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Hidden Gems AAU will provide a competitive schedule that will include most the big name tournaments in Ohio and surrounding states. Top teams will travel to AAU D1 Nationals in Louisville as well.

A respectable coaching staff is in place full of Varsity Level H.S. Coaches from successful programs within Central Ohio. Many of the coaches have played College and Professional Basketball, which allows them to teach from first-hand experiences.

Also our Academic Advisor will be available for summer ACT/SAT Preparation and subject-specific assistance.

All sales are final with no refunds as we provide and expect 100% loyalty on both sides as we move toward our common goals of exposure & improvement.

Half Price Hidden Gems College Placement and guaranteed invite & discount into the Hidden Gems Showcases are added bonuses to all involved players within the organization.

Hidden Gems offers this competitive schedule at a low cost per player that depends on which team you play on in the organization. Teams range from $300-$700 per player. ALL Payments are made to the P.O. Box or online here:

Travel: Teams will be responsible for room fees for coaches who do not have a child on the team.

AAU Gear Package: 4-12 Top Quality Tourneys, 2 Practices per week, 1 Reversible Uniform, T-Shirt, Full SweatSuit, Gym Sack, Hidden Gems Socks(2 Pair), + 35% off Team Shoe Options.  


AAU Program Director: Lucius Jones
AAU Program Vice President: Kevin Brooks
Director of Basketball Operations: Marvin King
H.S. Director: Justin Brown
Grade School Director: Ed Thompson
Director of Compliance: Chris Blakely
Director of Recruiting: Kevin Brooks
Director of Quality Assurance: Jeff Davis
Asst Director of Quality Assurance: Kyrem Massey
Special Advisory Executive Director: Victor Dandridge


17u Black Coach:  
17u Orange Coach:
17u White Coach: 
16u Black Coach: 
16u Orange Coach: 
16u White Coach: 
15u Black Coach: 
15u Orange Coach: 
15u White Coach:
15u Grey Coach:  

Shooting Coach: Jerry Shumate
Special Advisor: Dave Gump

Waggoner Middle School - 340 Waggoner Rd
Centennial High School - 1441 Bethel Rd 
Dublin Jerome High School - 8300 Hyland Croy Rd
Columbus State CC - 550 E. Spring St



* Nick Muszynski - 6'11/C St Charles 3.1GPA/27ACT = Prep Spotlight #5C in Ohio, 270Hoops #4 Overall in Central District, TDP #6C in Ohio OFFERS - Wright St, Stonybrook, UNC Ashville, Niagara, Air Force, Navy, Hillsdale, Bellarmine:
* Jake Montgomery - 6'9/PF-C Thomas Worthington 3.4GPA/22ACT = Prep Spotlight #9C in Ohio, 270Hoops #25 Overall in Central District OFFERS: Saint Leo, Purdue NW
* Grant Smith - 6'9/PF-C Hartley 3.6GPA/21ACT OFFERS: Purdue NW
* Josh Daman - 6'6/PF Marysville 3.9GPA/28ACT
* Shawn Parker - 7'0/C Watterson 3.2GPA/29ACT
* Kylen Gilbert - 6'6/PF-C Centennial
* Matthew Zolkin - 6'7/C Olentangy Orange

* Kyle Matoszkia - 6'6/F Johnstown 3.8GPA/24ACT = 270Hoops #33 Overall in Central District
* Jake Garrison - 6'4/F Westerville South
* Tommy McDonald - 6'4/F New Albany 3.6GPA/24ACT
* Luke Phillips - 6'3/F Canal Winchester 3.8GPA/26ACT
* Kyle Gillman - 6'5/F-G Pickerington North 3.6GPA/23ACT
* Grant Hartman - 6'3/F Grandview 4.3GPA/34ACT
* Daniel Hatfield - 6'3/G-F Northridge

* Keshawn Underwood - 6'4/G-F Zanesville 3.3GPA/17ACT
* Dawsin Tillman - 6'6/G-F Bellefontaine 3.6GPA/23ACT 
* Austin Bennett - 6'4/F Westerville North 3.2GPA/23ACT 
* Justin Carter - 6'3/G-F Newark 3.0GPA/21ACT = 270Hoops #24 Overall in Central District
* Ryan Alexander - 6'5/G-F Columbus Academy = 270Hoops #30 Overall in Central District
* Malik Sammons - 6'3/G-F Westerville North 3.7GPA/27ACT OFFERS: Glenville St
* Kyle Burrier - 6'3/G-F Dublin Jerome
* Jakim Murphy - 6'3/G-F Newark
* Justin Cork - 6'2/G-F Meadowbrook
* Cameron Barron - 6'4/F-G Olentangy Orange
* Bruelle Thompson - 6'3/F-G South  
* Hunter Oda - 6'1/G Grove City Christian
* Austin Preston - 6'2/G-F Adena

* Braden Budd - 6'1/G St Charles 3.95GPA/28ACT = 270Hoops #22 Overall in Central District
* Nathan Lessing - 6'2/G Fairlawn 4.0GPA/24ACT OFFERS: Northwestern
* Christian Carter - 6'2/G Thomas Worthington 2.4GPA/18ACT OFFERS: Rio Grande:
* Corey Wyman - 5'10/PG Westfall 3.5GPA/_ACT 
* Kobe Long-Weber - 5'10/G Newark 3.0GPA/18ACT 
* Jalen Garrett - 5'10/PG Dayton Ponitz
* Jayden Turner - 6'1/G Worth Christian = 270 Hoops #45 Overall in Central District
* Clay Shoemaker - 6'2/G Grove City Christian 3.0GPA/19ACT
* Dre Norman - Morgan
* Logan Wolverton - 5'8/PG Meadowbrook
* Jordan Nash - 6'0/G New Albany
* Justin Coffey - 5'8/PG Lakewood
* Zion Parham - 6'1/G Eastmoor
* Cole Mayle - _'_/_ Morgan
* Tyler May -

* Jay Shumate(Soph) - 6'4/G-F Newark


Logan Swackhammer - 6'2/PG Chillicothe Unioto 4.0GPA/_ ACT = Prep Spotlight #18G in Ohio, TDP #11 PG in Ohio 
Cameron Brooks-Harris - 6'6/F Lakewood 
Colin Woodside - 6'6/PF-C Fairfield Union 3._GPA/_ACT = Prep Spotlight #10C in Ohio
Mike Woods - 6'4/G-F Central Crossing 270Hoops #40 Overall in Central District
Craig Burt - 6'5/F Centennial 270Hoops #41 Overall in Central District
Jaedyn Carter - 5'10/PG Thomas Worthington 2.7GPA/_ACT 270Hoops #30 Overall in Central District
Isaiah Hairston - 6'4/F Eastmoor = TDP #11 PF in Ohio, 270Hoops #36 Overall in Central District 
Lucas Thompson - 6'4/F Fairfield Union
 Darby Tyree - 6'7/F Miami Trace
Brandon Kennedy - 6'1/G Chillicothe Unioto 4.1GPA
Lamonte Powell - 5'8/PG Northland

Guy Schmidt - 5'9/PG Grandview Heights
Alexander Benseler - 6'4/F New Albany
Bryce Todd - 6'2/G St Charles
Carson Carter - 6'3/F-G Johnstown
Gicobi Massey - 6'1/G Eastmoor
Jeremiah Green - 6'2/F South
Faison Tucker - 6'4/G Linden
Major Lowe - 5'8/PG Hartley

Collin Barteau - 6'0/G Mt Vernon
Julius Mallory - 5'11/PG Thomas Worthington
Jah Bennett - 6'7/C Africentric
Riley Peters - /G Grove City Christian
Wesley Williams - 6'4/F-G South
Evan Whitaker - 6'5/PF-C Grove City
Nic Miller - 6'2/F Central Crossing
Jack Dawson - _'_/_ New Albany
Noah Brechbuler - 5'11/G Dublin Scioto
Sean Tyson - 5'8/PG Centennial
Isaiah Cumberland - 6'_/F ________


Treohn Watkins - 5'10/PG South = Prep Spotlight Top 75 Overall in Ohio, 270Hoops #8 Overall in Central District 
D'Amonte Jones - 6'7/PF-C Linden 
Jack Clement - 5'10/PG Bellefontaine
Cade Canter - 6'4/PF Ready
Sheridan O'Neal - 6'3/F Lima Shawnee
EJ Thompson - 5'6/PG Harvest Prep
Nakhi Taylor - 6'1/F-G Groveport
Antonio Green - 5'8/PG Pickerington Central
Nolan Robson - 6'4/F Ben Logan
Myles Martinez - 6'5/PF-C Centennial 

Caleb Young - 5'11/G Zanesville
Jwan Lyles - 6'0/G Delaware Hayes
Cobe Curry - 6'3/F-G Zanesville
Joey Maynard - 6'0/G Hilliard Davidson
Joe Fadley - 6'5/PF-C Hilliard Bradley
Seth Payton - 6'3/C Watterson
Simon Helbig - 6'3/F Westerville Central
Dominic Cesaro - 5'7/G Centennial
Zach Mayer - 6'1/F Hilliard Davidson

Owen Hazelbaker - 6'4/PF Johnstown
Will King - 6'5/PF New Albany
Caden Calhoun - 5'7/G Johnstown
Parker Selby - 5'6/PG New Albany
Mathias Kaylor -
Peyton Collins -
Bryce Small - 
Brody Lawhun -
Connor Bjerke -
Andrew Donley -
Joseph Marchionda -
Ethan Sterns -


Dawitt _____ - 6'_/PF-C _________
Chris Benseler - 6'1/F New Albany
Devon Miller - 6'1/PF Pleasantview
Eli Burkey - 5'_/G St Catherine
Colby Rankin - 5'_/PG Gahanna
Louie Cook - 6'_/G-F Newark
Jayden Woods - 6'_/G-F Newark
Jaiden Davis - 6'2/PF Gahanna

Jacob Cash - 6'3
Lee Sims - 5'_/G
Logan Green -
Mike Bruzzese -
Colby Ross
Dylan Kaylor
Jake Lawbon
Bilal Sow - 6'_/PF-C Canal Winchester
Andrew Grubbs - 6'_/F
Kaden Lamarr -
Tori Turner

Jarrett Vallery - 5'9/F Madison Plains
Bryce Lawrence - 5'5/G Oakstone Academy
Derek Hackett - 5'6/PG Grove City  
Chris Ernst - 5'8/F Madison Plains 
Bryce Grimm - 6'2/C Southeastern
Austin Schaub - New Albany
Zack Stevens - 6'1/C Delaware
Jacob Akers - 5'10/F Bloom Carroll
Cameron Kates - 5'8/G-F, Dominion
Damian Davis - 5'6/G Bexley
Arthur Cox - 5'9/F Hilliard

Zach Miles - 6'4/F Canal Winchester
Lucas Grandon - 6'0/F Jackson
Nick Finamore - 5'6/F Jackson
Cody Jarvis - 5'11/F Lakewood
Austin Bowman - 5'2/G Lakewood
Adam Benschoter - 5'11/F Teays Valley
Desi Williams - 5'11 Patriot Prep
Jacob Baker - 5'2/G Waggoner
Jonathan Isahac - 5'11/F
* Shaydon Baker - 5'6/G Worthington