Last Updated: October 18, 2017 

Money Drop Process
Video showing steps required to do the nightly money drop when closing the snack bar.

QuickBooks POS V10 Making a Sale
a simple tutorial for operating our cash register in the snack bar...please note, we don't collect sales tax, we don't take credit cards, and we don't print receipts!

Score Reporting and Pitch Tracking Instructions (Advanced)
Allows you to enter Catching Innings as well

Score Reporting and Pitch Tracking Instructions (Basic)
Instructions for Score Reporting and Pitch Tracking

Steps to prepare travel schedules and rosters for pitch tracking

AED Video Link
Instructional video on the use of the AED

Northern New Jersey Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken Baseball

Spring 2015 Practice Field Schedule

Spring 2015 Protected Pitcher Rules

ASMI Position Statement for Youth Baseball Pitchers
With the rise in elbow and shoulder injuries in youth baseball pitchers, the adult community needs to take steps to prevent these injuries. Research points to overuse as the principle risk factor. Poor pitching mechanics also contribute to injury risk. Another suggested risk factor is poor physical fitness.

Concussion Certification Course
CDC video training course about identifying and responding to potential concussions

Blank Playoff Brackets in PDF & DOC format

Background Check Link
Background check for Coaches, Managers, Board Members, etc...

2014-2015 General Meeting Attendance
Tracking for General Meeting Attendance