

Not present.





Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Online registrations will open on November 24, 2017.  


Rules- Mark Gauzza

The new bat restrictions go into effect on January 1, 2018.  The new rules as far as we know only apply to 12 and under.



Secretary-Amy Grady

No report.  


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco


Aston Valley Fall Ball

7 Rookie teams

9 Minor teams

7 Major teams

Thanks for all the help getting the fields ready for play.  

There are a few games where there are a few games where no Aston Valley team is playing so he will need help with those.  One sponsor was spelled wrong on

Kids First Swim needs a sign .  

Couple minor hiccups.  Nether has CCD/Sunday school so all Sunday games start at 12:30 and 3:00 instead of 12:00 and 2:30.  

Aston Valley will be walking in the Aston Community Day Parade on Saturday October 7, 2017.  

Can we have a head count for parade?  

We were going to remove the pea stones and it should be on the list to have done for field maintenance day.    

Gift Card for Ron Corrento.

Gift Card for Joe Hart for donating his time to our league. Especially for all of his assistance with the Minor League field this spring.  

The new bat rule goes into effect.  We as a league will have to be prepared for the stance that some parents may not be able to afford the new bats.  






President:  Anthony Marusco

Teeners: John Howe

Majors: Bernie Seasock

Minors: Bob Weeks

Rookies: No nominations.

TeeBall: Vicki Hittle

Secretary: Amy Grady

Treasurer: Fran Miles- Accept

Parents Auxiliary:Rebecca Farrell

Rules:Mark Gauzza

Player Agent: Jim Buggy

Equipment: Jason Hickman-Declined

Facilities: Dan Campbell-Declined

Discussion about which positions are elected.  This is a closed topic.  







Motion By:


9:10 PM

Amy Grady

Dan Campbell








Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting




March 21, 2016



Called to Order:

8:37 PM



Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Fundraising 101.65

Capital Fund 3336.02

General Account 36,432.60

New Business: None

Motion to approve:John Howe

Second: Joe Hart





Teeners-John Howe

9:00 Am on April 2, 2016 is Field Maintenance

Room for two more players

Have checks for umpires


Majors-Bernie Seasock

12 game schedule should be out by this week. 6 teams 2 games against brookhaven.  

Field Maintenance Day is April 2, 2016 at 9:00 am  If you love your kid, please come help spruce it up.   

Managers stick around for 5 minutes after meeting.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

Field Maintance day April 2, 2016 at 9:00

7 teams

79 players

5 teams with 11

2 with 12

Coaches keys for the managers

14 game schedule and playing Brookhaven


Rookies-Michael Grady

9 teams

104 kids

5 teams of 12

4 with 11

Couple minutes after meeting for keys, schedule

Field Maintenance April 2, 2016

Dugout benches


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

Running wiht 5 tee ball

Junior rookies Friday and Sunday

9:15 and 10:15 for teeball

Schedules by this weekend.

Meeting for coaches after

April 2, 2016 Field Maintenance


Equipment Manager-Todd Kirk

No report

2 bags to give out


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

Sent email to team parents

Opening Day, Field Maintenance

Schedule for Games and Field Maintenance

Meeting on April 2, 2016 at 1:30

Thank Bernie for stripping the floor and waxing the floors

Cocacola Machine

New Freezer on the 29th

Anyone who wants to work the snackbar that must 18 contact Laura Brooks?


Field Maintenance-Cory Sheridan

Field Maintenance April 2, 2016


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Shade over 400 kids.  Slightly lower than last year.  Schedules will be done tomorrow morning.  


Rules- Joe Hart

Reminder Babe Ruth rule and Aston Valley must keep book in ink.  




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Thank you to Bernie for stripping the concession stand floor and waxing it for us.  Last night we had a coaches clinic level.

Great turnout for the teeball and rookie division.

Take what you learned and develop it further with your team.

Opening Day is April 9, 2016

All hands on deck for the field maintenance day.  

Volunteer league.  Thanks for all of your help.

Opening day

Trucks need to be at community center by 7:30.

Kids need to arrive at 7:45.

Leave at 8:15 and then arrive at

Red Sox

White Sox


Those kids who won will be the kids who ride the truck.

Majors any returning kids will be on the fire truck.  Any kids who went to teeners are invited back.  

Teams usually get balloons from Harry at the Dollar Store.  He will take our orders April 4-April 7.  Minimum of 14 balloons.   12 latex and 2 mylar.

Decorate the trucks for the parade.

Ceremonies will begin roughly.  

All of Fame inductee is Jim O’Sullivan

Monroe Energy donated an AED last year and we are giving them a plaque for their donation.

Second Coaches clinic.  Sometime in the month of April on the field.  On a  Sunday.

Our annual Slugfest is going to be May 14, 2016 looking at having Philadelphia Phillies come in and run the event.

Monday May 16, 2016 will be our second annual golf outing.

Blue Rocks Aston Valley Day at the Blue Rocks Stadium on Sunday April 10, 2016.  Top nine sellers will be announced with the players.  Tickets are $10.00.  

Two meetings ago we brought up that we were going to have an auditing committee.  Denny has said that everything that was in good order with our books.  Thanks Denny for taking time to review for us.


Signs we have 20-25 sponsors this year.  We have at least 9 new this year.  They are still coming in.  

Team Sponsor- We were over for our team sponsors this year by 4.  

Hole Sponsors instead of team or fall ball teams.  

Vicki Lovecchio-Blue Rocks

93 tickets are reserved.

To get there by 12:30.  No cleats.  Kids who win should wear their uniforms

Swiss Farms

Chick Fil A


Where is the second AED going to be placed?  

Weir Park

CPR Course. $25.00 a person

We need to give them 2 dates and then we will get that out to all of the coaches.

Fundraiser day.

No baskets of Cheer- Youth organization

Anyone who was certified two years ago it is now expired.  

Sue Ashton- Ordered inventory

Introduced two new items last year.

Nothing new for adults

For kids a new digi print

Knitted Beanie

Travel Mug

Thanks for everyone who helped out with evaluations.  Thank you.




Can I address the board please?  Jeff Vickers

You should be ashamed of yourselves.  I just want to help finish my sons last year as an assistant coach.  I was thrown out of a game.  I was reinstated.  I have heard rumors.  I will sit on that bench unless the police pull me off the bench.  As a board you have taken away for my kids last year.  It is hearsay and lies.  Three pages of violations.  I haven’t slept in two weeks.  I care about the kids.  I teach them winter, spring, and summer.  Leave me alone and leave my kid out of this.  I am a baseball guy.  I want one year.  20 parents called him up and said what can we do?  I just want to coach my sons last year.  When Ken is off being a TV superstar.  I appreciate the parents that stand behind me.  I want to be remembered.  I am going to do it.  I will coach.  The stuff I heard I would lose my job if those this were true.  The lies that followed me here are lies.

Paul Mullen, Vickers was my kids coach last year.

I have been involved for the last 19 years.

He is a great coach.

They know the routine and respect the game.

I feel like that a lot of kids have learned a lot from him.  What he did with those 12 kids it has benefited all of them.  

Ed Vitale:

I have coached beside this man since our kids have been five years old.  He has the most knowledge.  It is about the kids and not about him.  That man has done nothing but that.  I don’t know what rumors that you have heard.  I have known him for 7 years.  Tossed out of game for asking a question.  I don’t know why asking a question is wrong.

Colleen Smith:

My son has been on his team for 2 years.  When her son heard that he could not coach any longer he cried.  Her son wanted to come and talk.


I played under Jeff for 4 years at Penn State and he has done a lot for me.

Gary Dougherty:

I had the pleasure of being taught by Jeff.  He has taught me to be a better coach.  By the time they get to the majors they should be able to throw a ball.  Who on the board was there for the two games?  Todd Kirk raised his hand.  If that is what you are holding over this guy then you should reconsider.

Dave Locke:

Last year was the first year that my son was coached.  I am dumbfounded that we are standing here having this conversation.  I was there and saw the call.  I would love for the board to tell you why they were saying no.  I think it is totally obsurd.  If it was about the kids you would put the guys here.  

Bruce Hemingway:

Last season was my first season here at Aston Valley and we had parents who verbally assaulted and got a slap on the wrist.  Coaches were convicted felons.  You guys make me sick.  You guys are sick.  

Anthony Marusco:

Based on the issues that were faced last year.  As the new incoming president I am trying to put procedures into place to make it better.  I am and the board are trying to start over.  No one has been thrown out of our league.  He is a member and his kid is playing at Aston Valley.  The decision that was made was based on events that have occured only at Aston Valley.  

Jeff Vickers:  Am I the first person to be voted down as an assistant?   The umpire threw the money in the air.  I walked to my car.  

Joe Hart: I was at the game at Weir Park. And the way that you spoke to the umpire.  You were within 8 inches of the umpire’s face.  You backed down the third base line.  “What did you say to the kids the next day to explain what happened?”  You were ejected from the game and you wouldn’t leave the game.  

Anthony Marusco:

I think what Joe Hart is trying to get across is what did you tell your kids.  

Gary Dougherty:

Did anyone address the Angels coaches for the kids?  

Jeff Vickers:

I am coaching my last year with my son.  It is our father son time.  For people who don’t know me.  I want this to end.  I want to sit on the bench and keep the book.  Not enough votes.  Lots of problems with the board.  

Husband and Wife

Here is a little nugget to remember me by.  There was a board member that had an umpire throw me out to take over my district team that won states.  

This is so important to me.  I haven’t slept, haven’t eaten.  I am sitting on that bench to be with my son on that first game.  If all of these people who spoke up about me it should mean something.  I am coaching on the field next time.  The lies will stop tonight.  The things that I heard that is personal.  I am a man of my word.  I don’t want you to revote.  I am looking forward to being an assistant.  

John Marantino: I was the head coach of the team against you and I thought that it was a very quick ejection.  I am not here for him or against him.  He did help in the winter clinic.  

John Howe: A guy gets thrown out in the MLB. If you argue

Jeff Vickers: I am not threatening you.  Nowhere in your bylaws does it say that you vote on assistant coaches.  I want one year with my son.  He is having a hard time.  

Anthony Marusco:  How many times were you throw out over your career?  

Jeff Vickers: Three times.  Once in a district game, once in college and once in Aston Middletown.  The inhouse game was overturned by Bob Clarke.  


Colleen Smith: He asked to speak to his pitcher and then he got kicked out.  And he got kicked out for raising his hand.  

Jeff Vickers

Joe Hart: What did the kids learn from him getting thrown out?

Bruce Hemingway: The kids were explained that the call was made wrong.  He explains throughly to each and every kids what they did right and what they did wrong and what he did right and what he did wrong.  In regards to Angels were they explained to by the coaches.

Jeff Vickers: Teachers teach.  They teach life lessons not just baseball lessons.   Do you think I like being thrown out of the game.  I want this done. I don’t want to bad mouth you.  I will be keeping the books.  If you need to call the police.  

Michael Grady:  You have coached twenty games.  You have been thrown out twice  I Districts you were thrown out again.  I have not looked at any results.  I am looking at what is happening while you were wearing our colors.  

Jeff Vickers: Let me enjoy my son’s last year.  

Steve Chapman:  I don’t agree with the decisions the board makes and I address it with people individually.  When you are told you are If we voted the board and don’t then we are nothing as an organization.  That is not the right way to do it.  

Anthony Marusco: I am going to have the board having a discussion about it and we will discuss what was discussed here tonight and I will bring to you about what takes place.  I will contact you personally.  

Fran Miles: Everything is negativity.  Let us discuss it and if we were wrong we were wrong.  





Motion By:


10:01 pm

John Howe

Mike Cimabue

February GMM Minutes

Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting




February 15, 2016


Fran Miles, Joe Hart, Laura Brooks, Anthony Marusco, Cory Sheridan, Bob Weeks, Todd Kirk, Jim Buggy, Vicki Hittle, Amy Grady, Bernie Seasock  Michael Grady, John Howe

Called to Order:




Motion to approve:Joe Hart


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Capital Account  3290.48

General Account

Beautification Account

Fundraising Account


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Joe Hart

Second:Bernie Seasock





Teeners-John Howe

Evaluations this Saturday from 12-1at Neumann University


Majors-Bernie Seasock


64 kid total right now.

6 teams down from 7 last

Evaluations 10:00-12:00 p.m. at Neumann University

All returning players need to let


Minors- Bob Weeks

75 players right now.

7 teams

No redraft

Evaluations 8:30 a.m. at Neumann University


Rookies-Michael Grady

92 kids

Expanding to 9 teams.


Evaluations will be 1:00 p.m. at Neumann University

Draft on Sunday.


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

Between both 85 kids.

Standing at 5 teams in teeball

4 teams in Jr. Rookies


Equipment Manager-Todd Kirk

No report.


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

No report


Field Maintenance-Cory Sheridan

No report


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Update on registration

365 kids total

50 Teeners



90 Rookies

37Jr. Rookies

48 Tee Ball

Rookies adding 2 teams

Losing Major team

Tee ball will remain open


Rules- Joe Hart

Geek squad has his computer.  New Rules will be on the website when it is fixed.   




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Evaluations are this Saturday at Neumann University

Draft is this Sunday at Municipal Building.

Coaches applications


Vicki Lovecchio-Met with the Blue Rocks about family night.  Talked about beefing up round the horn, just need dates.  

Sue Ashton-Merchandising/Spirit Wear.  Raindate for opening day???  

Anybody who registered online, but did not get their raffle tickets they will be at evaluations.  If you do not pick them up they will be given to the head coaches to give to individual kids.  

Coaches have been approved.  Assistant coaches are being worked through.  



New Gym on Saturday for Tryouts.  At the Mirenda Center  Community Hall behind the new gym.  

JR Rookie/Rookie Coaches please let the coaches to send out a reminder about tryouts.  





Motion By:



Fran Miles

Todd Kirk

January General Membership Meeting


Capital Improvement 245.48



Motion Fran Miles  Second Joe Hart

Not many changes for 2016 Budget


Motion to accept budget Fran second Joe Hart

Player agent


122 kids signed up so far for 2016

35 Coaches need to fill out the coaches application

Any coach needs application and background check.


Looking in to playing surrounding leagues.  Chi, Brookhaven,


13, 14, 15 tournament team.  


Looking for help at concession stand

Someone to run it and then help out.




Playing Brookhaven teams.  Their field and ours.

Coaches applications in, by the 31st.  

Major parents touch base with tonight


Playing brookhaven also

7 Head coaches

Most likely 8th team.  

Jim will set up season schedule.  





Anticipating at least four teams


Commissioners have sent email.  Hoping for 6 teams for each division


Get the word out for 4 year olds.  


Please get backs back to Todd Kirk


Parents Auxiliary

Background check for Parents Auxiliary and Team Parents


Field Maintenance


Keys were given out to board members.


All new keys will be given to head coaches.




Rules meeting





Old Business:



Since Christmas

Online late fee February 6th.  

1/4 of the way there for full signups.



Background Coordinator

Jason Farrell

Making sure the background checks that are necessary.  Looking to make sure that they are all cleared.  Working with the executive board.


Auditing committee:

Denny Anastasia

Saturday January 23, 2016


Sponsorship Committee:

Nicole Sheridan

Individuals underneath the coordinator.  

Fundraising Committee:

Vicki Lovecchio

Main Contact

Spirit wear

Sue Ashton


Coaches Application:

Everyone must submit them and background checks. Due by January 31, 2016.  


Criminal and ProtectYouthSports

State of Pennsylvania and Child Abuse background Check


E-patch is free

Child Abuse is free the first time in 57 months.

CPR/AED  Need certifications

Head Coaches and


Coaches Clinic

March 5, 2016


Mandatory for all new coaches and returning coaches.  

There are no true changes, but the wording has changed.  How do you address the other all-stars from other leagues.  


What is accomplished that kids are not chosen to the end?  

Rules were approved with more than 2/3 vote.  


Could the Jr. Rookies draft?

New Business: None


Meeting Adjourned at 9:45

Fran made a motion

Joe seconded the motion.  

August 2015 GM Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2015

Monday August 17th, 2015 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP


TREASURER: Budget read and approved. Tickets-$2,421>53

Beautification $3,018.08


TEENERS: no report


PARENTS AUX>no report

MAJORS: no report

RULES: a few updates and adjustments from the rules committee.

ROOKIES: successful 7&8 yr old tourney teams.

FIELD MAINT>: no report

TBALL: no report

New: fall ball. Individual registrations are closed. Rookies have 3 teams

Minors have 3 teams

Majors have 2 teams

Coaches are set. Many individuals have offered to help. Nicole Sheridan is gatheringsponsors for fall ball,

Sponsorship fee is $100. Todd has been tinkering with the field prep. Sept. meeting is nominations., October is elections. Questions about participation in Community day.

Winners of the sports raffle drawing are:

Ivan Plachuta

Donna Lizut

Linda Pascale

Chuck Bolgunas

July 2015 GM Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2015

July 20th, 2015 General Membership


TREASURER; budget read and approved. $6,500.84 with most outstanding bills paid.

TEENER: no report

MAJORS: no report

MINORS: 9's and 10;s are still playing in one more tourney.

ROOKIES: 8's,econd place in Bensalem

TBALL: no report.

PLAYER AGENT: no report

Parents aux Thanks for all of the help during the tourneys.

RULES: rules committee is meeting this week. Working on re-doing them this week.

FIELD MAINT.: no report

NEW: request for audit services.

Fall ball_ need a 6 person committee. Sept. 7th_ Oct.

A,J, Kellar, Ron Corrento, Cory Sheridan

Last call for Raffle Tickets. 2 $100 prizes to local sellers.

AED-Penn Delco signed off for one at Buggy, Monroe Corp paying for an additional league AED.

League re-alignment_ decision now for moving of age groups up to next level or stay the same. It will be decided by the New board with a recommendation from the current board.

Around the horn may be replaced in the 1st week of May to a Phillies sponsored event.

April GM Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2015

Monday April 20th, 2015


TREASURER: Beautification Fund, $3003.07

Fundraiser Fund: $1,300.96

General Fund: $26,247.93

Budget read and approved

TEENERS: rainout. Hopefully all for the week. Thanks for showing up for field maintenance.

MAJORS: rain out

MINORS: field main. Sunday@10. there will be a 9u team going to BYC for a game. Take a look at the kids now. Evaluations for the ALL STAR selections are coming soon. Push the sports raffle and golf outing.

ROOKIES: running smoothly.6's had first game on the rookie field. It went well. 3 games are scheduled for Saturday. Requesting the stand to be opened.

TBALL:Clinic is going well. Play a game during the week. Jr. Rookies are also going well.

SECRETARY: minutes waived.

RULES: umpires are doing well. There needs to be rules committee to go over all rules and get them together.

PARENTS AUX.: things are going well. Picture day went smoothly. Clinic people are dismissed from concession duty.

PLAYER AGENT: not in attendance

FIELD MAINT: not in attendance.

EQUIPMENT: no report

NEW: parade starts at 8:30.Get kids there at 7:30. There has been no work done at Weir Park by the construction company. Aston Valley is FED UP. Engineer is meeting with Joe at 8:30. The river rock is gone. Rain water is breeching upon the batting cages and the bleachers on the minor field. Check out the last Township meeting on Public TV. Joe is giving a great performance. Please blast our public officials about readiness of park on Saturday.

Cliff Thompson discussed the AED and certifications.

March GM Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2015

Monday March 16th,2015 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP

Monday, March 30, 2015

2:24 PM

SECRETARY-motion to waive minutes because they are on the website.

TREASURER-Fundraising fund has a balance of $800.89

Beautification fund has a balance of $3,373.67

General Fund has a balance of $38,833.83

The budget was read and approved.

TEENERS-draft went well. Cut off registrations. There is a waiting list. All Penn Delco

fields are closed until further notice.

MAJORS- the draft gave us 7 teams with 12 players per team. Field practices are

cancelled until further notice.

MINORS-not in attendance. Fields are closed. There is room for 3 more registrations.

ROOKIES-there 88 kids registered. We have 7 teams with room for 2 more registrations.

T-BALL-for the 4&5 yr. old teams, there are 6 teams. Can possibly accommodate a few more registrations.

JR. Rookies have 6 teams.

PLAYER AGENT- 456 kids have registered. Only room for a few more registrations.

RULES-15 kids interested. Rule change #1, any runners who run over catcher will be out.

#2, can't fake bunt,

EQUIPMENT-all is ready. Bags are all labeled

FIELD MAINTENANCE-.fields are closed. Field maintenance is cancelled till the 28th. May open to practices this


Commissioners need to let Todd know what is needed for the fields.

PARENTS AUXILLARY- new hot dog roller. Team parent meeting March 29th. Please do not leave at the end of

the night without checking in at the concession stand. Make sure the closer gets to their car.

NEW BUSINESS- Golf outing is May 18th. Please get your 4-somes in as soon as possible.



General Membership Meeting Minutes for August 18th 2014

8/18/14 General membership

Monday, August 25, 2014

12:31 PM


Meeting start at 8:31

SECRETARY- minutes waived


TREASURER-Pavilion account $1,427.80 The inside of the roof was finished.

Sports raffle balance,$4,951.30

General fund read and approved with the league sitting on a balance of $13,192.70.


TEENERS- Season is over. The 15's went to states. They were knoced out but had fun. Fields will be closed in 2wks. Hopefully get new carpeting in the press box.


MAJORS- not in attendance. 11's and 12's had fun.


MINORS- no report


ROOKIES- not in attendance, no report


TBALL- not in attendance


PLAYER AGENT- no report


PARENTS AUX>- stand is closed. Getting ready for the picnic.


FIELD MAINT.- Thanks to all who showed up to help finish the pavilion.


RULES- no report


EQUIPMENT- no report


NEW BUSINESS- Bridge is being replaced. It is outdated. They will be restoring the wall near Blackthorne. Also may be building walls near the parking lot.

Rookie field and minor field need a lot of work. We will be not hosting fall ball for these reasons. The project is being funded by grant money from the government.

The end of the year picnic will be @ 5;00 on September 6th. Sportsmanship awards and the AVBL portion of the raffle will be chosen that day.

Community day picnic is October 4th. Aston valley has been requested by all who would like to participate.

Board nominations will be held at the September meeting.

Voting during the October meeting.

BYC is holding spots for all AV players who are interested. You can enter as a team or individual. Registration includes a clinic being held on Saturday Sept. 27th. The clinic is given by All Star Baseball Academy.

Rookies (spring) 6u& 7u $85

Minors (spring) 8u& 9u $95

Majors 46/60 (spring) 10u & 11U $105

Teeners (spring) 12u-14u $105

Register online at https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/byc/2014/Weelcome.html

During registration enter (999)999-1234.

Remember to enter this number or you will be charged an additional $50.

In The "special requests" field enter Aston Valley.

Discussion of a division alignment was discussed.

    1. Possibly shift age divisions

    2. force a structural change in Tball with a 4yr. Clinic and a strict 5 with 5 and 6 with 6 age separation

    3. Leave it and have a 8yr. Clinic on the minor field.

 Nothing was decided, only discussed.

Need to recommend to the new incoming board to form a board approved committee to sort through the rules, governance and by laws to bring up to date.

9:55 dismissal


In attendance:

Terri Nearey                       Joe Hart                                 Fran Miles

Bob Bunner                        Luigi Villa                               Mike Elia

Laura Brooks                      John Marantino                   Ron Corrento

Mark Brong                        Scott Sexton                         Vicki Hittle

Dan Campbell                    Walt Campbell                     Jeremy Brown

Bob Clark                            Todd Kirk                              Don Gilmour

Jim McKenna                     Anthony Marusco               Arden Keller

Cory Sheridan                    Sabrina Hickman                 Doug Johnston

Jason Hickman                  Chris Darpino                       Mark Gauzza

Daniel Nearey                   Steve Chapman                    Mike Grady.


August 18th 2014 Agenda (Minutes to follow)

General Membership Meeting – August 18th, 2014



  1. Meeting Agenda Overview
    1. Regular Updates of the Executive Board with Q&A
    2. New Business will address topic of ages and divisions and other new business
  2. Executive Board Regular Updates
    1. Secretary; Treasurer; Teeners; Majors; Minors; Rookies; T-ball; Player Agents; Parent’s Aux.; Field Maintenance; Rules; Equipment.
  3. New Business Items
    1. Pavilion improvements this weekend.  Great turnout and thanks to John Stokarski and JJ Greenhall for assistance and time.  Installed ceiling and lighting for pavilion and cages.
    2. Anticipated township improvements.  (Joe Hart / Fran Miles will provide update.)
    3. Upcoming Events:

                                                              i.      Year-end Picnic: Saturday, September 6th at 5:00 followed by movie night

1.      Free hot dogs, drinks, popcorn

2.      Sportsmanship awards will be handed out

3.      Drawing for AVBL winners in Sports Raffle

                                                            ii.      Community Day Picnic – October 4th

                                                          iii.      Board nominations are during September meeting

                                                          iv.      Voting is during October meeting

    1. Fall Ball – See section below.
    2. Division alignment

                                                              i.      Board observation: AVBL wants to improve the capabilities of our foundational players (T-ball through Rookies) with focus on making T-ball more interesting and helping our 8 year olds be more prepared for pitching and playing conditions on larger field.

                                                            ii.      Action to date: Board and GM approved only further discussion and investigation.

                                                          iii.      Proposed solutions     

1.      Division age shifts

2.      Force more structure in T-ball with 4yr. old clinic and then very strict separation of 5 and 6 yr olds.

3.      8 yr. old Sunday clinics on the minors/majors

    1. Managers and Coaches

                                                              i.      The board will be providing all 2015 managers with a hard copy of our Coaches manual with expectations of our managers and coaching staffs; suggestions for practice schedules; recommended drills, etc…

    1. Rules, Constitution and By-laws

                                                              i.      Board observation: A recurring challenge proposed by our membership has been a thorough review of our rules and governance.

                                                            ii.      Proposed solution

1.      Formally appoint a committee to review all governance and rules.  Head of the committee should be Rules commissioner.

2.      Need agreed upon dates for review and completion.

3.      Consideration of board composition will/should be included.


2014 Fall Ball

  • AVBL will not be hosting a fall ball league this year due to field maintenance and facility availability.
  • BYC has offered to take individual players from Aston Valley and/or teams.  Note they will not take a full tournament team.  They will pool the AV players and AV will be allowed to nominate a coaching staff for that team.
  • Costs are below and include: shirt, hat and a baseball skills clinic on Saturday September 27. This clinic will be given by All Star Baseball Academy. Games will be played primarily on Sunday and will begin on September 7 and last till the end of October.
    • Rookies – spring 6U & 7U: $85
    • Minors – spring 8U & 9U: $95
    • Major 46/60 – spring 10U & 11U: $105
    • Teeners – spring 12U-14U: $105
  • They are holding 24 spots for each division for Aston Valley.
  • Teams should contact the email below to ensure availability.
  • Individual players follow the below instructions:



1. Player parents register on-line at https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/byc/2014/Welcome.html

2. During registration, enter (999) 999-1234 as the phone number to waive the capital fee (MUST USE THIS AS YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $50!)

3. In the "Special Requests" field enter "Aston Valley"


Registration is expected to close in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Of course, the earlier players register, the less risk of a division becoming full. Teams will form in late August with the first game scheduled for Sunday 9/7.


If folks have questions about the sign-up process, they can email us at baseball@brandywineyouthclub.com


June 2014 GM Minutes

June 16, 2014




Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2:08 PM


SECRETARY, minutes waived

TEENERS, Season is finished. The Braves are the champs with the Phillies as the runner ups. Work needs to be done in the fall. It was a good season. There is only a 15 yr. old all-star team.

MAJORS, season ended tonite. It was a very good season with the Angels winning the championship and the Dodgers as the runner ups. Bob Clark is the manager of the 12 yr. old all-stars and Steve Davidson as the manager of the 11's.

MINORS, Dodgers vs. the Diamondbacks in the championship tomorrow night.

ROOKIES, getting ready for the tourneys. The games are starting soon.

TBALL, season is done. First tourney starts Wed, @ Brookhaven. The 6's start at our tourney next week.

EQUIP., Please turn in your equipment bags.

RULES, Need to find an umpire for tomorrow night's championship game.

FIELD MAINT., need help from the 6's.

, 7's, and 10's to help get the fields ready. Fence work is starting soon. Will be borrowing Ron Corrento machine to move dirt on Saturday.

PARENTS AUX., 1 game left of the regular season then on to districts. Will need lots of help.

PLAYER AGENT, all-star teams have all be rostered with Cal Ripken.

New business, July 20th will be the picnic date. Please get in your sportsmanship awards. 11:30-12 will be the start time.

The sports raffle AV drawing will happen at the picnic.

TREASURER, $2,35565 Pavilion

$8,410 Sports raffle

$22,011.36 ending balance. Budget read and approved.

Dave Vogehel will fix the press box.

Possibly re-schedule the picnic until the 19th to accommodate the radio station.


Terri Nearey Sabrina Hickman Hayford Irvin

Anthony Marusco Joe Hart MichaelGrady

Ron Corrento Amy Grady Vicki Hittle

Bob Weeks Jim Buggy Todd Kirk

Bob Clark Kristi Marantino JohnMarantino

Ken Cage Fran Miles


General Membership minutes Page 1

May General Membership Meeting

May 19th, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

9:24 PM

Meeting is brought to order at 8:34

Thank you Beef & Beer Committee

Round the Horn, thanks Todd & commissioners and the parents who gave donations.


SECRETARY, minutes waived.


TREASURER, pavilion, $2336.29

tickets, $700.10

Beef & Beverage, $2873.78

sitting on a balance of $24,754.72

Budget read and approved. Saturdays ROUND THE HORN made over $2,500in concessions alone.

50/50- $203

Alumni game, $115

Raffles, $1,831.00 with the expense for awards being about $500.


TEENERS, playoff positions and all-star selections tonight.


MAJORS, 11's & 12's will be selected and playoff brackets will be selected. Ken cage not in attendance.


MINORS, 2 wks. Left of regular season. Playoffs begin June 2nd.. All-star selections tonight. Coaches doing a great job

Maintaining the fields. Play special attention to getting the trash out of the dug outs.


ROOKIES, Rob Denney not in attendance.


TBALL, great turn out for the round robin


RULES, minors and rookies are having a problem with coaches and parents harassing the umpires. Need to talk to the coaches for all-star selections. Maybe use Magraw for major playoffs.


EQUIPMENT, no report.


FIELD MAINTANENCE, no report. There is $2,400 to re-do the batting cages.


PARENTS AUXILLARY, thanks for the help Saturday at the ROUND THE HORN. Great baskets. Raffle was a huge success. The sports raffle is due by June 7th. There will be an Aston Valley prize. Please try to sell all three.


NEW BUSINESS, Jim McKenna said 150 people were in attendance at the Beef and Beverage.

Thanks to the Volt DJ's and Van the Airbrush man. Districts start around June 21st. No fall ball because the creek will need work done. American Legion would like Aston Valley kids to walk in the Memorial Day parade.

Meeting ends 8:57


In attendance:

Terri Nearey Joe Hart A.J. Keller

Ron Corrento Joe Hue? Bernie Seasock

Don Gilmour Tony Giampietro Bob Kihly?

Denny Anastasia Rich June Jim Buggy

Hayf Irvin Jason Hickman Mike Elia

Bob Weeks Vicki Hittle Jim Mc Kenna

Todd Kirk John Mc Laughlin Tony Valente

Doug Johnston Anthony Marusco Adam Draggish

Michael Grady Amy Grady Daniel Nearey

B.J. Barlow Michelle Ziviello Dan Campbell


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General Membership Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2014 â€“ 08:30 PM


Monday, April 21, 2014

9:34 PM


Meeting starts at 8:35

Presidents greeting. A great opening day with no rain! It went very well.


TEENERS: All games are made up from rain dates.


MAJORS: There are two rainouts to make up. Considering the terrible winter the field looks great. Todd is doing a great job. PLEASE push the BEEF and BEVERAGE.


MINORS: There are two make up games to re schedule, Please clean out the dug outs after all games. If minor coaches can hang out to discuss pith count rules. A.J. Keller not in attendance. Report given by Anthony Marusco.


ROOKIES, Rob Denney  is not in attendance. No report.


TBALL, Hayf Irvin is not in attendance. No report.


PARENTS AUX., Great opening day. Over $3,000 was made that day. There have no problems yet with parents not showing up. Thanks to Sue Ashton for selling $500 of spirit wear on Saturday. PLEASE push the BEEF and BEVERAGE.


PLAYER AGENT: Please buy your BEEF and BEVERAGE tickets at the stand or online.


SECRETARY: Please buy bricks. No report.


FIELD MAINT.: No report.


EQUIPMENT: no report. Just a quick note to let Todd and AJ know that first base need more dirt.


RULES: need umpires. Thanks to the umpires who were able to help out when there were scheduling problems. Considering hiring umpires. There was a question about strike zones for umpires by Jim Mc Kenna. Anthony addressed them.


TREASURER: Pavilion fund, $2336.10

Philly sports raffle, $700.05

General fund read and approved with a balance of $7,361.37

 Please push the BEEF and BEVERAGE.

Philly sports raffle tickets going out soon.

Event formally known as Slugfest is now going to be called the ROUND THE HORN.


Adjurned 9:01


In Attendance:


Terri Nearey                                                    Fran Miles                                            Luigi Villa

Joe Hart                                                           Don Gilmour                                        Bernie Seasock

Steve Chapman                                              Jason Hickman                                     Clay Gaskill

Bob Weeks                                                      Mark Korenkiewicz                             Sabrina Hickman

Sue Nolek                                                        Michael Brouses                                  Ken Cage

Bob Clark                                                         Jim Mc Kenna                                       John Marantino

Todd Kirk                                                         Ron Corrento                                       Anthony Marusco

John Mc Laughlin                                           Michael Grady                                     Mark Gauzza

Jim Buggy



General Membership Monday November 18, 2013


Meeting starts at 9:01 due to special UNEQUAL presentation.

President, Bob Clark welcomes all to his first meeting as president.

Secretary, Terri Nearey: October minutes are waived.

Treasurer, Fran Miles: budget read and approved. Pavilion fund: $2092.38 for maintenance and beautification.

General fund sitting in $13,012.38

Teeners, Joe Hart: fields are closed, some work needs to be done, fall ball is finished.

Majors, Ken Cage: Ken not in attendance. Field is aerated and seeded and officially closed.

Minors, AJ Keller: No report.

Rookies, Rob Denney: Rob not in attendance. Looking to expand back stop. Getting quotes. First quote is for $5,600. Also need to grade the hump between the infield and outfield.

T-ball, Hayf Irvin: looking for fundraising ideas.

Equipment, Mike Grady: had no report but is interested in looking into UNEQUAL as potential supplier.

Field Maintenance, Todd Kirk: getting quote for minor field fence. First quote, $150.00. Possibly grade outside of minor field fence?

Parents Aux, John Marantino: cleaned up for end of the year. Have parent volunteers to possibly form a committee.

Player agent, Sabrina Hickman: wants to re-vamp the registration form and include a fee for uniforms. Hoping to have plenty of info available for parents during registration

Rules, Anthony Marusco: not in attendance. Next meeting is a rules meeting.

New business:

  • Everyone in the league with contact with the children will need back ground checks.
  • Need committees for fund-raising and sponsors.
  • Looking for people to help with a Five K, beef & beer, and a golf outing.
  • Also need to form a new public committee to update the by-laws and constitution.
  • Need a person to do souvenirs and possibly hang them at sign ups.
  • Need people to help on the field committee.


Important dates: sign ups

  • Fri.Jan.17, 5:30-9
  • Sat. Jan 18, 9:00-3:00?
  • Fri. Jan 24, 5:30-9
  • Sat. Jan 25, 9:00-3:00?
  • Try outs are possibly March 1st, with the draft being on March 2nd.
  • Parade and opening day: Sat. April 12th




In attendance:

Terri Nearey

Fran Miles

Bob Clark

T. Kirk

Kate Denney

Arden Keller

Ernie Ellis

Michael Grady

John Marantino

Jim Mckenna

Hayford Irvin

Cliff Thompson

Mike Kester

Dan Nearey

Joe Hart

Henry Hittle

Mark Korenkiewicz

Jim Johnston

Jim Buggy

Sabrina Hickman


General Membership Meeting Minutes Feb 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

General Membership meeting 2/17/2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

9:50 PM


8:35 meeting called to order


PRESIDENTS NOTES: Still going through registrations. All returning managers, if you can please email your roster from last year to remind that registrations are happening now and that they can register on line and that with a small service fee, we are using PAY PAL.  Would like the registrations completed as soon as possible because try outs and draft are happening soon.


Secretary: Minutes waived


Treasurer: Budget read and approved with a balance of $29,109.67 to date.

 The pavilion fund has a current balance of $2,149.80.


Teeners: a current total of 44 registrations with a possible re-draft of 4 teams.


Majors: 55 kids are registered at this time.  Looking to end up with 7 teams so please email your previous years players to remind them to sign up.


Minors: 58 players are registered as of now. There are currently 5 teams with a strong possibility of 6. May possibly need a re-draft. Will notify the coaches if this becomes the reality.


Rookies: 74 players are registered to date. Waiting on the weather to co-operate to do the work on the back stop.


Tball: 106 registered so far. A few may try out for the rookies. We are looking good for managers at this time.


Player Agent: 338 registered so far. Expecting some late registrations to bring our numbers up.


Equipment: No report


Field Maintenance: No report.


Rules: Umpires: 14 rookies, 12 minors & 8 majors. Please email if you know anyone who is interested.


Parents Auxiliary: Ordered one new fryer. Going to try to have a portable stand up on the tball field to sell snacks and

Drinks. Having a committee meeting to discuss the event previously known as slugfest Want to make it more of a skills challenge.


New Business: Philly Sports raffle; It does not just involve Aston Valley but many other organizations. We will receive

1/2 of the money we sell on these tickets. GRAND PRIZE: season tickets to all Philly teams home games.

                                                                           2nd.: Spring training package

                                                                           3rd. Super bowl party package including lg. screen TV

See any board member if you are interested in buying or selling the chances.

 Please brainstorm on ideas on how we want to handle the ticket sales. Possibly use an order form? Strongly suggest

That each FAMILY sell 3? Possibly offer people on field maintenance day to use their returned fee to use it to purchase a ticket?

 Important dates:  February 26th Oasis night for AV. 1/2 the proceeds come back to AV

                                 March 1st.: try outs in the Miranda Center @ Neumann University

                                March 9th., coaches clinic

                                 March 16th CPR training and recertification

9:08 Meeting adjourned.

In attendance:   Terri Nearey                                                 Todd Kirk                                   Jim Buggy

                             Fran Miles                                                     Hayford Irving                          Mark Korenkiewicz

                             A.J. Keller                                                       Ken Cage                                  Steve Greco

                             Michael Grady                                              Joe Hart                                    Mark Fifer

                             Sabrina Hickman                                          John Marantino                       John Mancinelli

                             Bob Clark                                                       Anthony Marusco                   Paul Mullen

                             Don Gilmour                                                 Henry Hittle                              John Carney

                             Victoria Hittle                                               Doug Johnston                        Steve Chapman

                             Rob Widmaier                                              Clay Gaskill                               Mike Cimabue

                             Denny Anastasia                                           Bob Weeks                               Ron Corrento

                             Jim McKenna                                                mike Elia                                     Rob Denny

                             Dan Campbell                                               Bernie Seasock                           Danny Burns

                             Walt Campbell                                              Tom Kenvin                                Mark Garrett?

                             Jeremy Brown                                              John McLaughlin