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. My transition to Babe Ruth from little league baseball was both fun and easy. I participated in a winter clinic with the Babe Ruth League where I got to know some of the coaches and kids from Smithfield and got to practice all of my baseball skills. The field is larger than little league but after a few practices it feels normal again. (For me I played middle school so I had some experience at the bigger field)
. The best part for me is the wooden bats; I think they are a lot better. With metal bats all you have to do is make contact and the ball will sail. With the wooden bats you actually have to have control and hit the ball properly, it makes you a better batter.
. I am at the one of the youngest kids on my team since the ages are 13-15 yrs, but it doesn’t seem that way to me and it gives me good competition. You don’t have to worry about playing time either. There is a rule that you have to at least play 2 innings and bat once.
. Coaches usually play you more than that and give you chances at playing the positions you played in little league.
Catcher's Winter Habit
August 23, 2012
. Want to be ready to be a most excellent catcher? Start in the fall and winter with strengthening those legs. Remember to properly be in a position to frame the ball for a strike, or throw the ball to catch a runner, your thighs should always be level, or parallel, to the ground, kind of like two railroad tracks laid running level above the ground.
. To be ready to do that, a good drill is to get into that position and hold it during commercials for TV programs you are watching in the off season. When the commercial comes on, let that be your trigger to strengthen those legs in the proper position.
. If you do this regularly, it will be automatic during games and you will be way ahead of the competition!
Indoor Wall Bounce Drill Makes You a Better Infielder
January 17, 2010
Great drill you should start doing now inside. It will help you get your body in the right position to field ground balls and improve your hand-eye coordination.
. Get a hand ball, tennis ball or a pinky and stand about 3 feet away from a wall.
. Now with your glove hand, toss the ball lightly against the wall, underhanded.
. Let the ball bounce once and bounce it off the wall again with your glove hand (no glove) palm up as if you were catching a ground ball.
. Try to get to 25-30 reps without missing the ball and you will be doing great.Its not easy. But the more you do it the better you will get.
. You need to keep your rear end low in a good fielding position, and that will strengthen your legs and improve your balance. And you need to move your feet to be sure the ball is coming back to the center of your stance.
. Start today!
How To Change A Habit In Only 21 Days!
Are you trying to work on getting into good habits on the baseball field? Something like always getting into a good athletic movement on each pitch? Or alway setting up 'big' at first and only stretching to catch the ball AFTER it is thrown? Or catching a fly ball with your glove being directly between your head and the ball? Or stepping to a pitch instead of stepping out?
. Well, the way to create a new habit is to do that new thing 60 times a day, for 21 days. Now before you say, Whoa, that's a lot, consider that you don't have to do all 60 at one time. You can do 15 of them, 4 times a day, or 10 of them 6 times a day, or 30 of them twice a day. All that matters is that it adds up to 60 for the day, and you do it for 21 straight days.
. Give it a try and see how soon you can make good habits kick in automatically.

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