Sponsor NEBS!!!

North Edison Baseball and Softball Advertising

There are a number of different ways for your business to support North Edison Baseball and Softball and keep your business name in front of all who visit the North Edison Complex.

Team Sponsorship:

As always, this is the most popular way to support North Edison and promote your business. All sponsors will be featured on the backs of the team’s jerseys and also receive a half-page ad in our yearbook. Our sponsors are also included in our online directory of sponsors. For those of you with children, who play in our league; remember that team sponsorships will fulfill your work bond requirements for the season.

Complex signage:

With a complex as active as ours, a sign on one of our fields really gets noticed. Now, all signs are displayed year-round during our spring season, summer tournaments, and fall baseball programs. All signs are 4’ x 8’ and can be located on the field of your choice. There is a reduced fee for sign renewals, so once you have purchased a sign, you can renew your advertising spot year after year. For those of you with children, who play in our league; remember that the purchase of a NEW sign (not renewals) will fulfill your work bond requirements for the season.

So take advantage of our exciting sponsorship and advertising programs and “Play Ball” with North Edison Baseball and Softball.

Our Sponsor forms have gone virtual! Instead of having to download a form, print it out, fill it in and mail it with a check, we've made your NEBS Sponsorship easier with this online FORM. You'll also be able to pay online with a Credit Card or PayPal account. Of course, if you prefer the old school method, you can just fill in the online form and we will email you an invoice and mail you can mail us a check!

If you have any questions about Sponsorship, please contact Lisa Vorreas at lvorreas@optonline.net or Fawn Jason at fuzzy1010@aol.com
Would you like to sponsor a particular child’s team? Please indicate TWO choices below (or indicate preferred baseball or softball division).
A word about team sponsor/child assignments:

While we try our best to match as many sponsors as possible with their child (where applicable), inevitably we run into situations where we have multiple sponsors for a particular team. This is most common in divisions where the children are drafted to teams, rather than assigned (Baseball Minors, Majors, Preps and Seniors; Softball Minors, Majors and Seniors).

When these situations occur, we usually try to accommodate each sponsor as fairly as possible. We first look at when the sponsorship payment was received by the league. In the event that we still cannot resolve a conflict, we try to contact each sponsor to see who might be willing to switch. Ultimately, the advertising/sponsorship coordinator makes a final decision.

When a sponsor is switched from their preferred team, they are most often moved to another division to avoid the possibility of having their child play against their “sponsored” team. For this reason, we are now requiring a sponsor to indicate an alternate division.

While it is a rare occurrence, it is possible that a sponsor will be asked to “switch” two seasons in a row. Every effort is taken to minimize this.

These sponsor conflicts are unfortunate, and we hope that you will appreciate and understand how important your sponsorship is to the league and will continue to support North Edison Baseball and Softball.

“I have read the above message regarding possible sponsorship conflicts and I understand that, while every effort will be made to accommodate my request, it is possible that I may end up sponsoring a team other than the one that I specifically requested. I agree to abide by the decision of the league via submission of this form.”

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