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Rookies Fall 2017 Information
Rookie (7-8 year olds) fast pitch softball rules


• Games will be 4 innings in length. No new inning will begin after 75 minutes
• Score will not be kept
• Coaches will act as umpires for the game
• Coaches are allowed on the field to instruct players during the game


• 11 inch softball is used
• The batter, all base runners, on-deck batter and any youth coaches (18 and under) must wear batting helmets
• The catcher must wear a catcher’s helmet, face mask, throat protector, chest protector, and shin guards
• No metal cleats allowed


• Pitching distance will be 30 feet for this division
• The defensive team has the option of using a player pitcher who may throw 3 pitches per batter. After which a coach from the hitting team may throw a maximum of 5 pitches. If a player pitcher is not used the coach may still only throw a maximum of 5 pitches. After that the ball should be placed on a tee to hit (While we want to increase this skill, we do not want to delay the game or make other players lose interest).
• A coach of the team that is batting will pitch from a comfortable distance and shall pitch the ball in an underhand motion
• Balls and strikes will not be called
• No strikeouts or walks, ball must be batted into play
• If a player is hit by a pitch they will continue to hit and not take first base


• A continuous batting order is to be used (all players will be in the batting order). Should a player be unable to take her turn at bat for any reason, proceed to the next scheduled batter without penalty
• Each team’s at-bat will end when 4 runs are scored or 3 outs are recorded, whichever comes first
• Each batter will face a maximum of 3 player pitches and 5 coach pitches per at-bat before using a tee in order to keep play moving
• No bunting

Base Running

• A safely hit ball to the infield will allow both the batter and all base runners to advance one base with the liability of being put out
• A safely hit ball to the outfield, whether in the air, on the ground, or after being touched by a defensive player (ball must reach the outfield grass) allows both the batter and all base runners to advance 2 bases with the liability of being put out
• The batter/runner may not advance on an overthrow
• No base stealing
• No leading, base runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit
• Courtesy runners may be used for a catcher or injured player


• Each team may play up to 10 defensive players in the field, 6 in the infield (C, P, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B), 4 in the outfield. The four outfielders do not necessarily need to be on the outfield grass in order to be considered an outfielder; however they must play behind the infielders, not alongside of them.
• A defensive player will occupy the pitchers position on either side of the adult pitcher. Player must stay inside (both feet) the pitchers circle until the ball is hit.
• A caught foul fly ball will be an out
• Infield Fly Rule is not in effect
• A defensive player may not block a base unless she is in possession of the ball

Lastly, the sole purpose for creating this division was to provide a venue for younger players in which they can play and learn the game of softball free from any undo pressures placed upon them. The rules in this division were developed to ensure that is what takes place.
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