Coaches Corner

Umpire Complaint Form

If you have a legitimate complaint about an umpire during your game, please print, complete, and submit the form to :


Click HERE for complaint form



Coaching & Background Checks for Spring/Summer Ball 2017


By registering as a Coach, this does not mean you will be guaranteed a team.  PEB will screen all coaching applications / background checks and the Board of Directors & League Directors will select the coaches that best fit the position.


To be considered for a Coach position, you will need to complete the Coaches Application and our Online Background Check on the PEB website 


* Application & Background check must be submitted no later than August 10th


* The background check will cost you $12 (non-refundable and the league will not reimburse you)


* Once you have completed the background check, the system will notify PEB by email of the results.


* Your Assistant Coaches/Dugout Coaches (or any Adult that will be on the field/dugout with the players)will be required to complete the background check as well at their expense.


 PEB has the right to remove any coach at any time for actions we may not see fit for the players/parents.


To access the Background online form, click the link below:


(Provided by our partner: Protect Youth Sports)


Training Materials

The following websites off drills and information to help assist coaches managing their teams.

  1. Ottawana Baseball Site
    1. Documents that will help you become more organized and structured around activities that will promote skill development and team discipline.
  2. Quality Coaching Baseball
    1. Quality Coaching Baseball provides baseball instruction, baseball drills, coaching philosophy, and other information for youth baseball coaches, players, and parents who want to learn more about playing and coaching baseball.