2018 Cup Play Information

January 14, 2018

For VIPL League Teams Competing in A Cup

Completed Playdown brackets will be available after the last regular league game in your Division.  Playdown brackets are seeded based on league standings.

For A Cup Playdown Guidelines for Upper Island Clubs click here

Out of District Cup Play and Coach Qualifications:  In 2018 the minimum coaching certification for head coaches participating in A Cup play is Soccer for Life.

Island A Cup playdowns

Coastal A Cup and Provincial A Cup are open to those U14 to U18 VIPL League teams who have qualified and declared A Cup. The Island A Cup representative for both these tournaments is determined through the VIPL A Cup play-downs. One play-down series results in one winning team which competes at these two cup competitions - Coastal A Cup in April/May, and Provincial A Cup in July. 

Remember that once a team commits to A cup, they must play all games that they qualify for, up to and including Provincials.

If a team does not fulfill this commitment then it WILL be sanctioned by UISA/LISA and/or BCSA.

Island A Cup playdown dates for 2017: 

Feb 18/19  – VIPL Quarter finals

Feb 25/26 – VIPL Semi-finals

March 4/5 – VIPL Finals 

March 11/12 and April 1/2  – Make-Up day for VIPL Finals if needed.

 Coastal A Cup

Please see the Coastal Cup website for schedules, game sheets, rules & regulations, duties of coaches, and coaching certificaiton

VIPL A-Cup finals winners who enter the Coastal Cup play single game elimination matches, starting in the quarter-final round. Matches may be held any day listed, at a  location on the Island or in the Lower Mainland. Be prepared to play Saturday or Sunday.

For 2014:

Saturday and/or Sunday April 8/9 - Quarter Finals

Saturday and/or Sunday April 22/23– Semi-Finals

Saturday and/or Sunday May 6/7 – Coastal Cup Final in Aldergrove

If you lose a game, you are out of Coastal Cup, but are still going to Provincials as the Island A Cup Rep.

Provincial A Cup 

Provincial A Cup is a 3-day tournament with finals on the 4th day. Seeding for finals is  based on results from previous games in the tournament: 3 vs 4 and 1 vs 2.

A-cup will be held on July 6-9, 2017 in Surrey

For a link to BC Soccer's Competitions website click here 

For Rules and Regulations, click here