Swish Atlanta Shooting Program
Because quick and accurate shooters are developed, not born!

The Swish Atlanta shooting program is anchored by the highly acclaimed Pro Shot System  Shooting Skills Development program. In addition to private instruction, two options are now available for follow-up. The Swish Shooter's Club and Quick Shooter programs take the skills learned in the Pro Shot Clinic and turn them into habits that are repeated even during the most intense situations.

The late John Wooden, Basketball Hall of Fame coach and player, put it this way:

"The four laws of learning are explanation, demonstration, imitation and repetition. The goal is to create a correct habit that can be produced instinctively under great pressure. To make sure this goal was achieved, I created the eight laws of learning - namely explanation, demonstration, imitation, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, and repetition." - John Wooden

Swish Atlanta is offering these programs as a system intended to help players reach a very high level and achieve their goals. As a Pro Shot System partner you will often hear us say, "Learn to shoot and you will play. Learn to shoot quickly and accurately and you will play somewhere in college." It's not just a marketing slogan for us. It's a conviction. Great shooters are rare and are desperately needed at every level of both the men's and women's game.

Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development Clinic

It all starts with the Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development clinic - the foundation and basic requirement to participate in both the Swish Shooter's Club and Quick Shooter programs. The Pro Shot System is an advanced shooting program based on biomechanics and focusing. The system is currently being used by thousands of NBA, WNBA, collegiate, high school and AAU players, and hundreds of NCAA, high school and AAU teams across the United States.

We focus on six areas of the body to produce accurate, rhythmic and quick shooters, with an emphasis on keeping the shot straight. "In order to be a great shooter, you have to be a straight shooter." This is step one. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of time on becoming a quick shooter until you've developed the skills necessary to be a consistently straight and accurate shooter. Taking the mechanics taught in this foundational clinic and making them a habit is the quickest, most natural way to reach that goal.
*Coed - 4th Grade & Up


Swish Shooter's Club

Sometimes all players need is more reps with knowledgeable eyes reviewing their technique. Swish Shooter's Club is designed with flexibility in mind. There will be no set agenda for each session. Players will be reviewed and given ideas and drills to help them advance on the spot. We'll use the walls, partner drills, and set up each goal for various skill levels. 

*Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development

Quick Shooter

Once a player's shot is consistently accurate, it's time to develop quickness in game situations. The Quick Shooter Developer program was designed to help accurate shooters maintain their accuracy even in very intense game situations. It is also a shorter, lower cost follow-up program and is meant to be repeated as often as necessary.

Once again, opportunities will be given to practice these skills under the watchful eye of an Authorized Pro Shot System Coach. Slow motion video playback will be utilized to show students what they are currently doing and where they can improve.

*Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development
*Demonstrated ability to utilize proper shooting mechanics in stationary and low intensity drills.


Private/Small Group Instruction

Limited time is available for private and small group/team instruction at our main location. However, instruction may also be held at a location of your choice. Travel time and costs will be calculated and added to the fees. Please contact Coach Formella at bformella@swishatlanta.com for more details.

The Pro Shot Shooting System really does work. Players and teams that have the discipline necessary to to follow the program will experience great success. Just ask Houston's Lutheran South High varsity boys how it is they shot 44% from 3 point range as a team:

"The Pro Shot System works and we stay on them the entire year. If they don't shoot the way we want, they don't play. It's funny, but many coaches compromise. If their players don't defend their way, they don't play. If they don't run the offense the right way coaches don't play that player. But with shooting, there is usually no punishment if you shoot the wrong way. We are different and that's why our kids shoot so well." - Coach Dusty Holbrook


We invite you to get on, and stay on, the path to great shooting. We hope to see you around and consider it a privilege to be a part of your progress.