Concession Schedule

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Concession Schedule 2017


*Please contact the team you are paired with to schedule concession duty. I have made every effort to pair teams that do not have games on the same day. There should always be at least 3 workers, 4 is preferable in the concession from open to close.  Check the website for times and number of games. Workers should be at the concession stand no later than 5:30 for games starting at 6:00 and 6:00 for games starting at 6:30. Someone from the board will be there to open and collect money at the end each night. Any questions or issues, please contact Wendy Cooper at (513) 377-1158.



4/1-4/8                          Bohl 5U / Concession Manager+

4/9-4/15                        Bohl 9U / Stephens D-Jr

4/16-4/22                      Cooper U14 / Jeffers D-Sr

4/23-4/29                      Thompson 7U / Guy C-Jr

4/30-5/6                        Jones 10U / Pangallo D-Sr

5/7-5/13                        Johnson 12U / Canter B-Jr

5/14-5/20                      Dockery 12U / Kilgore B-Sr

5/21-5/27                      Koehler T-ball / Vilvens D-Ins

5/28-6/3                        Bullock T-ball / Christopher D-Ins

6/4-6/10                        Dockery D-Jr / Johnson C-Sr


6/11-6/17                      Sandker B-Sr / Hopper A-Sr