Last Updated: May 22, 2017 
  • General Meetings ... 1st/3rd Thursday each month @ 8:30 p.m.

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Week of April 24th Baseball Makeup Games Rescheduled

The rainouts from this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday morning have been rescheduled.  Please check your team's schedules for any changes.

Due to the amount of rain and the number of games impacted, as well as Mother's Day on May 15th, we have taken an aggressive approach in rescheduling games over the next two weeks to provide options to the league should we get any additional rain over the next two weeks.

2017 Snack Bar Schedule

Attached is the link for the volunteer sign up to work the snack bar on your team's assigned time slot.  It is the expectation that when you sign up for a designated shift that you or someone else shows up for that shift.  If you are unavailable to make your shift, please send an email to so that the snack bar can be staffed appropriately.

Concussion Training for Managers/Coaches

All managers and coaches are required to have concussion training so the league can remain in compliance with our insurance carrier requirements.

The below link will take you to the Heads Up training website where the on line training class can be found.  Anyone who is going to be on the field during a game or practice needs to complete this training and submit a copy of the certificate to the divisional coordinator by May 1st.


On Line Coaching Certification Is Now Available

NEBS is happy to announce that we have entered into a partnerships with the National Alliance for Youth Sports to offer on line coaching certification.  These on line clinics can be taken at your convenience.  Our league is listed as a chapter, so when signing up for the on line clinic, please make sure that you select North Edison Baseball and Softball so that we receive notification that you have completed the clinic.  The link is below to use.

If you are already Rutger's Certified, you do not need to take this on line clinic.







North Edison Baseball and Softball Advertising


There are a number of different ways for your business to support North Edison Baseball and Softball and keep your business name in front of all who visit the North Edison Complex.

Team Sponsorship: 

As always, this is the most popular way to support North Edison and promote your business.  All sponsors will be featured on the backs of the team’s jerseys and also receive a half-page ad in our yearbook.  Our sponsors are also included in our online directory of sponsors.  For those of you with children, who play in our league; remember that team sponsorships will fulfill your work bond requirements for the season.


Complex signage: 

With a complex as active as ours, a sign on one of our fields really gets noticed.  Now, all signs are displayed year-round during our spring season, summer tournaments, and fall baseball programs.  All signs are 4’ x 8’ and can be located on the field of your choice.  There is a reduced fee for sign renewals, so once you have purchased a sign, you can renew your advertising spot year after year.  For those of you with children, who play in our league; remember that the purchase of a NEW sign (not renewals) will fulfill your work bond requirements for the season.

So take advantage of our exciting sponsorship and advertising programs and “Play Ball” with North Edison Baseball and Softball.

Our Sponsor forms have gone virtual!  Instead of having to download a form, print it out, fill it in and mail it with a check, we've made your NEBS Sponsorship easier with this online FORM.  You'll also be able to pay online with a Credit Card or PayPal account.  Of course, if you prefer the old school method, you can just fill in the online form and we will email you an invoice and mail you can mail us a check!

If you have any questions about Sponsorship, please contact Lisa Vorreas at or Fawn Jason at


NEBS Complex Rules

  • No dogs/pets are allowed on the complex at any time
  • No bikes/rollerblades/skateboards are allowed on the complex at any time
  • No smoking is allowed on any fields/field paths, in dugouts, near club house /snack bar or neighboring areas
  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the complex including parking lot and surrounding areas
  • When parking please follow the traffic flow and only park in designated spots


Board Meeting Attendance Requirements

Please be advised that all managers of North Edison Baseball & Softball are required to attend a minimum of four (4) general board meetings. All coordinators will be required to attend a minimum of seven (7) general board meetings per year.


Spring 2017 Registration is Now Open

We are happy to announce that registration for the Spring 2017 season is now available!  By registering now, your child will be eligible to participate in the free clinics offered by the league.

Registration for the 2017 Spring Season at North Edison will be closing March 18th at 6 PM.  There are spaces available in all age groups in both baseball and softball.  Don't miss out on all the fun at NEBS this spring, register before it is too late!

Opening Day 2017 will be April 22nd.

To register, please click on the link below:

Please note that we are using a new registration system this year.  If you did not play fall ball, you will need to enter all of your information into the registration system.  As we continue to use this registration system and its additional features, the site will become our one location for managing all of the league business and communications.

If you have have questions about the registration process, please contact Rich Petagna, President at or Anupam Nandwana, Player Agent at


Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, May 23
BB Minors
Miami @ Georgia5:30pmField 3
LSU @ Georgia Tech7:30pmField 3
BB Majors
LSU @ Georgia Tech6:50pmField 5
BB Seniors
Kansas @ Miami7:10pmField 2
SB Minors 10U
Auburn Tigers @ Kansas Jayhawks6:00pmField 6R
SB Majors 12U
Bulldogs @ Hurricanes7:00pmField 4
BB Rookie
Georgia @ Miami5:30pmField 4
LSU @ Georgia Tech6:00pmField 1
Wednesday, May 24
Dodgers @ Phillies6:30pmField 8
BB Minors
Miami @ Auburn5:30pmField 3
Georgia Tech @ Kansas7:30pmField 3
BB Majors
Auburn @ Miami5:30pmField 5
Georgia @ Kansas7:30pmField 5
BB Seniors
Auburn @ Miami6:00pmField 6
Georgia @ Kansas6:30pmField 2
SB Rookies 8U
Bulldogs @ Jayhawks6:00pmField 9
SB Majors 12U
Bulldogs @ Angels6:00pmEdison Angels
BB Rookie
Georgia Tech @ Kansas5:30pmField 4
Auburn @ Miami6:00pmField 1
Thursday, May 25
BB Minors
Kansas @ Georgia5:30pmField 3
LSU @ Auburn7:30pmField 3
BB Majors
LSU @ Auburn6:50pmField 5
BB Seniors
Auburn @ Georgia7:10pmField 2
SB Rookies 8U
Hurricanes @ Tigers6:00pmField 9
SB Minors 10U
Kansas Jayhawks @ Edison Angels6:30pmEdison Angels
BB Rookie
Georgia @ Kansas6:00pmField 1
LSU @ Auburn6:00pmField 4
Tuesday, May 30
A's @ Yankees6:30pmField 8
SB Rookies 8U
Metuchen 5 @ Hurricanes6:00pmField 9
SB Seniors 14U
Bulldogs @ Hurricanes7:00pmField 4
Wednesday, May 31
SB Rookies 8U
Jayhawks @ Tigers6:00pmField 9
SB Minors 10U
Auburn Tigers @ Merrill Park6:00pmMerrill Park
SB Majors 12U
Bulldogs @ Angels6:00pmEdison Angels
Hurricanes @ Merrill Park6:00pmMerrill Park
Thursday, Jun 1
SB Rookies 8U
Bulldogs @ Hurricanes6:00pmField 9
SB Minors 10U
Kansas Jayhawks @ Georgia Bulldogs6:00pmField 6R
SB Seniors 14U
Metuchen @ Bulldogs7:00pmField 4
Friday, Jun 2
SB Majors 12U
Hurricanes @ Metuchen8:00pmMetuchen
Saturday, Jun 3
Dodgers @ Yankees9:00amField 1
Phillies @ Mets9:00amField 3
Rockies @ A's9:00amField 8
Phillies @ Rockies10:30amField 8
Dodgers @ Yankees12:00pmField 8
Mets @ A's1:30pmField 8
SB Rookies 8U
Edison @ Hurricanes9:00amField 9
Metuchen 5 @ Tigers11:00amField 9
Bulldogs @ Jayhawks1:00pmField 9
SB Minors 10U
Georgia Bulldogs @ Auburn Tigers9:00amField 6R
Merrill Park @ Kansas Jayhawks11:00amField 6R
SB Majors 12U
Merrill Park @ Hurricanes9:00amField 4
Bulldogs @ Metuchen11:00amMetuchen
SB Seniors 14U
Midtown @ Bulldogs1:00pmField 4
Hurricanes @ Metuchen1:00pmMetuchen
Sunday, Jun 4
BB Minors
Edison Boys 9u @ North Edison Devils 9U3:00pmField 1
Spotswood Chargers 10U @ North Edison Devils 10U3:00pmField 3
BB Majors
Milltown Padres 12U @ North Edison Devils 12U3:00pmField 5
BB High School
Merrill Park Must 16U @ North Edison - (Smith)2:00pmField 2
SB Seniors 14U
Hurricanes @ East Brunswick11:00amEast Brunswick
Bulldogs @ East Brunswick1:00pmEast Brunswick
BB Rookie
North Brunswick Raiders 8U @ North Edison Blue 8U5:30pmField 9
SB 10U Spring Travel
Westfield @ SP-F10:00amField 4
Winner Westfield / SP -F @ North Ed12:00pmField 4
Monday, Jun 5
SB Seniors 14U
Hurricanes @ Bulldogs7:00pmField 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!