Last Updated: October 23, 2015 

6U Softball

Ages: 4, 5, & 6 years  

Season Offered
Spring & Fall Season


Program Description:
This program is like no other. Safety is our number one concern where an 11 inch Incrediball is used (a “softer” version softball).  Teams are kept small, capped at 8 players per team, guaranteeing each child 100% playing time, minimizing any standing or sitting around.  Additionally, the players will get more individual coaching time, focused on learning the fundamentals.  Smaller teams will also allow players to receive several at bats per game – their favorite thing at this age!  Teams play a form of
CalBall where the coach pitches a few times to the batter and if the player does not hit the ball, the ball is placed on a Tee.  We have found this to move the games faster and is is more exciting than T-ball.  This is softball at a higher success rate in terms of fun, skill development, and player retention.  Players/parents will be contacted by their coach the first week in April for the Spring Season, and by the last week in August for the Fall season. and the Spring league play typically runs through the second week in June.  Fall season will have games on Sundays at 1 or 3pm in Sept/Oct. Games are not scored and there are no team win/loss records – all players are winners!

Tryouts/Placements: Tryouts and/or placements are not required at this age.


Cost:  $67 softball + $13 CAC Facility Fee (sport total = $80) plus annual $85 CAC Family fee


Time Commitment:

·        April thru Mid June

·        One Weeknight and One Saturday per week in the Spring. Weeknight and Sunday afternoon in the Fall.



·        Practices:  Crofton

·        Spring Games: Intramural
   Fall Games: either clinic-style or with the North Anne Arundel County league


Equipment Needed:

  • Glove – Sball Commissioner recommends the Jennie Finch Mizuno Glove, but must be large enough to easily hold the ball inside

Uniform: T-Shirt and Ballcap - Provided by CAC