Last Updated: August 24, 2016
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Game status for Wed, Aug 24th (updated @ 2:59pm)

August 24, 2016

All games have been cancelled for tonight due to field conditions...


Game Schedules for all divisions...

August 12, 2016

We now have all game schedules uploaded for all divisions:
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Reminder...the schedules are set and cannot be changed at this time.  We will only play on Fri, Sat, or Sundays for makeup/rain-out games.


Please download the Rainout Line app

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, Aug 25
St. Joe Stars @ St. Joe Fast5:45pmEagles 1
Coach Dennis @ Misfits7:15pmEagles 1
Mustangs @ St. Joe Eagles5:30pmEagles 2
Sluggers @ Coach DeSpain7:15pmEagles 2
Coach Freese @ Potter's5:30pmLions (Mason Adams)
Coach Woosley @ AC Arsenal7:15pmLions (Mason Adams)
Schottel Construction @ Slam Baseball5:30pmDeer Park
Coach Gehring @ NW Heat7:30pmDeer Park
Monday, Aug 29
Coach Luedtke @ St. Joe Stars5:45pmEagles 1
St. Joe Fast @ Bulldogs7:15pmEagles 1
KaMo Krush @ BC Bombers5:30pmEagles 2
Coach Beers @ Dodgers7:15pmEagles 2
Potter's @ St. Joe Raptors5:30pmDeer Park
Coach Criger @ Maryville Hardball5:30pmLions (Mason Adams)
AC Arsenal @ Coach Freese7:15pmDeer Park
Maryville Hardball @ Royals7:15pmLions (Mason Adams)
Coach Pitch
Little Ceasars @ Coach Baker5:45pmUpper Bartlett
Smelly Sox @ Coach Meierhoffer7:00pmUpper Bartlett
Tuesday, Aug 30
St. Joe Stars @ Bulldogs5:45pmEagles 1
KARS @ Jackson Plumbing5:45pmUpper Bartlett
Shelter Insurance @ St. Joe Smash 8u7:15pmEagles 1
MW Canes @ Coach Dennis7:15pmUpper Bartlett
Vandals @ St. Joe Smash 10u5:30pmEagles 2
Sluggers @ Coach Beers5:30pmLions (Mason Adams)
Coach Sears @ Mavericks7:15pmEagles 2
BC Bombers @ St. Joe Eagles7:15pmLions (Mason Adams)
Coach Waisner @ Schottel Construction5:30pmDeer Park
Slam Baseball @ Thunderbirds7:30pmDeer Park
Wednesday, Aug 31
Misfits @ KARS5:45pmEagles 1
Coach Luedtke @ St. Joe Mudcats7:15pmEagles 1
Coach DeSpain @ Lindstrom Lawn5:30pmEagles 2
St. Joe Eagles @ Coach Sears5:30pmUpper Bartlett
Mavericks @ Vandals7:15pmEagles 2
Dodgers @ Mustangs7:15pmUpper Bartlett
Warriors Baseball @ St. Joe Elite5:30pmDeer Park
Royals @ NW Shockers5:30pmLions (Mason Adams)
St. Joe Raptors @ AC Arsenal7:15pmDeer Park
Outlaws @ Coach Woosley7:15pmLions (Mason Adams)
Thursday, Sep 1
St. Joe Smash 8u @ Snakes5:45pmEagles 1
Jackson Plumbing @ St. Joe Fast7:15pmEagles 1
St. Joe Smash 10u @ KaMo Krush5:30pmEagles 2
Dragon Elite @ AC Outlaws7:15pmEagles 2
Coach Freese @ Outlaws5:30pmLions (Mason Adams)
Coach Woosley @ Warriors Baseball7:15pmLions (Mason Adams)
Thunderbirds @ Coach Waisner5:30pmDeer Park
Schottel Construction @ NW Heat7:30pmDeer Park
Coach Pitch
Coach Meierhoffer @ Little Ceasars5:45pmUpper Bartlett
Coach Baker @ Smelly Sox7:00pmUpper Bartlett

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, Oct 15
Fall Ball Season ENDS!1:00pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!