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A portion of every order helps EGSA maintain and make improvements to our home fields at Eli Whitney.

Join the EGSA Board Of Directors Today!

Over the course of the past 38 years, the EGSA has made tremendous strides to continue to be able to offer the best possible softball experience for the youth girls in Enfield, Ct. The league has been in existence since 1987, and we have seen tremendous growth over the past 5 years especially. That being said, many of the current Board Members will be leaving us in the upcoming months. Our goal as a current Board, is to leave this league in the hands of capable people who will continue to have the well being of the league and it's players and parents as a top priority. We are currently looking for Board Members to begin a serious transition in leadership. After accepting the Presidents position about 3 years ago, my opinion at the time (and it remains so) is that Executive Leadership in this organization should NOT be held by the same people for an extended amount of time. I believe that constantly evolving membership, we keep a fresh perspective and continue to infuse the league with new ideas and passion. We need YOU to volunteer to begin this transition into the next 5-10 years. Your "expertise" is always welcome and we look forward to adding as many quality people to this organization as possible. It is time to hand over the reigns to current and prospective League Officials....keeping the league and the girls of Enfield involved, happy, and passionate about the sport of Fastpitch Softball. Please email me at if you are interested in possibly joining the Board and becoming part of the "NEW" era of Enfield Girls Softball. We take great pride in our recent accomplishments, especially those made at our home field (Eli Whitney) and we look forward to future opportunities:

  • Dugouts built
  • Fence installed 
  • Snack shack/shed installed 
  • Fence safety top installed
  • Instructional field built
  • Development of a more Little League centric league
  • Player development concentration (notably the development of pitchers within the league)
  • Social Media tool including Facebook and Twitter
  • Website development and online registration tools
  • Development of travel and tournament teams (Enfield Xtreme)

We have many projects upcoming as well, with a concentration to complete the Eli Whitney complex:

  • Build dugouts at the Eli Road Field
  • Install fencing at the Eli Road Field as well as the new Instructional Field
  • Install scoreboard for the complex
  • Signage for the Eli Complex
  • Lighting for night softball
  • Continued player development to include off season instruction, local pitching/hitting coaches, etc.
  • Continued development of Travel/Tournament teams




Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed!

Parents and friends, please consider volunteering for the Fall Season this year. We are looking for people to volunteer for the good of the girls that take part in our league each season. This is a great way to give back to the community. As many of you already know, we are a non-profit organization and depend on dues, fees, volunteers, and fundraising to not only run the operations of the league, but also to provide for field improvements at Eli Whitney. Please contact the EGSA President, Eric Pease @ to offer your services.

The following individuals are endorsed by the EGSA

(If you are interested in adding your instruction to our site, please contact the League President)