Board Meeting – November 19, 2017


In Attendance - Jay Stebbins, Matt Morcus, Shelby, Jay Bradley, Jessica, Rex, Jen Bakowski, Ladd, Rich, Gina, Dave


Not in attendance – Bob Duffy, Jonathan, Josh


  1. Jay S. called meeting to order 7:07 PM

  2. Elections

    1. President – Jay Bradley resigning.  Jay Stebbins voted in.  No oppositions.  Jay B happy to help going forward.

    2. Vice President – Jay Stebbins becoming President.  Ladd Gowen voted in.  No oppositions.

    3. Treasurer – Shelby resigning.  Rich Stoddard voted in.  No oppositions.

    4. Secretary – Dave Pino resigning.  Jessica Lyver voted in.  No Oppositions.

    5. Table league directors for a future meeting. (Gina will continue in Rookies)

    6. Jen Bakowski – voted onto board.  Voted in as lnstructional League Director.  No Oppositions.

    7. Equipment Manager – John?

    8. Josh?

  3. October 22, 2017 minutes reviewed and accepted without change.

  4. No new correspondences

  5. Financial Report

    1. United Bank $8070 EGSA

    2. Pay Pal $668.72

    3. Extreme $397

    4. Clinics $2758.75

    5. There was confusion around clinics/Extreme, so funds will have to be shifted.

  6. Fall Season Overview

    1. Injuries

      1. No major injuries

    2. Fall Jamboree

      1. Success

    3. Weather

      1. Few games cancelled due to weather

    4. Field Use

      1. Did not use Henry Barnard or instructional fields

  7. Equipment

    1. Rex emptied equipment boxes and organized items in the shed.

    2. Boxes are ready to be cleaned and raised.

    3. Matt has two bags to return.

    4. Jay has an Extreme bag to return

    5. Sweatshirts – Need to inventory and order

    6. Shirts – rex said there are a lot in the fall

      1. Jay said we are trying to standardize shirts – Majors will stick with Fall

      2. Rex suggested the need to go through shirts/pants/shorts – they are accumulating.  It’s time to order color matches or donate and move forward.  Jay B said we were trying to build up items for after ordering.

    7. Jay suggested moving forward with shelving to better organize

    8. Scoreboard – electrician said it was the motherboard for the score board.  Mark had an electrician come out.  Jay B suggested earmarking the money to get it fixed.  Reach out to Mark Gahr to get an estimate.

    9. Ladd asked about a second shed for shared equipment.  Current shed was about $4500 installed.  Need to have soil tested, placed on gravel…  It’s a process.

    10. Need to look into the condition of equipment and update accordingly.

  8. Winter Clinics

    1. Began today.

    2. Healthtrax is paid.

    3. Andrea – pitching coach, catching coach, Cressotti – will still have over $300 to put towards a new coach.

    4. 4 pitchers and 3 catchers currently signed up.

    5. Extreme may be able to use some of the previously scheduled time for Winter Clinics

    6. Andrea and high school team will run one of the clinics in the new year.

    7. Jay will reach out to Walt to see if he can come in. 

  9. Extreme Team

    1. Parent Meeting last week.

      1. Expectations

        1. Community Service

        2. Fund Raising

        3. Help at Tournaments

      2. Team Party – Dec 1

        1. Meet with Girls

        2. Team Building

  10. Winter Field Maintenance

    1. Alignment

    2. Squirrel Prevention

    3. Pasture Field Dugout Leak - Rolled Roofing

  11. Charter Renewal

    1. Need number of teams

    2. Insurance

    3. March 2018

  12. Lights (Ladd) 125K

  13. Higgins – Women’s League

    1. Contact?

    2. What is schedule?

  14. All Stars (Gina) Spring

    1. ASAP safety plan to host all-star games

    2. Sound System to announce games

    3. Host town feed both team

    4. Ellington, Windsor, South Windsor, Vernon, Majors

    5. May commitment

  15. Next Meeting

    1. Dec 17th

    2. 7pm Astros

    3. Possible sites for future meetings

      1. K of C a possibility

      2. Healthtrax $25

  16. Media update

    1. Facebook, Twitter,  Website, Instagram

    2. Jen Bakowski?

  17. Meeting Adjorned -


Board Meeting - October 22, 2017

In Attendance - Jay S., Jonathan, Rich, Gina, Ladd, Jessica, Rex

No Financial Report – Shelby not in attendance

1.      Fall Jamboree

a.      Sat 6-8 Higgins

b.      3 Rookies, 2 Minors, 1 Majors Team (approx. 40-50 kids)

                                                              i.      Mixed age teams

                                                            ii.      Keep track of team points throughout the stations

                                                          iii.      Prizes?? Softballs

c.       Skills Contests

                                                              i.      Homerun Derby

1.      Choose a distance – Different distances for different leagues

                                                            ii.      Speed Contests

1.      Pitch

2.      Throw

3.      Run

                                                          iii.      Target Contests

1.      Throw to target, pumpkin

2.      Set sections of field

3.      Relay Throw (Golf)

                                                           iv.      Music – Jay will bring music

                                                             v.      Extreme selling food

1.      Hot Dogs – Stebbins will bring hot dog steamer and generator

2.      Pizza

3.      Hot Chocolate

4.      Popcorn

5.      Water

                                                           vi.      ESGA selling sweatshirts - Amy

                                                         vii.      Tents

1.      Jay, Lyver, Rich, Gina

                                                       viii.      Advertising for Winter Clinics – Rex

                                                           ix.      Softball Equipment

1.      Jay will bring tees, balls, tennis balls, net

2.      Rex will bring pitching net

                                                             x.      Pumpkins – Gina

                                                           xi.      Candy for distribution at the end – Jay will get it.

                                                         xii.      Money for Extreme Food – Jay Stebbins said ok to buy and keep receipts for reimbursement


2.      Winter Clinics

a.      Start Date – November 29

b.      Registration Open – 13 players signed up so far. (1 pitcher, 1 catcher)

c.       Limits (10 pitchers per session, 10 catchers)

d.      Catchers - ½ hour skills, then catch live pitching for ½ an hour, ½ hour skills, then catch live pitching for ½ hour.  Catchers will be participating during both pitching clinics.

e.      Catchers Clinic – 9 - 11

f.        Pitchers Clinic – 9 – 10, 10 – 11

                                                              i.      Consider having an advanced session

g.      Fundamentals Clinic – 1 – 2:30, 2:30 – 4

                                                              i.      Fundamentals

                                                            ii.      Advanced session – at least 4 years experience playing

h.      Pitchers need to bring someone to catch them

i.        May need to shift kids around after first week

j.        Coaches

                                                              i.      Ronnie Page, Rex Lyver, Jesse Keslewski, Melissa Hicks, Mark -  Ladd will send an email to the coaches to see who is willing to help out.

                                                            ii.      Gina suggested asking coaches to help out for a week or two, rather than the full nine weeks

                                                          iii.      Guest coaches?

1.      Paul Skinner

2.      Walt

3.      Bob Cressotti (Gina will reach out with details once they are made available to her)

k.       Need to schedule a Clinic meeting – Thursday, November 9, 6:30 PM – Location TBD

l.        Ladd will send an email about clinics

m.    Jay will resend email about clinics to coaches

3.      Fall Ball Overview

a.      Rookies – No complaints, Young group.  No complaints about umpires

b.      Majors – Pitchers have been pitching, definitely learning how important it is to practice

c.       Minors – Time limit varies depending on who you play. Umpires have been good.

d.      Players of the week has been inconsistent.  Majors chooses player of the week.

e.      Minors and Majors ends November 4.

4.      Equipment

a.      Going into Fall, Jay would like equipment boxes raised, cleaned, and restocked.

b.      Need to get common locks on all of the boxes

c.       Game balls worked out well this year season

d.      Santizing equipment? –

e.      All equipment needs to be collected and put into the shed

5.      Next Meeting – November 19th

a.      Annual Elections

                                                              i.      Jay stepping down

                                                            ii.      Ladd interested in vice

                                                          iii.      Rich has offered to do treasurer

                                                           iv.      Josh – equipment

                                                             v.      Duff – still willing to be involved.  Town contact

b.      New members

                                                              i.      Ladd will send out an email inviting anyone to attend and join

6.      Eli Road

a.      Road field dugouts have been fenced in

b.      Trash Cans need to be moved

c.       Jay would like shade tarp going into next year

d.      Jay would like to roof the dugouts on field road

7.      Pasture

a.      Need to fix roof – leaking and animals are nesting

8.      Yard Goats (Ladd)

a.      Sat May 19th

b.      600 seats

c.       Deposit check has been submitted

d.      May have different options for activities

e.      Ladd needs Little League charter number

9.      Lights at Eli (Ladd)

a.      Rough estimate $125 K (additional $125K for LED lights)

b.      Grants are available

c.       If we raise half, grant is more likely to be approved

d.      Ladd would like to form a subcommittee

                                                              i.      Ticket raffle ($25 permit) - $5 ticket, money, tech, & gift cards as prizes

e.      Ladd would like to look into running adult kickball league as a fundraiser.

f.        Gina brought up the idea that town is looking to move town buildings and library – we will need to be sure that we will still have use of the fields if these buildings are sold.  Gina will check with Brian when he returns from vacation.

10.  Extreme

a.      Try outs have been held and a team of 13 has been selected

b.      Ladd has set up payment options for Extreme, $100 or $175

c.       Planning on doing winter training

d.      Derek Hatfield at Health-Trax should give us the $80/hour fee over the winter

11.  Breast Cancer Awareness


a.      Can EGSA provide pink socks for the Fall Ball girls?

Video from the EGSA Coach's Clinic held on 03/19/17 at Healthtrax in Enfield. Thank you to the coaches and players that participated in the event.



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