Zero Tolerance Policy


Introduction: The closing sentence of NEBS’s Mission Statement states that the purpose of the League is to allow kids “to just have fun.” Unfortunately adult agendas and attitudes frequently poison that simple goal. Violence leading to injury and even death have been sensationally reported in the media.

NEBS is not immune to this scourge and the Board of Directors has elected to enact a zero tolerance policy with respect to the conduct of players, managers, coaches, parents and fans.


1. If any player engages in a fight, that player will automatically be suspended for 2 games. If the player engages in a 2nd fight, he or she will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the season. There are no appeals and no extenuating circumstances.

2. If a manager or coach engages in a fight, he or she will automatically be suspended from managing or coaching for the remainder of the season. Managers and Coaches are expected to set a proper example and act as adults. There will be no second chance, no appeals and no extenuating circumstances.

Abuse, Taunting and Lack of Sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship is the goal. Abusive behavior by players, coaches, managers, parents and fans will not be tolerated. Abusive behavior includes, but is not limited to, foul language, arguing unreasonably with umpires, arguing with, taunting or cursing at players, mangers, coaches, or fans. It also includes throwing helmets and equipment.

The Umpires have directed to confront and warn any person who engages in such behavior. If the behavior persists, the offending person will be ejected. There will be no appeals of the umpire’s action.

Any ejection of a player, manager or coach by the umpire for abusive or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in an automatic one game suspension. A 2nd ejection will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season.

Fans and Parents

The manager is responsible to maintain control over parents and fans affiliated with his or her team. If the manager cannot or will not control abusive behavior by team’s parents or fans, a forfeit will be declared and the game terminated.

Mission Statement

“The North Edison Baseball and Softball organization is dedicated to helping the young men and women of North Edison develop physically and emotionally through a recreation program focused on the fundamental skills required in the proper execution of baseball and softball and an understanding of the importance of ‘team effort’ to any successful endeavor in an environment that is safe, well maintained, clean and enjoyable, and where the spirit of competition can exist in balance with the best reason of all to be a kid – to just plain have fun.”

It is in this spirit that the Board of Directors dedicates this complex; for the Enjoyment of our league children. We ask that everyone help us in our mission by observing the NYSCA Coaches’, Parents’ and Players’ pledges and our Zero Tolerance Policy.