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February 12, 2016

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Concussion Management:  Baseline Test

Approximately 10 percent of all athletes involved in contact sportssuffer a brain injury or concussion each season. Although the majority of these athletes will recover quickly, others may experience physical, cognitive and neurobehavioral difficulties related to the injury.

 Often times, it is difficult to determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to play. In the past, return-to-play decisions were made based on observation and player report of symptoms. However, it is now possible to determine return to play based on scientific guidelines using a neuropsychological assessment tool called ImPACTTM, in addition to neurological evaluation as necessary.

 ImPACTTM evaluates an athlete's pre-concussive and post-concussive performance. This Web-based program is available at no cost to the York Young Revolution through our partnership with WellSpan Sports Medicine.  WellSpan Health is a credentialed ImPACTTM provider.  All YYR athletes are encouraged to take this baseline test.


Below are the instructions for testing:


Pre-Injury Assessment Baseline Testing: Getting Started

ImPACT testing typically takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

The test should be administered in a quiet environment with no distractions such as noise, or interruptions to ensure best performance.

Before taking the test, be sure you are:

well rested

well hydrated

comfortable and alert


Step 1: Go to www.wellspan.org/sportsmedicine

Step 2:  Click on "Services"

Step 3:  Select "Concussion Management" from the menu

Step 4: Select "Baseline Testing: Getting Started" from the links menu

Step 5: Look for your organization (York Young Revs) on the list and click on "York Young Revs "

Please email yorkyoungrevolution@gmail.com for step 6(password) and step 7(code) to complete the test.


Please note: You will not receive a final score at the end of the test. Your baseline information will be stored for future reference should a concussion occur.




February 12, 2015

Young Rev Coaches Binder Tips


Table of Contents












Pitch Count Recommendations

Protecting young pitchers' arms is an issue that youth baseball struggles with. In the era of kids playing in more than one league, pitching year round, and specializing in one area, the rate of arm injuries have increased.  In an effort to reduce that risk, USA Baseball, the governing agency for Amateur Baseball, sought the help of the American Sports Medical Institute (ASMI). Through ASMI's research, USA Baseball has established pitch count rules for all age groups of youth baseball instead of the traditional innings limit.

Understanding the Three O'S

The 3 O’s;  overuse, overload and overexertion contribute to over 50% of all injuries occurring in baseball athletes.

Includes pitch count recommendations




Wellspan Health and Safety Powerpoint Presentation

<Click here to see the presentation>



  • YYR coaches and parents will have the ability to develop an emergency action plan for practice and game events


  • YYR coaches, parents and players will recognize emergency situations and know when to call 911


  • YYR coaches and parents will understand the concepts of basic first aid for common baseball related injuries and conditions


  • YYR parents, coaches and players will learn how to prevent throwing related overuse injuries


  • YYR parents, coaches and players will understand current concepts in the evaluation and treatment of concussion


  • YYR parents, coaches and players will learn how to eat and drink to maximize health and performance



WellSpan's Youth Baseball Injury

Prevention and Management Presentation

<Click Here to be see the presentation>


    • Understand basic injury prevention techniques  


    • Differentiate between mild, moderate and severe injuries


    • Determine appropriate first aid techniques


    • Design an emergency plan to prepare for a severe injury


    • Decide when injured player is ready to practice and/or play

WellSpan Sports Medicine
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