Last Updated: August 29, 2014

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  • Welcome to the St. Joseph Pony Express Baseball website.
  • This website will provide up to date information for St. Joseph Little League ballplayers.
  • Pony Express Baseball Inc, PO Box 1588, St. Joseph, MO 64502

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August 27, 2014 – 01:42 PM

Games scheduled for tonight at Eagles Park has been cancelled due to weather and field conditions.


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           Not interested in sponsorhips, but still want to help?  Pony Express Baseball is a not for profit organization with 501c(3) designation.  You or your organization can donate directly to Pony Express Baseball.  You can donate any amount over $1.00. Your donation will help fund our scholarship/hardship program that assist families that can not afford to pay.  The only donation too small is the one not made. Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  Sep 2
Coach Pitch [6]
Team Stewart @ Team Hook 6:00pm Eagles 1
Team Steidel @ Team Kobzej 7:15pm Eagles 1
Machine Pitch [7 & 8U]
8U Maloney @ 8U Higdon 5:30pm Eagles 2
8U Kamler @ 8U Chaney 7:15pm Eagles 2
9 & 10U A
10U McQuiston @ 10U Talbot 5:30pm Deer Park
10U Bennett @ 10U Turner 7:30pm Deer Park
11 & 12U AA
12U Hammer House @ 12U Platte Valley 5:30pm Hyde Park 3
12U St Joe Sluggers @ 12U Strike Force 5:30pm Hyde Park 4
12U Strike Force @ 12U Hammer House 7:30pm Hyde Park 3
12U Platte Valley @ 12U St Joe Sluggers 7:30pm Hyde Park 4
14U A/AA
14U Midwest Bandits @ 14U St. Joe Sluggers 5:30pm Hyde Park 1
13U Phoenix @ 13U St. Joe Sidewinders 7:30pm Hyde Park 1
Wednesday,  Sep 3
Coach Pitch [6]
Team McDonald @ Team Montgomery 6:00pm Eagles 1
Team Hook @ Team Steidel 7:15pm Eagles 1
Machine Pitch [7 & 8U]
8U Maloney @ 8U Cathcart 5:30pm Eagles 2
8U Conroy @ 8U Wilhoit 7:15pm Eagles 2
9 & 10U A
10U Turner @ 10U McQuiston 5:30pm Deer Park
10U Talbot @ 10U Bennett 7:30pm Deer Park
9 & 10U AA
9U Saint Joe Elite @ 9U Outlaws 5:30pm Hyde Park 2
9U Gower Baseball @ 9U Outlaws 7:30pm Hyde Park 2
11 & 12U AA
12U Phenom Elite @ 12U Toxic Thunder 5:30pm Hyde Park 3
12U Rattlers @ 11U St Joe Diamond Kings 5:30pm Hyde Park 4
12U Toxic Thunder @ 12U Phenom Elite 7:30pm Hyde Park 3
11U St Joe Diamond Kings @ 12U Rattlers 7:30pm Hyde Park 4
Thursday,  Sep 4
Coach Pitch [6]
Team Kobzej @ Team McDonald 6:00pm Eagles 2
Team Montgomery @ Team Stewart 7:15pm Eagles 2
Machine Pitch [7 & 8U]
8U Higdon @ 8U Crane 5:30pm Eagles 1
8U Cathcart @ 8U Wilhoit 7:15pm Eagles 1
14U A/AA
14U St. Joe Sluggers @ 13U Phoenix 5:30pm Deer Park
13U St. Joe Sidewinders @ 14U Midwest Bandits 7:30pm Deer Park
Friday,  Sep 5
14U A/AA
14U Murphy @ 14U Adkins 5:30pm Deer Park
14U Loubey @ 14U Murphy 7:30pm Deer Park
Monday,  Sep 8
Coach Pitch [6]
Team Steidel @ Team Stewart 6:00pm Eagles 1
Team Kobzej @ Team Montgomery 7:15pm Eagles 1
Machine Pitch [7 & 8U]
8U Wilhoit @ 8U Kamler 5:30pm Eagles 2
8U Chaney @ 8U Higdon 7:15pm Eagles 2
14U A/AA
14U Midwest Bandits @ 13U Phoenix 5:30pm Deer Park
13U Phoenix @ 14U St. Joe Sluggers 7:30pm Deer Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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