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Last Updated: May 22, 2015
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Game Info for Thurs, May 21st (updated @ 3:31pm)


ALL games for Thurs, May 21st are to be played as scheduled for all divisions.



St. Joseph Mustangs present PEB Baseball Night

Friday, June 5th

5:30pm Doubleheader

Phil Welch Stadium

***featuring the 200 foot Banana Split***


Two Games for the price of one!  PEB Coaches, Players, and family members will receive special discounted tickets and an experience you won't forget!  Between games, grab a spoon and dig into 200' feet of ice cream!

Experience the action of the 3 time MINK League Champion St. Joe Mustangs.  Inflatables, games on the field, and more ice cream than you can handle.  All of this for only $5 a ticket!!!

To receive the discount price, all tickets must be ordered by June 4th. 

You order tickets by calling 816-279-7856

***Mention your team name when ordering tickets

The team with the most tickets sold will sing "Take me out to the Ball Game" on the field between games, and will line up at the front of the Banana Split!


Questions?  contact Ky -  or call him @ 816-294-5250





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Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  May 26
Machine Pitch [7 & 8U]
Maloney @ Symington 5:30pm Eagles #1
Wilhoit @ Ledden 5:30pm Eagles #2
Byrd @ Blanchard 7:00pm Eagles #1
Wahlert @ Rudisill 7:00pm Eagles #2
9 & 10U A
Freese @ Turner 5:30pm 10u - Mason Adams
Carl @ Hayes 7:15pm 10u - Mason Adams
9 & 10U Competitive
Saint Joe Outlaws @ Saint Joe Smash 5:30pm Hyde Park 2
Xplosion @ Saint Joe Outlaws 7:30pm Hyde Park 2
11 & 12U Recreational
Toby Patterson @ Gerald Small 5:30pm Hyde Park 3
Bubby Lankford @ Shawna Barron 7:30pm Hyde Park 3
11 & 12U Competitive
Toxic Thunder @ Strikeforce 5:30pm Hyde Park 4
Wolfpack @ Daimond Kings 7:30pm Hyde Park 4
Steve Murphy @ Harry Gardner 5:30pm Hyde Park 1
Mike Green @ Harry Gardner 7:30pm Hyde Park 1
Wednesday,  May 27
Conroy @ Pinkelman 5:45pm Eagles #1
Coach Pitch
Spencer @ Stewart 5:45pm Eagles #1
Gatewood @ Montgomery 5:45pm Eagles 1
Stewart @ Wineiger 7:00pm Eagles 2
9 & 10U A
McQuiston @ Lovelady 5:30pm 10u - Mason Adams
Bonnett @ Snider 7:15pm 10u - Mason Adams
Thursday,  May 28
Wilhoit @ Conroy 5:45pm Eagles 2
Coach Pitch
Montgomery @ Kobzej 5:45pm Eagles 1
Greiner @ McDonald 7:00pm Eagles 2
Stewart @ McCarthy 7:30pm Eagles 1
9 & 10U A
Carl @ Horner 5:30pm 10u - Mason Adams
Lovelady @ Bonnett 7:15pm 10u - Mason Adams
9 & 10U Competitive
Xplosion @ Saint Joe Smash 7:30am Hyde Park 2
11 & 12U Recreational
Gerald Small @ Dakota Mason 5:30pm Hyde Park 3
Bubby Lankford @ Toby Patterson 7:30pm Hyde Park 3
11 & 12U Competitive
Red Ravens @ Saint Joe Sluggers 5:30pm Hyde Park 4
Saint Joe Sluggers @ Red Ravens 7:30pm Hyde Park 4
Red Ravens @ Mike Green 5:30pm Hyde Park 1
Steve Murphy @ Red Ravens 7:30pm Hyde Park 1
Friday,  May 29
Adkins @ Atkins 5:30pm Eagles 2
Wilhoit @ Pinkelman 5:45pm Eagles 1
Coach Pitch
Greiner @ Gatewood 7:00pm Eagles 1
McCarthy @ Kobzej 7:00pm Eagles 2
Saturday,  May 30
Pinkelman @ Atkins 2:30pm Eagles 1
Coach Pitch
McDonald @ Spencer 9:30am Eagles 1
Gatewood @ McCarthy 10:45am Eagles 1
Montgomery @ Greiner 12:00pm Eagles 1
Wineiger @ Kobzej 1:15pm Eagles 1
Machine Pitch [7 & 8U]
Helsel @ Gertsema 10:00am Eagles #2
Wilhoit @ Atteberry 11:30am Eagles #2
Bates @ Byrd 1:00pm Eagles #2
Blanchard @ Ledden 2:30pm Eagles #2
Wahlert @ Waitkoss 4:00pm Eagles #2
9 & 10U A
Talbot @ Turner 9:30am 10u - Mason Adams
Horner @ Lovelady 11:15am 10u - Mason Adams
Moore @ Freese 1:00pm 10u - Mason Adams
McQuiston @ Hayes 2:45pm 10u - Mason Adams

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  May 25
NO GAMES TODAY - Memorial Day 1:00pm
Saturday,  May 30
Machine Pitch - Regular Season Ends 1:00pm
Thursday,  Jun 18
Machine Pitch City Tournament Eagles 2
Friday,  Jun 19
Machine Pitch City Tournament Eagles 2
Saturday,  Jun 20
Machine Pitch City Tournament Eagles 2

For a complete calendar listing, click here!