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VIPL A-cup playdown finals March 10/11

March 5, 2018

Hard to believe, but we are nearing the end of the VIPL 2017-18 season!

Next Saturday and Sunday, our VIPL teams play their A-cup final round, with matches in all divisions.   After VIPL finals and March breaks, our playdown winners will advance to Coastal A-cup in April. 

Please check the brackets frequently as they will be updated regularly throughout the competition - click here for the March 5 version

A few notes:

Please be excellent communicators with your opposing team and make contact in advance of your game day

Remember, BOTH teams must report their scores to viplscores@gmail.com by 6 PM on game day

Good luck to all our teams!


VIPL Policy and Procedure Manual

January 18, 2018

VIPL Policy and Procedure Manual. Revised January, 2018
Upper Island Teams introductory VIPL information (as given to candidates at evaluations). Revised June 2015

Updated VIPL Severe Weather Protocol- January 2018

In response to several incidents before the winter break, the Upper and Lower Island executive boards have approved an updated VIPL Severe weather protocol for use from today forward.

A copy can be found HERE.

Of particular note - on questionable weather days, teams must follow the field open/closed decision of the host club.  If your field is open (and roads are safe), you must play.  If your field is closed, you may not use it.

VIPL League - Fines, Fees and Penalties

January 14, 2018

VIPL League Fines, Fees and Penalties can be found in the 2017-18 VIPL Policy and Procedure Manual, Appendix B or by clicking here. Revised December 2017.

VIPL League - Permits

Instructions for permitting and the VIPL Permit Form can be found in the 2016-17 VIPL Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 9 or by clicking here. Revised August 2016.

Please note: Players are only eligible to be permitted for League games only. NO permitted players are allowed in Provincial cup play or A Cup playdowns.

CSA Memo on Player's Equipment

Please click here to view  CSA guidelines for officials regarding players' jerseys, footwear, jewelry,head wear, orthopedic supports (such as knee braces) and casts.