Last Updated: May 4, 2016 
  • All games and practices for May 4, 2016 are CANCELLED!!!
  • General Meetings ... 1st/3rd Thursday each month @ 7:30 p.m.
  • NEBS Rainout Line ... Call 732.549.3008
NEBS Sponsorship
2016 Giuliana Velona Firecracker Tournament Registration
2016 Memorial Day Baseball Tournament

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All Games and Practice for May 3rd are CANCELLED!!

NEBS Complex Rules

  • No dogs/pets are allowed on the complex at any time
  • No bikes/rollerblades/skateboards are allowed on the complex at any time
  • No smoking is allowed on any fields/field paths, in dugouts, near club house /snack bar or neighboring areas
  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the complex including parking lot and surrounding areas
  • When parking please follow the traffic flow and only park in designated spots


Board Meeting Attendance Requirements

Please be advised that all managers of North Edison Baseball & Softball are required to attend a minimum of four (4) general board meetings. All coordinators will be required to attend a minimum of seven (7) general board meetings per year.






North Edison Baseball and Softball Advertising


For 2016 there are a number of different ways for your business to support North Edison Baseball and Softball and keep your business name in front of all who visit the North Edison Complex.

Team Sponsorship: 

As always, this is the most popular way to support North Edison and promote your business.  All sponsors will be featured on the backs of the team’s jerseys and also receive a half-page ad in our yearbook.  Our sponsors are also included in our online directory of sponsors.  For those of you with children, who play in our league; remember that team sponsorships will fulfill your work bond requirements for the 2016 season.


Complex signage: 

With a complex as active as ours, a sign on one of our fields really gets noticed.  Now, all signs are displayed year-round during our spring season, summer tournaments, and fall baseball programs.  All signs are 4’ x 8’ and can be located on the field of your choice.  There is a reduced fee for sign renewals, so once you have purchased a sign, you can renew your advertising spot year after year.  For those of you with children, who play in our league; remember that the purchase of a NEW sign (not renewals) will fulfill your work bond requirements for the 2016 season.

So take advantage of our exciting sponsorship and advertising programs for 2016 and “Play Ball” with North Edison Baseball and Softball.


Our Sponsor forms have gone virtual!  Instead of having to download a form, print it out, fill it in and mail it with a check, we've made your 2016 NEBS Sponsorship easier with this online FORM.  You'll also be able to pay online with a Credit Card or PayPal account.  Of course, if you prefer the old school method, you can just fill in the online form and we will email you an invoice and mail you can mail us a check!

If you have any questions about Sponsorship, please contact Lisa Vorreas at or Fawn Jason at

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Just in case everyone isn't aware, our make-up games are generally scheduled according to the following:

* Move to the Friday of that week, if field space is available, generally at the same time on the same field.

* Otherwise, moved to next Sunday morning, again, if space is available.

* Otherwise, we will look for the next available Friday or Sunday morning.  

* We will never schedule a team to play three days in a row (ie Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sat, Sun, Mon)

* Update #1, 4/4/16, 12:30PM - All Rec and Middle School Schedules have been uploaded!  Over the next 59 days, we have 515 players, playing on 63 teams, in 13 divisions, in almost 500 games!  For complete schedule details for each division, follow the links below:



BB Rookie 7

BB Rookie 8

BB Minors

BB Majors

BB Seniors

SB Rookie 8U

SB Minors 10U

SB Majors 12U

SB Seniors 14U

Middle School Baseball

Middle School Softball


NORTH EDISON SOFTBALL Presents Our 22st Annual Giuliana Velona Firecracker Tournament


Note: As of 3/10/16 the 12U division is full, please fill out the waiting list form. 


Held at the North Edison Baseball/Softball Complex for Recreation Based Travel Teams.

NOTE: Club Teams and Non-Recreation based roster teams are prohibited and will not be refunded.

Age Groups: 8u, 10u, 12u and 14u ASA cutoff December 31st 2015.

Tournament Dates: Friday, July 1st - Sunday, July 3, 2016

Game Play:
4 Game Guarantee (weather permitting)
Balls and Umpires Included
Individual Trophies & Team Trophies for 1st & 2nd place in each Division.

Sign up and Pay using this FORM

Full Service Concession Stand
Family Friendly Restroom Facilities (Changing Tables)
Lighted Fields
Five Batting Cages
Warm Up Areas
Tournament T-Shirt Sales
Air brush vendors
Professional Photography
Great opportunity for parents with players in different age groups to play on the same complex.

$500.00 Per Team
Recreation Based Travel Teams Only. Please do not sign up if you are a club team.
Teams accepted on a first come first serve basis.
Your application is complete upon our receipt of your payment.
NOTE: Teams arriving with non-recreation based rosters are not be eligible for play and will not be provided a refund.

Area Amenities:
There are local lodging accommodations (with pool) available for those teams traveling within a short driving distance and a 5-mile radius.


North Edison 2016 Memorial Day Baseball Tournament 
Friday May 27th to Monday May 30th


NOTE - As of 2/8/16 our 11U division is FULL...As of 3/21/16 our 10U division is FULL...As of 3/29/16 our 13U division is FULL....As of 4/5 our 12U & 14U divisions are FULL...please feel free to add you team to the waiting list.

We had previously shown our 9U division as full, but we recently had one team drop...there is one more opening in that division!!!


North Edison will again be hosting our annual Memorial Day tournament for ages 8-16. The tournament will take place on seven meticulously maintained fields at the NEBS complex. The complex offers five fields at the 46/60 dimensions, three fields at the 50/70 dimension and two fields at the 60/90 dimension. Four lighted fields with score boards. The tournament also offers: 


+ 8 year old divison – 3 game guarantee 
+ 9-18 year old divisions – 4 game guarantee 
+ 2 umpires per game 
+ Balls supplied by tournament 
+ Five Batting Cages 
+ First place teams in each age group will receive team and individual trophies 
+ Second place teams in each age group will receive a team trophy and individual trophies. 
+ Courteous and available on-site staff 
+ Full-service snack stand 
+ Raffles 
+ Well-maintained fields 
+ 8-10 year old divisions will play 46'/60' 
+ 11-12 year old divisions will play 50'/70' 
+ 13+ year old divisions will play 60'/90' 

* 8U - $525 

* 9U - 12U year old age groups is $575.00 per team. (four games guarantee weather permitting). 

* 13+ year old age groups is $620.00 per team. (four games guarantee weather permitting). 

Upon completion of this form, you will have the option to either pay via Credit Card or Check

For more information contact Rich Petagna at


2016 Spring Registration is now OPEN!!!


Online registration is now open for the Spring 2016 season!  Returning families can register online with a major credit card.  NEBS online registration is quick, easy and secure. 


New families to our league can contact our Player Agent Anupam Nandwana at or our President Rich Petagna at


The 2016 season will begin on April 16th with our annual Opening Day Parade.


Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, May 5
BB Rookie 8
Grasshoppers @ Thunder6:00pmField 1
BB Minors
Thunder @ Storm6:30pmField 3
BB Majors
Rattlers @ Bats6:50pmField 5
BB Seniors
Bulls @ Grasshoppers7:15pmField 2
SB Rookies 8U
Hurricanes @ LSU Tigers6:00pmField 9
SB Majors 12U
Merrill Park @ Hurricanes6:00pmField 4
SB Seniors 14U
Metuchen @ Tigers8:00pmField 4
Friday, May 6
BB Rookie 8
POSITION/TBD @ NEBS 8U Travel BB6:30pmField 3
BB Minors
PRACTICE NEBS 10U Travel BB6:00pmField 3
BB Majors
POSITION/TBD @ NEBS 11U Travel BB7:20pmField 5
SB Majors 12U
Hurricanes @ Metuchen8:00pmCharles Field
Middle School Baseball
Metuchen @ John Adams4:00pmField 6
Highland Park @ Woodrow Wilson4:00pmWoodrow Wilson Middle School
Middle School Softball
John Adams @ Metuchen4:00pmTBD
Woodrow Wilson @ Highland Park4:00pmTBD
Saturday, May 7
Mets @ Yankees12:00pmField 8
Phillies @ A's1:30pmField 8
Phillies @ A's9:00amField 8
Yankees @ Mets10:30amField 8
BB Rookie 7
Bulls @ Storm1:00pmField 1
Grasshoppers @ Thunder3:00pmField 1
BB Rookie 8
Grasshoppers @ Storm9:00amField 1
Lugnuts @ Thunder11:00amField 1
BB Minors
Bulls @ Thunder9:00amField 3
Rattlers @ Grasshoppers11:00amField 3
Bats @ Storm1:00pmField 3
BB Majors
Bulls @ Lugnuts9:00amField 5
Rattlers @ Thunder11:30amField 5
Storm @ Hooks2:00pmField 5
BB Seniors
Grasshoppers @ Thunder11:00amField 2
Storm @ Hooks1:30pmField 2
SB Rookies 8U
Yellow Jackets @ LSU Tigers9:00amField 9
Hurricanes @ Jayhawks11:00amField 9
SB Minors 10U
Edison Angels @ Yellow Jackets9:00amField 6R
Tigers @ Hurricanes11:00amField 6R
SB Majors 12U
Angels @ Yellow Jackets9:00amField 4
Tigers @ Merrill Park9:00amMerrill Park
Hurricanes @ Metuchen1:00pmCharles Field
SB Seniors 14U
Tigers @ Hurricanes1:00pmField 4
Sunday, May 8
BB Rookie 8
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 8U Travel BB10:00amField 9
BB Minors
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 9U Travel BB10:00amField 1
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 10U Travel BB3:00pmField 3
BB Majors
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 11U Travel BB10:00amField 4
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 12U Travel BB10:00amField 5
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 12U Travel BB12:30pmField 5
BB Seniors
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 14UB Travel BB10:00amField 2
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 13U Travel BB10:00amField 6
BB High School
Travel Opponent @ NEBS 18U Travel BB3:00pmField 2
Monday, May 9
BB Rookie 8
Lugnuts @ Grasshoppers6:00pmField 1
BB Minors
Rattlers @ Thunder6:30pmField 3
BB Majors
Thunder @ Lugnuts6:50pmField 5
SB Rookies 8U
PRACTICE SB 8U Tryouts6:00pmField 9
SB Minors 10U
PRACTICE SB 10U Tryout6:00pmField 9
SB Majors 12U
PRACTICE SB 12U Tryout7:00pmField 4
SB Seniors 14U
PRACTICE SB 14U Tryouts7:00pmField 4
Middle School Baseball
Highland Park @ John Adams4:00pmField 6
Tuesday, May 10
BB Rookie 8
Storm @ Thunder6:00pmField 1
BB Minors
Storm @ Grasshoppers6:30pmField 3
BB Majors
Rattlers @ Storm6:50pmField 5
BB Seniors
Hooks @ Bulls7:15pmField 2
SB Minors 10U
Midtown @ Hurricanes6:00pmField 6R
SB Majors 12U
Merrill Park @ Hurricanes6:00pmField 4
SB Seniors 14U
Hurricanes @ Midtown6:00pmMidtown
Metuchen @ Tigers8:00pmField 4
Middle School Baseball
Woodrow Wilson @ Spotswood4:00pmTBD
Middle School Softball
John Adams @ Highland Park4:00pmTBD
Spotswood @ Woodrow Wilson4:00pmWoodrow Wilson Middle School
Wednesday, May 11
BB Rookie 7
Thunder @ Storm6:00pmField 1
BB Minors
Bats @ Bulls6:30pmField 3
BB Majors
Bulls @ Bats6:50pmField 5
BB Seniors
Thunder @ Storm7:15pmField 2
SB Rookies 8U
Jayhawks @ LSU Tigers6:00pmField 9
SB Minors 10U
Tigers @ Yellow Jackets6:00pmField 6R
Middle School Baseball
Spotswood @ John Adams4:00pmField 2
Middle School Softball
John Adams @ Spotswood4:00pmTBD
Thursday, May 12
BB Rookie 7
Bulls @ Grasshoppers6:00pmField 1
BB Majors
Lugnuts @ Hooks6:50pmField 5
BB Seniors
Hooks @ Grasshoppers7:15pmField 2
SB Rookies 8U
Yellow Jackets @ Hurricanes6:00pmField 9
SB Majors 12U
Angels @ Hurricanes6:00pmField 4
Friday, May 13
BB Minors
NEBS 10U Travel BB PRACTICE6:00pmField 3
Middle School Baseball
Woodrow Wilson @ Dunellen4:00pmTBD
Middle School Softball
Immaculate Concep @ John Adams4:00pmField 4
Dunellen @ Woodrow Wilson4:00pmWoodrow Wilson Middle School
Saturday, May 14
A's @ Yankees9:00amField 8
Mets @ Phillies10:30amField 8
Mets @ A's12:00pmField 8
Phillies @ Yankees1:30pmField 8
BB Rookie 7
Storm @ Grasshoppers1:00pmField 1
Bulls @ Thunder3:00pmField 1
BB Rookie 8
Lugnuts @ Storm9:00amField 1
Thunder @ Grasshoppers11:00amField 1
BB Minors
Grasshoppers @ Bats9:00amField 3
Storm @ Thunder11:00amField 3
Bulls @ Rattlers1:00pmField 3
BB Majors
Storm @ Bats9:00amField 5
Rattlers @ Hooks11:30amField 5
Bulls @ Thunder2:00pmField 5
BB Seniors
Grasshoppers @ Storm11:00amField 2
Thunder @ Bulls1:30pmField 2
SB Rookies 8U
LSU Tigers @ Hurricanes9:00amField 9
Yellow Jackets @ Jayhawks11:00amField 9
SB Minors 10U
Metuchen @ Hurricanes11:00amField 6R
Yellow Jackets @ Tigers9:00pmField 6R
SB Majors 12U
Tigers @ Yellow Jackets11:00amField 4
SB Seniors 14U
Angels @ Hurricanes1:00pmField 4
Midtown @ Tigers3:00pmField 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!