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January Pro Shot Shooting Skills

Unfamiliar with Pro Shot System? See what some of the best minds in the game (HS, Colle
ge & Pro) have to say, and then take a look at our schedule below: Pro Shot Testimonials - Coaches

Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development
Saturday, January 28th,
6:00 to 9:00 PM
Co-ed: Grade 4 - 12
Fee: $40

Online Registration is open for all events above! All sessions held at Gwinnett Hall Baptist Church, 1868 Azalea Drive, Lawrenceville, GA unless otherwise noted. These are Bring-Your-Own-Ball events!


Happy New Year!

Thank you for a fantastic 2016! We are excited about all that is in store for 2017, and the many changes that you will soon be made aware of.  There will be a number of new opportunities to better your game, with the emphasis on shooting and scoring skills, especially in the women's game. Best Swishes in 2017!

The Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development sessions will continue to be the highlight of our offering as players come from all across the Southeast to participate in this highly respected program. If you are unable to make our scheduled sessions and would like to schedule your own private event, please see our Private & Small Group Training page.

Swish Atlanta will continue to offer opportunities throughout North Georgia and surrounding states. Would you like to see a clinic near you this winter or spring? Ask us how and book a team session or fundraiser soon!

With ever increasing success stories at our disposal, the Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development Clinic continues to grow in demand. It is now being offered at various locations throughout North Georgia and beyond, and in partnership with other organizations. School, recreation, youth organizations and churches can now hold a Pro Shot clinic to raise needed funds. If you have a gym available to you, we can make it work.

Still not sure about Pro Shot System? Take a look at our Testimonials page and see for yourself. Here's a few examples of what you'll find:

"We are excited as we have had the chance to work with the Pro Shot System. I like so much the visual part that our kids could see the pro level on video what they need to work on.”
Bob Hurley, Basketball Hall of Fame Coach

"Pro Shot....is the only shooting system I am aware of based on actual massive video analysis, not a limited life experience or opinion. When Pro Shot makes a statement on shooting and you ask them 'How do you know that?' they respond with extensive video evidence (hundreds of player videos). It is the best shooting system available in my opinion"

Craig Impleman
Former UCLA Assistant (John Wooden) and Weber State Assistant Coach
Director of the John Wooden Course

"In a matter of minutes I saw great shooting improvement. The PS System is an effective program that will get your players shooting a higher %.”
Mike Jarvis, Former D-1 Head Coach 
(Boston University, George Washington, St. Johns, Florida Atlantic)


Why The Emphasis On Shooting?

With each passing event I've become even more convinced we are on the right track with our emphasis on shooting and scoring. Shooting mechanics truly are the most neglected skill in the game, yet the object of the game is to score more points than the other team. We have a saying at Pro Shot, "Learn to shoot and you will play. Learn to shoot quickly and accurately and you will play somewhere in college." Good shooters truly are in short supply, and those that can shoot quickly and accurately against an aggressive defense are in very high demand.

Swish Atlanta exists to dispel common myths regarding shooting and to put young players on the path to truly becoming the best they can be. The problem is that myths and misinformation confuse and discourage young players and, to a certain extent, even many coaches.

We are thrilled to be able to offer such an effective shooting system for fees even struggling families can afford. We look forward to seeing you at a Swish Atlanta clinic or camp soon.


Bill Formella
Founder - Swish Atlanta, LLC
Authorized Pro Shot System Coach
(770) 995-0198