Last Updated: May 28, 2017
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Concession Volunteers WANTED!

We are now taking appointments for a volunteer at Eagles and Lions concession!!!!

Great opportunity to fulfill your college volunteer requirements.

Hours are Monday - Thursday and some Fridays 5:30pm until 10pm

Saturdays from 9am - 5pm

Must be able to work well with people, work under supervision, control waste, clean well, follow food & health codes as well as promote PEB and concession sales in a positive, fun and enriching way!

Serious parties only please email:

PLEASE put Concession Volunteer in the "subject" line. 

High School Registrations for teams are now open online!!

Look who's coming to PEB -- Spring/Summer 2017!!!

Age - Group Team Name
8u 10u 12u 14u
AC Kings 7u AC Kings 9u Andrew County Kings AC Kings
AC Kings 8u AC Outlaws Braves Bulldogs
Bulldogs Aces Hardball

Chillicothe Rampage

Crushers AC Kings 10u Kryptonite Construction
Jackson Plumbling BC Bombers Midwest Mavericks Copperheads
Midwest Expolsion Cameron Dragons Shelter Insurance MidWest Longhorns
MW Canes Cyclones St. Joe Elite Northwest Bobcats
Midwest Maniax Dodgers St. Joe Fire Northwest Spartans
Mustangs Dragon Elite St. Joe Outlaws Northwest Thunder
NW Hardball Johnson Controls St. Joe Razorbacks Revolution Baseball
Smash 7U KaMo Krush St. Joe Stampede Shiloh Eagles Baseball
Sprint Lumber KaMo Vandals St. Joseph Raptors Slam Baseball
St Joe Stars 8u NW Sting St. Joseph Royals Strikeforce
St. Joe FAST St. Joe Sluggers Sandlot Sluggers Thunderbirds
St. Joe Tigers St. Joe Stars 10u Warriors Baseball Warriors
  St. Joe Smash Xplosion  
  St. Joseph Eagles    
  St. Joseph Hustle    

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, May 30
Conroy @ Gerling5:45pmEagles 1
NW Hardball @ Midwest Canes5:45pmEagles 2
NW Hardball @ Kings 8u7:15pmEagles 1
Burton @ Weston7:15pmEagles 2
Kryptonite @ Andrew County Kings5:30pmHyde 2
St. Joe Razorbacks @ St. Joseph Raptors5:30pmHyde 3
Hardball @ Xplosion5:30pmSouth Beal Maryville
Sandlot Sluggers @ Kryptonite7:30pmHyde 2
12u Freese @ 12u Woosley7:30pmHyde 3
Xplosion @ Hardball7:30pmSouth Beal Maryville
Northwest Spartans @ Slam Baseball5:30pmHyde Park 4
Thunderbirds @ AC Kings 13U5:30pmHyde Park 5
Bulldogs @ Shiloh Eagles7:30pmHyde Park 4
Lankford @ Copperheads7:30pmHyde Park 5
Montgomery @ Hannon5:45pmBartlett
Hart @ Lukehart7:00pmBartlett
Wildcats @ Smash 10u5:45pmHyde 1
Vandals @ Twisters5:45pmLions
STARS 8U @ Johnson Controls7:30pmHyde 1
Cameron Dragons @ Cyclones7:30pmLions
Wednesday, May 31
Crushers @ Jackson Plumbing5:45pmEagles 1
Kings 8u @ Bulldogs5:45pmEagles 2
Kings 7u @ Misfits7:15pmEagles 1
Midwest Canes @ St. Joe Fast7:15pmEagles 2
St. Joe Outlaws @ Andrew County Kings5:30pmHyde 2
Kryptonite @ St. Joseph Raptors5:30pmHyde 3
St. Joe Outlaws @ Midwest Mavericks7:30pmHyde 2
St. Joe Fire @ Warriors Baseball7:30pmHyde 3
AC Kings 14U @ Midwest Longhorns5:30pmHyde Park 4
Shiloh Eagles @ Northwest Spartans7:30pmHyde Park 4
Midwest Monarchs @ Strikeforce7:30pmHyde Park 5
Coach Pitch
Duin @ Fireballs5:45pmBartlett
Trembley @ Meierhoffer7:00pmBartlett
Stars 10u @ Vandals5:45pmHyde 1
Eagles @ Kings 10u5:45pmLions
Stars 10u @ Dragon Elite7:30pmHyde 1
NW Sting @ Johnson Controls7:30pmLions
Thursday, Jun 1
Wager @ Weston5:45pmEagles 1
Bulldogs @ Kings 7u5:45pmEagles 2
Smash 7u @ Mustangs7:15pmEagles 1
Crushers @ Sprint Lumber7:15pmEagles 2
St. Joseph Raptors @ St. Joe Elite5:30pmHyde 2
St. Joseph Royals @ 12u Battreall5:30pmHyde 3
St. Joe Outlaws @ Warriors Baseball7:30pmHyde 2
St. Joe Razorbacks @ Braves7:30pmHyde 3
Revolution Baseball @ Thunderbirds5:30pmHyde Park 4
Northwest Bobcats @ Slam Baseball5:30pmHyde Park 5
AC Kings 14U @ AC Kings 13U7:30pmHyde Park 4
Shiloh Eagles @ Northwest Bobcats7:30pmHyde Park 5
Coach Pitch
Meierhoffer @ Duin5:45pmBartlett
Fireballs @ Hustle CP7:00pmBartlett
Dodgers @ KAMO Krush5:45pmHyde 1
Smash 10u @ Sluggers5:45pmLions
AC Outlaws @ BC Bombers7:30pmHyde 1
Hustle @ Aces7:30pmLions
Friday, Jun 2
Warriors @ Lankford5:30pmHyde Park 4
Bulldogs @ Chillicothe Rampage7:30pmHyde Park 4
Saturday, Jun 3
Wager @ Skidmore9:00amEagles 1
Jagger @ Gatewood10:30amEagles 1
Gerling @ Howard12:00pmEagles 1
Skidmore @ Conroy1:30pmEagles 1
12u Bodde @ 12u Freese9:00amHyde 2
St. Joe Razorbacks @ 12u Carl9:00amHyde 3
12u Freese @ St. Joseph Royals11:00amHyde 2
12u Bodde @ St. Joe Stampede11:00amHyde 3
12u Woosley @ Shelter Insurance1:00pmHyde 2
St. Joe Stampede @ St. Joe Razorbacks1:00pmHyde 3
Coach Pitch
Hustle CP @ Meierhoffer9:15amEagles 2
Baker @ Fireballs10:30amEagles 2
Trembley @ weston11:45amEagles 2
Duin @ Leake1:00pmEagles 2
Hannon @ Lukehart3:00pmEagles 1
Hart @ Montgomery4:15pmEagles 1
10u Harkrider-Porter @ 10u Olson9:00amHyde 1
10u Royals (PEB 5) @ 10u Sigrist11:00amHyde 1
10u Sigrist @ 10u Wright1:00pmHyde 1
Eagles @ Sluggers3:00pmHyde 1
Dodgers @ Wildcats5:00pmHyde 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!