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Past Babe Ruth Champions

Team                                                  Year                            Manager

FOP Lodge 13                                  2010                           Ralph Simonelli

Angelo’s Hair Salon                          2009                           Michael Walker

KFC                                                  2008                           Robert Proulx

Pauly Penta’s Deli                           2007                           Joe Raymond

Pauly Penta’s Deli                           2006                           Robert Clayton

A & B Financial                               2005                           John Kashmanian

Admiral Food Center                       2004                           Lou Zammarelli

A & B Financial                               2003                           Jason Buco

KFC                                                 2002                           Lou Bobola

Admiral Food Center                       2001                           Lou Zammarelli

East Side Auto                                 2000                           Dean Garganese

East Side Auto                                 1999                           Dean Garganese

East Side Auto                                 1998                           Dean Garganese

Admiral Food Center                  1997                    Lou Zammarelli

East Side Auto                                 1996                           Dean Garganese

Admiral Food Center                 1995                      Lou Zammarelli

Golden Dragon                                1994                           Jim Murray

Cal’s Jewelry                                    1993                           Gerry Venditti

Cal’s Jewelry                                    1992                           Gerry Venditti

S & A Printing                                  1991                           Paul Russo

Celona Inc.                                      1990                           Pete Bedrosian

Cal’s Jewelry                                    1989                           Michael Walker

Admiral Food Center                  1988                    Lou Zammarelli

Admiral Food Center                  1997                   Lou Zammarelli

Admiral Food Center                  1986                    Lou Zammarelli

Penta Construction                          1985                           Gerard Dandeneau

Penta Construction                          1984                           Gerard Dandeneau

Classic Restaurant                           1983                           Paul Angelone

Douglas Drug                                   1982                           Dr. John Corsetti

Classic Restaurant                           1981                           Paul Angelone

Admiral Food Center                 1980                           Lou Zammarelli

Cal’s Jewelry                                   1979                           Michael Walker

Penta Construction                         1978                           Tony Penta

North Providence Boosters              1977                           Tony Penta

Admiral Food Center                 1976                    Lou Zammarelli

Douglas Drug                                   1975                           Zellio Toppazzini

Admiral Food Center                 1974                           Gerard Laboissonniere

North Providence Lions                   1973                           Joseph Gesnaldo

Brook Florist                                     1972                           Bill Henry

North Providence Lions                   1971                           John Lombardi

Brook Florist                                     1970                           Gerard Laboissonniere

Brook Florist                                     1969                           Gerard Laboissonniere

North Providence Boy’s Club           1968                           John Ricci

North Providence Boy’s Club           1967                           Vinny Mesolella

Brook Florist                                     1966                           Louis Shea

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